Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


39. New York City residents

I woke up to Louis face, happy and smiling. "Hey, we're at the hotel." I push him away and turn over. "Dude it's 11. Everyone else is In their room. We can't wait forever for you to get up." I look over and  see that no one else is in here. "Fine." I get up and throw on some pants and a shirt. When I walk out of the bus I see we are parked out back and there are no girls. It's sort of weird not to hear their screams outside my hotel room. "Your sharing a room with me but Eleanor's here." I rolled my eyes annoyed. I really wanted a room with Liam. He was neater and didn't have his girlfriend over. "Fine with me. When did she get here?" I asked while he walked in front of me. We were almost to the elevator "Lulu dropped her off." I stopped walking and he froze in front of me. "I said Lulu didn't I? I meant Perrie." He turned and looked at me but I just shook my head. "How do you get them two mixed up?" He furrowed his eyebrows and turned back around to walk. "Eleanor was just talking to me about Lulu. She saw her a few days ago." I Nodded because it made sense and we both started to walk. When he opened our Hotel room I immediately heard Eleanor. "Who is it?" I laughed at her. I mean who else but me and Louis could get in here. We walked deeper into the room and saw her out on a little terrace. She turned around and smiled when she saw us. "Hey Harry." I waved and walked over to Give her a hug. "How's New York so far? Heard you got here yesterday morning. What have you been up to." She just shrugged and looked back out at the city. "Nothing, but I'm about to go see the statue of liberty isn't that right Louis?" I looked over at him and he nodded happily. I knew Louis had already seen it and had no interest on seeing it again but for Eleanor he would do anything. "What are you going to do today Harry?" I looked back out at the New York skyline and sighed. "I'm not sure, I told Niall we could do something. Maybe shop around. I have nothing better to do." I saw Eleanor just staring at me sadly. "It's fine though. I like having free time to do anything." She smiled slightly and I turned around. I looked at a clock sitting above the tv and saw it was almost twelve. "As a matter of fact I'm headed over to his room now." I looked over at Louis and he smirked. "He's across the hall with Liam." That meant Zayn got his own room. I ran across the hall and knocked on their door. Niall answered it and immediately came out. "I've been waiting. Gosh Liam is picking out a dog for him and Danielle." I could just imagine Liam's voice describing each dog to Niall and asking him for good names. I laughed as we walked to the elevator. "So, what do you want to do?" I shrugged as we walked out into the Lobby. There were a few girls outside holding signs. Me and Niall waved to them as we passed and began to walk along the New York City sidewalk. "How about we just walk around." Me and Niall walked for about fifteen minutes until I stopped in front of a tattoo shop. "How about I get a tattoo." Niall shrugged while eating the hotdog he bought from a Cart worker. We both walked in and there was only one other person in there. I walked up to the counter and a woman covered in face piercings greeted me. It was a little weird because I have gotten a lot of tattoos and this girl seemed a little stereotypical to work here. "Hello sir, what are you here for?" I nodded and saw Niall sit down on a red couch. He picked up what looked like a tattoo template book. "I'm here to get a tattoo." She wrote something down while nodding. "Ok, do you know what you want?" I nodded as she looked up at me. "We can take you in now then. Do you want your friend in there with you? I looked at Niall and he shook His head. "Nah, he doesn't really do needles too well." She laughed quietly and lead me back into a room. A regular looking guy with a few tattoos was cleaning off some needles. He turned around and saw me. "Hey man, so tell me what you want." I looked at myself in a mirror for a good spot. " I want the date 9-19-10 on my back right below my neck ." He just nodded and started to draw stuff down. I wanted the tattoo because it was the date I tried out for X-factor. The start of the best thing I had in my life. The band. It only took about half an hour until it was done. It was probably one of the fastest tattoo I got. It was still a little painful though. When I walked out there Niall jumped off the couch and   Walked toward me. "What is it?" I showed him and he just smiled. "Nice one. Lets go grab something to eat ok." I opened the door and nodded. "Yeah even though you just had a hotdog." He shrugged and walked out the door. "It will take a while to walk around." I pushed him and since New York was so crowded he ran right into someone knocking the person over. He looked at me angrily and helped the person up. "I'm so sorry he pushed me." He pointed to me and I just smiled.  The girl was wearing black heels and a loose black, short, work dress. She straightened her dress and looked up at us. My heart stopped and Niall choked on nothing next to me. She looked startled and then just smiled. "Niall?" She hugged him and he hesitantly put his arms around her, Looking at me strangely when he did. She pulled away and stuck her hand out to me. "Harry." Her voice got a little serious and I just shook her hand while trying not to look uncomfortable or astonished. "Hey Lulu I didn't know you moved to New York."

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