Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


34. Connected

I followed them outside and saw Eleanor push Lulu into a cab. It drove away "Whats going on?" She turned around sharply and smirked at me angrily. "You little-" She stopped mid sentence and shook her head. "Why would you use her condition like that Harry? I thought you cared about her." I looked at her confused and threw my hands into the air. "What did I do?" I put desperation into my voice and she noticed, her expression softening. "You really didn't know?" I stepped closer to her and shook my head. "Know what!?" I screamed and a few people looked over at us while others took pictures. She pulled my arm so we were pretty close making sure no one else could hear. "She isn't supposed to have a lot of alcohol with her medicine. It makes her crazy." I raised my eyebrows pursed my lips. "What do you mean by crazy. She told me it was fine? Eleanor shrugged and looked at my sympathetically. "I mean like crazy in general. It can be different.  Mentally crazy, emotionally crazy, maybe even sexually crazy." I pulled back and breathed slowly. "That makes sense." I laughed sympathetically to myself. I cant believe I thought she wanted me. "I have important news Harry."  She grabbed my arm and choked back her next sentence a little. " Eleanor say it." She squeezed my arm and pulled away. "I think it's best if you knew Lulu is moving. She got a new job. I just don't want you to get re-connected." She then walked past me back into the club without another word. A few paparazzi got close to me and tried to ask me questions . I walked past them , toward my car ignoring all the sounds around me and focusing on what Eleanor had said.  Re-connected? When had I ever really disconnected? 
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