Only Time Will Tell

Caitlyn , 17 , was an ordinary directioner . She grew up with Liam Payne , 1/5 of One Direction . She found love , and much hate through her passion for music , and her close friendship with Liam . But will she make all the right decisions ? Will she fall madly for one of the boys , or her best friend Liam ?

"She loved him , and he loved her , but no one knew , but them . <3"

"Falling, it sometimes hurts, but other times, its the best feeling in the world... even if its for the wrong person."


25. Finally . <3

Louis POV :
We went walking on the beach together . We had been walking for hours , playing in the water , making sand castles . She looked so incredibly stunning in that red bikini . Every one of these guys had to be looking at her , and wanting her like I did . Niall just had to ruin the moment . No body cares if he gets sunburnt easily ! I was about to get some with my one and only and then this fool bursts in . Ahhh ! I wanna slap him upside the head . I turned the two of us around , as it was getting late . The sun was setting . The boys had a little fire on the beach . It was really pretty , with logs surrounding the fire . I sat down , pulling her into my lap . Zayn started singing Forever Young .
"Forever young , I wanna be forever young . Do you really wanna live forever , forever , or never ?" I whispered into her ear . She turned to face me . Our lips met , even more intensely than earlier .
"Oooh , we better go ..." Zayn laughed . They all got up and left . I continued kissing her . I finally picked her up . She wrapped her legs around my waist . We drifted into the water , waist height , and then it was happening . The moment I had been waiting for . And Niall couldn't ruin it this time . <3
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