Only Time Will Tell

Caitlyn , 17 , was an ordinary directioner . She grew up with Liam Payne , 1/5 of One Direction . She found love , and much hate through her passion for music , and her close friendship with Liam . But will she make all the right decisions ? Will she fall madly for one of the boys , or her best friend Liam ?

"She loved him , and he loved her , but no one knew , but them . <3"

"Falling, it sometimes hurts, but other times, its the best feeling in the world... even if its for the wrong person."


21. Back For You <3

Faith's POV :
The blonde lady with too much red lipstick on shook me awake .
"It's time to wake up !" She screamed . I hit Caitlin , Caitlyn , Kaitlyn , and Em in the back of the head .
"Were here !" I smiled . They yawned happily as I pulled out my iPhone .
"Hey , babe , are yall already at the airport ?" I texted Zayn . I didn't recieve a message back . Ugh. We might end up waiting all night . I sighed . We pulled our luggage down from the places reserved for baggage , and went through security . This airport was high class , so instead of having large men pat you down , you got scanned . The beep went off as the machine went over my pocket . I pulled out my phone . I apologized and waited for the other girls to get through . It took about 5 minutes . My stomach growled loudly .
"We need food !" I yelled , laughing . Then we entered the terminal . I looked up to 5 well-dressed men .
"Why hello , beautiful ." The tan one stepped forward , removing his glasses .
"Zayn !" I yelled , jumping into his arms . After everyone reunited with the love of their life , we walked out to Louis car . We piled in , and off we went to start our summer together .

Author's Note ;
Sorry its short /: but there's more to comeee >>>>>
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