Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


5. Connection

I entered the very familiar coffee shop and immediately saw Lulu. When I began to walk toward her a young girl around 15 came up to me and asked for a picture. I wrapped my arm around her and smiled showing my dimples. I knew they liked that. She thanked me and watched as I forwarded to Lulu and sat down. "That girl is taking pictures of us Harry." She said while playing with her fingers. I had noticed that was a slight habit of her.  "Ignore it and sorry I was late." She looked at me seriously and then immediately softened. "It's not a date Harry, I don't mind If your late. You called me so many times while I was showering I thought you weren't coming at all." My cheeks flushed only slightly and Stood up. "I'm going to go get my coffee if that's ok. " She smiled and nodded taking another sip of her drink. I turned away and got into the back of the line. It was a Thursday evening so only two people were in front of me. I heard the woman in front of me say my name into her phone. I was used to it and didn't care much until she turned around. She was very attractive I would have rated her an eight. "Hello, I don't mean to sound stupid but are you Harry Styles." I turned and saw Lulu looking right at us and the woman must have saw me. "Oh your on a date aren't you I'm terribly sorry." I looked and her and shook my head. "No we are just friends who haven't talked in a long time. We're catching up." She looked at me and nodded. "Well may I have you sign something for my daughter." Oh great, I was so stupid. She looked around 37 and had a wedding ring on her finger. I happily agreed and signed a few things. She ordered her coffee and then I ordered mine. When I sat back down with Lulu she laughed at me. "She was your type wasn't she? Blonde, tall, slim, old." I rolled my eyes and drank my coffee. "What is your type?" She stopped laughing and looked at me. " I don't do too many long term relationships. It's usually hot mixed guys that look bad but act sweet. " I immediately thought of Zayn and laughed to myself quietly. She reached back out for her coffee and I saw burns right below her thumb and down to her wrist. "What happened to your hand?" She looked down at it and put her hands into her pockets. She looked like she was about to cry. "When I was younger around 15, my parents got divorced. It was hard and I felt neglected. I got there attention by dating a real bad boy. Not the boys that looked like one and acted like a sweetheart. It never worked and so one night I just broke up with him. He was cooking at the time. He got angry and grabbed my wrist pressing it against the stove, burning it. When we went to court, they dug too deep into my reason to date him. My parents. They assumed my dad had been beating my mom and so the only person to go to jail was my him." She was slouched in the chair her head in  her hands looking at the table. Her hair was covering her face. I couldn't see if she was crying now. I felt bad, what if that just connected to my dreams though? Burning and an innocent going to jail. I grabbed her hand and pulled it close to me. "I'm sorry you didn't have anyone there to protect you. But I have a serious question that's gonna sound dumb." She looked up at me, her eyes red and cheeks still wet from crying. She nodded helplessly and it was weird. From the moment I met her she seemed like an evil hardcore bitch that ruined my life in my dreams. "Have you ever dreamed about me?" She looked at me and laughed loudly , drawing some attention. "No I haven't. Have you dreamed about me?" She said and looked at me waiting. I shook my head quickly and shrugged. "No, sorry I even asked you. Just girls usually have since I am famous." I said my only excuse sounding like I was arrogant. Her smile dissapeared and she stood up. "Well this was ... Something I have never done before. Thanks Harry." She said and grabbed her purse I stood up and walked out with her. When we got to her car she gave me a kiss on the cheek, again burning my skin making me pull away a little quickly. She rolled her eyes and got in her car. "Don't forget to dream about me." She said through her window before driving off.  The only thing was I did dream about her, They were nightmares. I drove home continuously connecting my dreams to the story she told me. When I got home I grabbed some dinner and laid down. I wanted to sleep and have a nightmare, I wanted to find out something new about Lulu. But I couldn't sleep, I laid there until the sun came up. What the hell?
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