Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


15. I don't know what to name this chapter

I appeared on the top of a building and looked around. Lulu stood in the middle of the roof top. I walked toward her and went to touch her shoulder. My hand passed right through her. I backed away startled. "Lulu?" She stood there with her eyes closed. I stepped in front of her and waved my hand. She couldn't see me or hear me. She opened her eyes and back up. I watched her curious and backed up the opposite way and looked at her. She bent down into a running positing. "What the hell?" I said it and sat down next to the edge opposite of her. It was a flat top so There was no ledge. She just posed in the running positing for around three minutes as I stared at her, then she started to run right toward me. Why was she doing? I looked behind me and saw it, we were about fifteen stories above ground . She was going to jump. "Lulu, Stop." She kept running. "Lulu , Stop running!" She closed her eyes as she neared me but she  didn't stop running. "Lulu Watson, stop it this second." She passed me and I reached for her hand but again it passed right though her. She fell of the edge. I looked around panicked but only for a split second until I picked up a rock and dived over the edge. I knew it was a dream, I knew she was really wrapped in my arms on the couch right now. I would save her if I could. "Lulu, Wake up!" I threw the rock down and it hit her right before she crashed Into the ground, but I didn't see it because I woke up. My eyes shot open and I saw her do the same. Her breath hitched and she pulled me closer. "Your not suicidal are you Lulu?" She looked at me and got off the couch. "Why would you say that?" I sat up and looked around the house. "Did you just dream that you jumped off a building." Fear washed over her face and she fell, sitting on the table. "Ye-yes. But I'm not suicidal." She stuttered nervously and looked away from me. "I saw it, I saw you
Jump. I tried to stop you but I couldn't." She looked at me and dove Into my arms. She wrapped her arms around me and then grabbed my face. She kissed my nose and looked at me. "You threw that rock to wake me up?" She laughed and looked at me. I nodded and smiled. "That hurt you ass." She hit me and stood up before picking up her phone.  "I think it means I can't save you." I looked at her and she just shrugged. "You can't Harry." She picked up the blanket on the couch and folded It up. I just looked at her sadly. I can't save her. "I tried Lulu." She looked at me and sat the blanket down on the table. "Thank you, but stop.  I don't need saving and I don't need the treatment." I still couldn't believe she didn't want the treatment. She had said that it wouldn't work and she wanted to feel beautiful before she died. No one could talk her into it. "My mom is coming tonight." I nodded and got up. "Will you come to dinner with the rest of the boys? I know Louis and Eleanor are already coming though." I stood up and straighten out my pants. "Why?" Lulu shrugged and pushed me away as I came toward her. "You will find out, go home and have some man time. You can't spend all day with me." She wanted to give me time, but I didn't want any. I didn't have anyone else like Eleanor and Louis had each other, all I had was Lulu. I didn't even know what we were. "Are you my girlfriend?" I blurted it out drawing her attention away from cleaning the living room. "Uhm, I don't know. Am I" She started to fiddle with her thumbs. I noticed she did that when she was nervous. "Are you?" She smiled and put her hand on her hip. "Are you asking me?" I bit my lip and shrugged. "I guess." She looked at me for a while and then walked toward me. She grabbed my hand and looked at the ground. "Are you sure, since I'm... You know." She was talking about sick. Did I want  a girlfriend that had cancer." I lifted her chin up and gave her a peck on the lips. "I believe you will make it, so yes I'm sure." She just rolled her eyes and pushed me toward the door. I don't think she liked how hopeful I was, but she never made me shut up about it. "Bye Harry." I watched her turn away and continue to pick up the living room until I left. As I drove down the street I took one last look at my girlfriends house..... My girlfriend. 
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