Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


22. Directioners

It's been a week since I got to Spain. It's pretty awesome actually. Singing on the stage takes my mind off of the bad crap in life. Plus Louis is helping me not worry. We just had a wardrobe change and now we are almost done with twitter questions. "Drop it like its hot!" Liam starts beat boxing the beat to drop it like its hot and Niall starts dancing."Alright you all, let's answer the next question." Louis said motioning for Niall to calm himself. The crowd got a little louder, I could slightly hear their screams through my ear piece. "Row 12 seat C wants to know if any of us can rap look at me now." I point to Liam and nod. "Liam can, I've heard him do it!" Niall nods in agreement an Zayn Laughs. "Come on do it." Liam shakes his head and blushes. "That song has a lot of bad words in it, we have to keep this child appropriate guys." You can see the humor in the fans faces rather than disappointment. "Ok, row 27 seat F wants to know who our favorite woman actress is ." We all looked at each other shrugging. I knew exactly who I wanted to say but I didn't want to say it first.  None of the other boys said anything so I walked to the front of the stage."My favorite female actress is Jennifer Lawrence. She's just so funny and acts real. Stuff doesn't get to her head and I like that quality. I looked at Louis and he had his hand on his hip and rolled his eyes while  pretending to flip his non-existing shoulder length hair. He was imitating Lulu. Just as I started to laugh I looked toward the crowd and saw a shoe hit me in the balls. But I felt it first. I crouched over holding myself and fell to the floor. "Oh my fuck." I heard Zayn laughing next to me. He patted my back and leaned down, taking his ear piece out. "Are you ok?" I shook my head and moaned of pain. "Alright well Harry will be right back." Zayn said it into his mic helping me walk off stage. It was only us, only our fandom . Who else would hit the performer in the balls. Paul laughed at me and threw me an ice pack. "Let's hope you can still have children." I would have laughed but I just wasn't feeling it. "Oh my god Harry are you ok?" I nodded putting my hand up. "I'm Fine Lulu." I closed my eyes and pressed my ice pack down harder but then my eyes shot open. "Lulu!?" She smiled and shrugged. "Took you long enough." I went to get up an hug her but she pushed me down on the couch and sat next to me. "Me and Eleanor were in the audience, don't tell Louis we are here ok. I just had to come check up on you. Make sure they didn't break your package. I laughed and pushed her with my shoulder. "I think I'll manage." She got up and kissed me as the boys said they were going to come check on me and show the fans our 1D3D trailer. "I have to go Harry, Don't tell Louis and I'll see you after the show. I have important news." She frowned while saying the last part but scurried away, her beautiful frame running before I could say anything. "What are you smiling at?" I look at Zayn who's looking at me worryingly. " Nothing man, Lulu just called is all. She saw it on tumblr. Our fans already for it up there. " He nodded and helped me up. " Crazy ass directioners." 
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