Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


2. Paranoid

I leaned my back against the door slightly burning myself. It was heating up terribly. I removed my shirt and wiped the sweat off my head and chest. Since the elevator was metal it wouldn't burn just heat up. Like If I was in a boiling pot.  The elevator dropped slightly as it filled with smoke. I guess I wouldn't make it to Louis tonight for dinner. The smoke filled my lungs as my skin began to burn slightly. My eyes filled of smoke, slightly watering. I shot up from my bed, hair stuck to my head with sweat. I quickly looked around the room, no fire. It was just a dream. I got up and took a quick shower, listening closely to the smoke detectors. It was all so real, I could feel the heat on my skin and smoke in my lungs. I shook it out of my head and got dressed to hang out with Louis. I was about to stop at Starbucks but changed my mind. The dream still fresh. I pulled into Louis driveway and walked in, knowing he was expected me. "Louis?" I yelled throwing my jacket by the door. "In here Harry." I heard him call from the kitchen. I went in and got myself a coke. " Where's Eleanor?" He handed me a sandwich and shrugged. "Out with a friend from her college." I nodded and walked into the living room, him behind me. "Louis, what do dreams mean?" He looked at me suspiciously "Why?" I shrugged and dropped on to the couch. "I had a weird dream." He smiled and sat down. "People say they are memories from past lives or signs of the future." A fear shot through me when he said it. "I had a dream I almost burnt to death in an elevator." He looked at me surprised and slightly amused. "Be real Harry, You will not burn to death in an elevator. People have nightmares all the time." I shrugged and took a last bite of my sandwich. "Your right, I'm just being paranoid. I've never even seen the building before." He licked his teeth and nodded at me. Motioning to go on. "London's Legitimate Law building." He looked at me with Worry. "Thas a real building downtown Harry, it's right across from Starbucks how ave you not seen it." Now he was just describing my dream, step by step. "Thanks for the reassurance Louis." He laughed and threw an Xbox controller at me. "Let's play Fifa." I agreed getting high into the game. Of course, yet again I had lost. "You have got to be kidding me. I threw my controller onto the couch as the front door opened. Louis picked up my controller and went to greet Eleanor. I turned on Family Guy and sat back on the couch. "Harry, we have company turn that off." Eleanor said while Louis came to sit backdown in the couch. "It's fine really." The apparent guest said. I turned it off and tossed the remote to Louis standing up to greet Eleanor's friend. I turned around and froze as she walked toward me and stuck her hand out. "Hi I'm Lulu." 
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