Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


31. Failed attempt

When I pull along the curb of her yard I thankfully noticed her car was still there. I got out of the car and began to walk up to her front door. A police officer answered the door to greet me. I was a little shocked at first. Another guy so soon? I pushed it away still intent on talking to Lulu. "I'm here to talk to Lulu." His made a confused face and moved his shoulder awkwardly. He stepped out of the house and closed the door behind me. "May I ask how you know Lulu?" I tightened my jaw almost sure he was seeing her and now worried I was taking her away. He sure as hell was right. "I'm her Ex-boyfriend." He nodded and sighed a little. "The Ex part of the sentence might explain why no one has told you." I felt my hand forms fists but  I strained them. I didn't care if no one told me she had a new boyfriend and now she was dating this stuck up cop. I wasn't here to pick a fight. "Told me what?" His face saddened and then the door opened. I expected to see Lulu but it was another Cop. I looked at him and then back at the one in front of me confused. "Your friend Lulu is under emergency care due to a failed suicide attempt." My breath hitched in my throat an my heart skipped a few beats. "Wh-what?" I felt tears forming but bit my tongue holding them back. "She downed a bottle of pain killers. Her friend Eleanor found her on the bathroom floor barley alive. I was wondering if you could answer some questions though. Do you know why she would have killed herself?" I shook my head no, even though I had a thought but hoped so desperately I was wrong. It can't be because I broke her heart. She was always so strong though. "I'm s-sorry I have to go see her." I turned around and practically ran to my car. I could only pray that it was a failed attempt for a reason. 
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