Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


30. Not enough

I sat on my couch and ran the cover of the book in between my fingers. I turned to the last chapter and took a deep breath and closed my eyes. This was a story, a love story that had something to do with my life. This conclusion could be mine. I opened my eyes and began to read. " Every day after that, after she left him go she reminded herself love didn't exist. All the fairy-tales , soap operas, and romance novels were lies. Love does not overcome all. She loved him and what had happened to them. She believed that at some point there was no more looking at the sky because if you looked down too late you might find yourself floating away. She didn't want that. Yes she wanted him but she herself thought it wasn't possible. When she saw him everywhere he looked so well put together. He smiled and talked about other girls. But honestly he only thought about her. About how he still loved her after all their fights. After she let her walk away. But he didn't realize  it was partly his fault. That he should have stood his ground. Now all he wishes is to have her. But wishing isn't enough. Especially when she doesn't even believe in wishing. But after all that, if you ask her on a scale of one to ten how in love she was. She will smile and play with the necklace her got her while imagining their kiss. She would reply "You can't put a scale on love. Either your in love or your not and I sure as hell was." But he would never know because he doesn't listen to her anymore. He won't even hear her name without walking out, just like she had on him. It can't get better because no ones really trying. Ones stuck wishing while the other ones not believing. And until  she looks up or he looks down their happiness will stand at a still and Love will remain non-existent."  The next page had a picture of a girl and boy sleeping in different beds but looking at each others blank spot next to them. Wishing the other was their. But I have just learned wishing isn't enough. I can't wish for Lulu to run back to me or to just forget because that's not enough. It's time for me to look down. I sat the book on my table and grabbed the car keys.  I wasn't calling because I didn't even care if she was home because I could wait there for her. As I turned my car on and drive down the road I was sure to make a mental note about thanking Piper. Because wether or not this works she deserved it.
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