Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


3. Living the dream

I shook her hand quickly and nodded. "I-I'm Harry." She laughed slightly at my nervousness. Louis gave me a worried look as I just stared at Lulu talking to Eleanor. "Mate whats wrong?" Louis whispered pushing me toward the kitchen. "Nothing, I just can't believe Lulu." He nodded and leaned against the counter. "You like her already, you don't even know her last name." I looked up at
Him and bit my tongue. "Its Lulu Watson." He looked at me strangely and almost said something before Eleanor walked in. "You two stop being so rude and Harry, stop drooling." I made a face at Eleanor as she made Lulu a cup of tea. "I think I need to go home." Eleanor looked at me and then at Louis. "It's ok to like a girl Harry, Its about time you get serious with someone." They didn't Know how weird it was to meet the girl of my dreams. Not my good dreams either.  "No,  I don't even know her." Eleanor smiled and left me and Louis standing there. "She Is not going to let this go is she?" Louis shook his head and pushed me into the hall. "Absolutely not." I walked into the living room smiling. "Hello ladies." Eleanor rolled her eyes and Lulu raised her tea toward me. As time passes we played a few games and talked about Work. Lulu was a great girl but her leaving me to burn continuously pops up back into my mind. Louis and Eleanor left to set the table for dinner. Lulu smiled and cracked her fingers. "So.. Your in the band with Louis?" I nodded and watched her play with her fingers. "That's cool, sounds like an awesome job. Living the dream huh?" Her sentence struck me ironically. "Yes I am living my dream." She looked up at me and I saw her dark brown eyes, contrasting with her red tinted hair she was beautiful. I didn't wanna get very close to her, but I couldn't resist myself. " Lulu, would you like to do something sometime." She smiled cheekily and raised her eyebrows. " Are you asking me out?" I shook my head slowly. "Not on a date, It's just that I don't meet many girls who just want to hang out. Its hard to meet real new people while I'm famous." She nodded as Louis and Eleanor Called for dinner. "I would enjoy that very much." We happily eat through a dinner and I can't help but regret asking Lulu out. I knew she was trouble. Nothing like most girls I have dated so I don't know why I like her. Right after we finished dinner me and her gathered our stuff to leave. I gave Eleanor and Louis a hug. Lulu doing same. We walked out together, me walking her to car and we hugged before she got in. The touch of her skin slightly burning me, causing me to pull away quickly. "Are you okay Harry?" I nodded and pulled away. "Yeah, See you soon. 
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