Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


25. Potential

A man stood in the middle of a plain white room. "What the heck?" He laughed and snapped, having a chair appear next to him. "Sit Harold." I sat in the chair and looked at him. It was Odd as I knew he was there but it as impossible for me to look at his face for it would burn my body to ashes. "Are you God?" His deep intimidating laugh blared throughout the room that seemed endless. "Good guess, you could say that if you want. I watch you and fill the potential purpose in those who need it." I nodded and moved my eyes looking a tithing unsure what was happening. "This is a dream isn't it?" I felt myself sweating through the t-shirt and my mouth getting dry. It was like a hundred degrees in here. "What potential have I not reached yet. I've accomplished all of my dreams. " I didn't mean to sound full of myself but it was true. "No Harry, the only thing you haven't accomplished was the potential of you're dream figure." As soon as he said it I understood. "You mean Lulu?" I already knew that's what he meant but what was I supposed to say? "Exactly. This Piper girl is a great human being. Intriguing eyes and beautiful blonde hair. But her eyes aren't brown and her hair isn't Red. When he touched you no heat wave went through your body. It's because he isn't Lulu, she isn't the girl of your dreams. " I shrugged and moved uncomfortably in my chair. "I don't need Lulu, she's but a dream now." He laughed again, which made me more scared. I would've lying if I said I wasn't scared. "I know you have gone two months without the voice or touch of Lulu, but you have thought of her everyday since she left. She doesn't need you to best Cancer Harry, she's done that already." I jumped out of my chair in disbelief, making his pause his talking. " Don't get happy Harry. She's lives every day wishing she had died. For what she did to you. She thought it was best to leave because she didn't want to hurt you with the choices she made." I shrugged  and ran a hair through my tangly hair. "What fucking choices!?" The  I kicked the chair but it sent pain up to my head as soon as my foot contracted with the wood. "You'll see Boy, and then it's your choices that will matter."
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