Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


4. Better safe than sorry

I looked at myself one more time and sat down on my bedside. I shouldn't do this. Lulu would clearly only lead me to death. We had a fiery connection and I dreamed about her before we met. That's no coincidence. My dream was a sign. I just couldn't interpret it. My phone rang and I jumped slightly. It was Eleanor probably calling me about Lulu. It wasn't a date, just a get together. I declined her and slipped my phone into my back pocket as I stood up. Why do I do this to myself. Why can't I walk away from something I know is bad for me. My phone rang again and this time I answered. "What?" I looked and saw it was Eleanor again. "Don't go out with Lulu today. She is a great friend but only hurts boys. I just don't want you to get hurt Harry. Better safe than sorry." There was another sign. I couldn't go today. "I can't go anyway, I'm not feeling well." I lied professionally. We talked briefly and hung up. Now I had to tell Lulu. Tell her I couldn't see her now or ever. I dialed the number she gave me and waited what felt like an eternity. "Hey this is Lulu, sorry I can't answer your call right now. Leave a message and I will try to hit you up later." I sighed through the phone and hung up. I can't bail on a text or voice message. What was I supposed to do? I called her three more times. No answer. I was just going to pretend I forgot. I felt like a douche. I didn't bail for most plans because I always felt bad. Lulu must have been busy being a lawyer. She cleared her scheduler for nothing now. I sat down on my bed and fell asleep. I walked into a court room with the boys as the judge stood up. "The court comes to address the case of Harry Styles." I stood up and greeted the judge. "Harold has been accused of murdering his sister in a rage of anger. Harry has a lawyer Dr.Duncan to prove him innocent while Ms.Watson is here to prove him guilty." The case continued with pictures of my sister dead and fights between Lulu and So called Dr.Duncan. "The jury had decided Harold Styles Guilty of second degree murder." Lulu gave me a smirk and picked up her stuff. "Case closed." Guards grabbed me and stood me up. "Any last words Mr.Styles." I nodded and began to speak but music blared throughout the courtroom. It sounded like, like my ringtone? My eyes slowly opened and I grabbed the phone. "Hello?" My voice was deep and somewhat raspy from sleep. "It's Lulu, Are you coming?" I shot up and looked at the clock. I could make it there in six minutes. But what about that dream. Does it mean she is dangerous or I shouldn't make her mad? I wasn't sure. "Are you there?" I grabbed my keys, there was no better safe than sorry in this Lulu situation. "I will be there in about six." Mine as well do what I wanted. 
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