Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


35. I hate the word "friend"

I just finished packing all my clothes for the American tour. I leave tomorrow and I'm really ready. I love going to America. Sure it's hard work but I love my job and I feel it's very appreciated in America. I still hadn't talked to Lulu and I didn't plan on it. This should be the end right? Friends move away all of the time. I'm sure she was going to tell me sooner or later and if not, that's her choice. She is a grown woman that can do as she pleases. It will also be nice for me to relax and not worry about women anymore. I'm only 19. It's natural that a girl I love at this age isn't the one I marry. I would actually have been happier than ever if I didn't have to talk to her for awhile but sadly I do. Today Eleanor asked me or Niall to check on her since Louis, Zayn , and Liam were spending time with their girlfriends. I personally thinks Lulu needs to take care of herself but Eleanor feels the need to look out for her best friend. I wanted Niall to do it but his brother is in town today. Of course I was stuck with it. That's actually why I'm in the car right now sitting In front of her house. I'm dreading the thought of walking into her little house. Books lying here and there with the smell of coconut traveling throughout the whole house. I slowly walked up to her door. I thought of an excuse to be here. I can't just say I'm here to make sure she isn't killing herself again. Before I got there she opened the door. I looked at her concerned and surprised. She noticed my weird look and laughed at me a little. "I saw you through the window." I nodded remembering about that. How could I have forgotten? "Oh yeah, I just didn't see you in there." Lies, I didn't even look. She moved back away from the entrance and motioned me in. I honesty wanted to just go back to my car. She looked fine and that's all I was supposed to check. But of course I walked in. It was just when I'm around her it's different thank thinking about her. I thought this would be easy, to just walk away and go to America. Letting her move away from me possibly forever. Now it's just so much harder. I was surprised when I walked into her house. No books were scattered across the floor and all the coconut candles were out. "I was spring cleaning behind the couch which is why you probably didn't see me." I didn't like the way the house felt, it didn't feel like her. She must have noticed how uncomfortable I felt because she touched my shoulder. "Are you alright? Is something wrong." The words stuck in my throat as I noticed a picture of me and her on top of the almost empty book shelf. It was me and her at the beach touching up to reach the sun. It was the day she told me even the sky isn't the limit. There are universes beyond the clouds. "Why are you moving?" I looked at her and she pulled her hand away. "Who told you that?" I sighed and immediately regretted starting this conversation. "It doesn't matter, you weren't going to. We're you?" She began to play with her fingers which she did when she was nervous. "I was going to tell you. I just wanted to make sure I could do it. I really didn't think I would even be able to pack up my cups, defiantly not half my books , all my bathroom appliances and towels." I imagined our book sitting in one of the boxes next to all the other ones usually scattered around her house. "I'm not mad. I just wished you would have planned to tell me before I left. As I friend I would like to say goodbye." Her face cringed when I said it and her body tensed up. "Don't say that Harry please." She walked over and dropped onto her couch, grabbing the sides of her head in what looked like pain. "What?" She dropped her hands in her lap and looked up at me sadly. Her fake smile had faded. " Don't say your my friend. I hate when it comes out your mouth. It's worse than when I say it. I don't want you to be my friend. I want you to either be my nothing, or my everything."
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