Only Time Will Tell

Caitlyn , 17 , was an ordinary directioner . She grew up with Liam Payne , 1/5 of One Direction . She found love , and much hate through her passion for music , and her close friendship with Liam . But will she make all the right decisions ? Will she fall madly for one of the boys , or her best friend Liam ?

"She loved him , and he loved her , but no one knew , but them . <3"

"Falling, it sometimes hurts, but other times, its the best feeling in the world... even if its for the wrong person."


17. Hes In L.O.V.E <3

Caitlyn's POV :
Well , me and the girls definately won't be running out if skinny jeans and stripes anytime soon . They boys decided to let Louis dress us up , and I swear I own atleast 20 new pairs of vividly colored skinny jeans . I have every combination of striped shirt , 5 pairs of suspenders , and a variety of Tom's . And we all got matching stuff ... Oh goodness were gonna look like the Louis Tomlinson gang . But , we all look pretty cute anyways .
"So , who's hungry ?" I yelled . Everyone just nodded . We walked to the food court .
"Nandos' !" Niall yelled out , his face lighting up . So , being completely mesmerized by Niall's happiness , we all went to Nandos' and sat at a booth for 12 . I sat inbetween Liam , and Kaitlyn . Liam and Louis sat on the ends . I was facing Harry and Em , and Zayn and Faith . Niall and Caitlin sat facing each other on the ends . Sam and Brittany were off at some jewelry store , getting bracelets made . There was room for them if they ever come back .
*After Eating , Back Home*
I knew Louis was falling for Kaitlyn . It was the way he looked at her . He looked so protective , but so loving of her ... It was sort of strange , but I knew the feeling . Liam looks at me the same way . But I decided to go ahead and get some kind of conversation started .
"So , is Kaitlyn sleeping with you Louis ?" I asked .
"Uhhhhh , that depends . Do you want to love ?" He looked at her .
"Yeah , that's fineeeee ." She said .
"Alright , well , we should all take showers and go to bed , since yall are leaving tommorow morning ...." Liam trailed off . He looked sad , but id be back in a month .
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