Only Time Will Tell

Caitlyn , 17 , was an ordinary directioner . She grew up with Liam Payne , 1/5 of One Direction . She found love , and much hate through her passion for music , and her close friendship with Liam . But will she make all the right decisions ? Will she fall madly for one of the boys , or her best friend Liam ?

"She loved him , and he loved her , but no one knew , but them . <3"

"Falling, it sometimes hurts, but other times, its the best feeling in the world... even if its for the wrong person."


4. Wow

Caitlyn's P.O.V :
We just arrived at Em's house , and I walked to her room , and to the charger . I plugged my phone into it , and started up the karaoke machine . I popped the One Direction cd in and off we went to singing . I was in the middle of They Dont Know About Us , when my phone buzzed . I walked over to the machine and switched it off . Em amd me walked to my phone to check the message .
It read ,
"Hey love , remember me ? (:" and the signature read LiamJames . My mouth dropped and my eyes widened .
"Reply back Caitlyn !" Em yelled at me .
"Uhhhhh , how could I forget my best friend , Leeyum ? XD" I texted back . It took a few minutes for him to reply .
"Haha ! Well , I was gonna tell you , me and the boys are gonna be in town for a few days next week , and ive really been missing you !" He said .
"Oh , so you wanna hang out ?" I teased .
"Yes Maam , I do . Haha . Are you free Thursday night ? (:" He asked . Crap . I thought .
"Oh , Ummm , that's the night of my choir concert ..... :(" i replied . Dang .
"That's fine ! I havent heard you sing in years ! Can i come ? ;)" he asked .
"Well , of course ! (:" I replied . And I gave him all the information . But as I continued to think about it , I realized how fast this weeks gonna go by . I'm not like others when it came to waiting . Usually people would think it would go by slow , but not for me . I was going to be extremely nervous , no matter how excited I was about seeing the one guy i ever had real feelings for . The reason i started singing in the first place . The only guy that I ever trusted . The only guy I hung out with . My first hug . My first kiss ... This was gonna be really hard .
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