Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


40. "I want you to stay"

"Do you guys need a ride anywhere. We can't really just stand in the middle of the sidewalk and talk." I wasn't sure if I could form words good enough to talk to her but Niall sure could. "Yeah, do you know anywhere good we can get a bite from?" Lulu nodded and unlocked the car parked right next to the curb. When I got in the back, Niall in the front I saw a law building towering next to the tattoo shop. "You work there?" I asked it thankful it came out correctly I didn't want to embarrass myself. "Yes, it's nice. A lot easier than my old job." She pulled on to the street but we got stuck at the first light. Her and Niall were talking about something but I was too busy looking at her. She had a beautiful smile on her face. She looked so awake and alert. her beautiful brown eyes looked darker against her light skin. She was beautiful."Harry?" I was brought out of my daze at the sound of her calling my name. "Huh?" I saw Niall smirk at me through the side mirror. "I asked what you were doing at the tattoo shop." I went back to touch my tattoo but didn't knowing it would hurt. "I got a tattoo on my back." She nodded, continuously keeping her eyes on the road. It was so much hustle and bustle I would have crashed already. "Another one eh?" She licked her lips and I remembered the day I told her what each of my tattoo's meant. I wasn't going to tell her what my new one was. Just to keep her guessing. It was silent for a minute until Niall cut it. "So Lulu. Why New York City?" She shrugged and turned a corner almost hitting a person. She beeped her horn loudly and threw her head back. "Sorry Niall, Jaywalkers these days.  Eleanor and Louis actually helped me pick. I love them. It was great seeing  them today." I got angry realizing she really did drop Eleanor off. Louis kept it a secret. The car came to a stop and I noticed she had parallel parked here. "This is a great steak place come on. I can get you a discount." Niall looked at me happily as we all got out of the car. When we entered the restaurant it had a home like feeling that made me a little happy. "Lulu is that you?" I heard a guys voice travel through the restaurant and my eyes darted over at him. He was already on the way toward us. I looked at Niall and he just shrugged. The guy was taller than me and had jet black hair. He was really tan though. "Jackson!" Lulu smiled more and hugged the guy and he kissed her forehead. "You look great!" I tensed a little when he grabbed her hand but cooled down when I saw the ring on his finger. Lulu turned to us and pointed to him. "Guys this is my cousin Jackson, Jackson theses are my uhm.. Friends Niall and Harry." I stuck my hand out too him and his grip was hard. "Aren't you the one banging my cousin?" He pulled his hand away and I heard Niall laugh next to me. Lulu looked surprised and her cheeks flushed. She went to say something but I got their first. "No, I'm not banging anyone." Jackson looked at Lulu surprised. "You guys haven't done that yet. It's been like three months haven't it." Lulu face-palmed herself and shook her head.

"I am not dating Harry anymore Jackson." Her cousins face got a little sad and he nodded slowly. "Oh I see, I'm sorry. It's nice you two are still friends yeah?" We looked at each other and she just sighed. "I really have to get home. My dog has got to be let out. I was just wondering if you could hook them up with a good lunch. It's your restaurant." Jackson and Lulu talked for another minute until he lead us to a seat. Lulu said goodbye and began walking away. "Your just gonna let her go like that?" I look up at her cousin confused. "What?" He threw a menu at me and sighed. "I know my Cousin. She likes you, a lot. Still does. Shes just good at hiding her emotions . That used to be her job ya know." He said it really serious and I turned around and saw her open her car door. I looked back to my menu closed minded until I felt a surging pain in my back. I looked at Niall angrily. He hit me. "What the hell man?" He looked at me serious and took the menu out of my hands. "You know I didn't care much for Lulu but your my best friend. I need you to understand this is your last chance and if you let it slide then I don't want you to spend time regretting it ok." I opened my mouth to say something but instead, as if instinct I jumped up and ran quickly out of the restaurant. "Lulu, Wait." I saw her car pull off into the road. In that second I thanked God for New York Traffic because she barley moved a yard until she got stuck. I ran over to her car and knocked on her window. She looked at me scared and rolled down her window. "Harry?" Her voice was firm but I could see the curiousness in her eyes. I smiled and took a deep breath. "Please don't leave me again Lulu. I want you to stay." 
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