Only Time Will Tell

Caitlyn , 17 , was an ordinary directioner . She grew up with Liam Payne , 1/5 of One Direction . She found love , and much hate through her passion for music , and her close friendship with Liam . But will she make all the right decisions ? Will she fall madly for one of the boys , or her best friend Liam ?

"She loved him , and he loved her , but no one knew , but them . <3"

"Falling, it sometimes hurts, but other times, its the best feeling in the world... even if its for the wrong person."


14. How Am i Gonna Do This ?

Liam's P.O.V :
I woke up with her laying beside me . She was so beautiful even when she slept . My purple bedspread covered her up to her waist . She had a light blue tank top on , with her hair in a messy bun , little curls sticking out all over the place . She was so different from that 12 year old i used to know . She's always been mature though . That hasnt changed at all . But her looks and her personality have changed a lot . She was a lot happier now , and more carefree . She was always smiling that smile i loved . I wanted her to know I loved her , I just dont know how to tell her . She fluttered her dark bluish green eyes open .
"Good morning ." She smiled .
"Good morning beautiful ." I smiled back .
"I have to leave today ..." This ruined her smile , turning it into a frown . I frowned back at her .
"Do you HAVE to ?" I pouted . She sat up , throwing her legs over the side of the bed .
"Well , yeah . I dont have clothes and I told my mom I'd be back in time for school tommorow ." She said .
"Cmon , you can stay the night ONE more night can't you ..." I pouted again .
"Fine !" She yelled laughing . We walked downstairs holding hands to get food . We have been cleaned out ! There was absolutely nothing to eat . Great .
"We can go out for breakfast ." I laughed . We ran loudly to each of the boys rooms yelling for them to wake up . Once everyone came down we told them we were going to breakfast .
"Wait Liam , we don't have clothes !" Caitlyn said . I sighed .
"Go put on your bathing suit and some shorts and a cover up , we're going shopping !" I laughed . All the girls did as I said , and the rest of us went to our rooms to change aswell .
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