Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


7. Drive to clear my mind

I stopped breathing for a second. Shocked at her words, at her confession. Why hadn't she just told me before? "How do you hurt me?" I asked curious to see if they were the same dreams. If we were somehow connected that Way. She shook her head and slid out of her seat. "I'm sorry this was stupid wasn't it." I shoot up and grab her wrist , stopping her from leaving. Should I tell her? "I dream about your too." She sat back down not looking at me at all but the other two people eating and the workers  we're. "You left me to burn in a elevator before I even met you." I said it quietly so only she could hear me. She looked at me, her brown eyes sinking into me. Looking into my soul and digging there way through my secrets. "We have the same dreams?" She sounded as if she was talking more so to herself than to me. Like she was confirming it. "That's a weird coincidence isn't it?" She had an unbelievable look plastered on her face when I said it. "Coincidence? More like what the hell is going on. People don't dream about people they don't know . I mean it might be a little weird I dreamed about you because your famous. But us having the same dream and you dreaming about me before we even meet. What supernatural fucking power is this?" She had started to freak out. Her hand tightly gripping her coffee cup. She just started at the liquid unsure of what to do. I didn't know what to say either. For a minute I just started at her as she stared at her coffee. Or so we both thought was a minute. My daily alarm went off , meaning it was 9:00. She had met my gaze, her eyes now a hazel color. "Your right, it's just a coincidence. I have to go home. I will see you at the beach party later today. " She threw a twenty on the table and got up without another word being spoken between us. I knew she was only trouble, Eleanor had even warned me. Why had I done it again and this time I was real deep it in. I asked for the check and paid for my half. When I got in the car I drove. I wasn't sure where too though. I just drove until my head hurt. It was 11:30 now. I drive for two and a half hours before I turned around. Driving always cleared my head. Now I could enjoy the beach today. I turned the radio on and close my eyes for a second driving down the clear road, fields next to me. Until my car got slower and slower. Eventually it stopped . I still had an hour to get home. I wasn't quite sure where I was and now I had no gas. My head throbbed and eyes hurt from being opened for too long. I pressed the emergency button in my car and waited. That meant one of my emergency contacts such as Louis was being contacted on my whereabouts and that I needed to be picked up. Within five minutes, in the middle of no where, in my car. I fell asleep and sure enough I had a dream, or more technically a nightmare.
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