Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


13. "I know Lulu, I know"

I drove to Lulu's quickly, not even thinking about what I was going to ask her. She is an expert liar, I wouldn't even be able to get anything out of her would I? I jogged up to her door and violently banged on it until it opened. "By God Harry what's wrong." I stood there and looked at her. She was wearing the same thing she had in my dream a few nights ago. The one where she managed to have me wake up in my bedroom floor." We need to talk." She didn't move as I went to go in. "No Harry, I don't have time for you right now." I looked at her strangely and stepped back. "Why not?" But before she answered a mans voice echoed through the house. "Who is it Lulu." She turned around and then looked at me. I shook my head and looked at her disgusted. "First Louis now whoever that is." She made a weird face and her mouth fell open. "What are you talking about?" I laughed and shrugged. "Don't act like a fool Lulu, I don't believe  you're lies." She reached out to touch me but I backed away. Then a man walked up behind her. He was very tall, looked like he was somewhere in his forties. He must have been rich to get Lulu. He smiled and nodded when he saw me. "Your that Harry boy aren't you?" Lulu turned around surprised as the man stepped past her. "Aren't you going to introduce us ." He said looking straight at Lulu. Still a smile plaster upon his middle aged face. She stepped forward and took a deep breath. "Dean this is Harry. Harry this is Dean, my boss." He gave me a handshake and invited me inside. It wasn't his house so I looked toward Lulu for approval and she shook her head yes. He was actually quite intimidating for an old man. He sat down at the dinner table so I did the same. Lulu followed sitting the opposite from her boss, next to me. "Since you have someone over I won't be long dear. It's just that since you last called me with your news, I talked to the house of law enforcements." I looked at her completely calm face as she simply nodded. "You know you're Job is of very high importance and we all love you at work, but we have to let you go." She still looked completely calm as her boss looked at her with sympathy. "We will send you money every two weeks for living cost . As a whole everyone at worked donated $100 dollars to cancer care." She smiled and got up as he did the same. "Thank you for everything Dean." He gave her a hug and nodded professionally. "It's been a pleasure working with you." As we heard the front door close her body relaxed and she fell into the chair. She closed her eyes and I could hear her breathing. "What the hell was that, why did you just get fired?" Her eyes opened and she looked at me sadly. She set up and tool a deep breath. "Cancer, I have lung cancer Harry." She said it casually and confidently. As if she was proud about it. "What?" She stood up and shrugged. "I have lung cancer, it's not a big deal." Thats it, that's why Louis wanted me away from her. So I wouldn't fall in love with a dying girl. "Your joking right?" She shook her head and began to pick up the papers lying on her table. "I'm not kidding. I'm sorry to burst your bubble and all. You don't have to care. I just met you two weeks ago so I would run while I still can." She said it all so normal. As if she excpected it to happen. As if she wanted to die of cancer. "Im not running because belive it or not I have grown to care a lot about you Lulu. You can't just think its no big deal. Your dying!" She turned around and looked at me "You came over here to tell at me about Louis. Who you heard because he and Eleanor were visiting me when I went to get my test results." She pointed toward the door. I stood up and she turned around figuring I was leaving. I ran up to her and grabbed her waist as she turned around  I pinned her against the wall. "I can't get out, you always running around in my head. I can't stop thinking about how when you touch me my skin burns." I leaned in and roughly began to kiss her. She dropped the papers and ran her hands trough my hair kissing me back just as rough. She bit my bottom lip which reminded me of the dream. I pulled away unable to breath as my heart was pounding, lips on fire. When she looked at me she started to cry, finally breaking. She wasn't acting anymore, she was letting out her real feelings. "Harry?" I looked down at her body which seemed so much more fragile now. "Yes ." She put her arms around me and I gave her a comforting hug. "I'm scared Harry." I squeezed her and nodded. "I know Lulu, I know." 
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