Taylor Swift Apocalypse

I'm bored so I wrote this. I finished it for 5 hours with a very ugly ending; I finished it before I get so bored doing this. HAHAHAHA -______





A/N: All in all, I did this story for about 5 hours. Everything is fictional and stuff, and I did this because a friend asked me to and the fact that it was the second day of 2013, and I was imagining THE NEW YEAR’S EVE (THE MOVIE, WHERE MY HUBBY: JOSH DUHAMEL and ZAC EFRON IS PART). And please, all I want to ask you is please imagine this when reading the story:


2.      That Harry’s flight from London last December, maybe 27-29 to USA is really at the 31th.


The story will answer your questions and all. So... HAHAHAHAHA let’s start the story.



This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to places, events, people, names, products, and incidents are purely incidents and coincidental. All are based on writer’s thoughts and imagination. This story contains objectionable theme, language and behaviour. If you are easily offended, cease reading this story immediately. The author is not responsible for any thoughts you may form after reading this story.


Taylor Swift Apocalypse

© 2013 by Summer


All Rights Reserved






Apocalypse, \Ə-pä-kƏ-lips\, noun: One of the Jewish and Christian writings of 200 B.C. to A.D. 150 marked by pseudonymity, symbolic imagery, and the expectation of an imminent cosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil and raises the righteous to life in messianic kingdom

Synonyms: disaster, calamity, cataclysm, catastrophe, debacle (also débâcle), tragedy

© 2013 Merriam-Webster, Inc.


So apocalypse, catastrophe, tragedy; those are indeed unfathomable words. I look across me, my freedom wall. There were posters and a cork board holding my Polaroid photos, airline, concert and train tickets but what caught my attention is the dart plank beside it.

I knew you were trouble when you walked in, the shame on me now. I don’t know how I could stand listening to this song.

“You’re being a masochist again, Jess.” I heard a voice said; it’s my mom. She’s leaning by the door’s frame with an apologetic expression on her face. She knows I’m a big, no, not big, a mega, mighty humongous One Direction fan. And my mom, she’s pretty supportive about it.

She walked towards me, and sunk down to my bed. “I’m taking a plane to New York tomorrow, mom.” I informed her; she nodded understandingly, “I know I cannot stop you”

I smirked, she knows me too well, and stopping me will cause a ruckus. “Don’t worry mom, I’m staying over at Monika’s and she promised to watch over me.” She bobbed her head, “Yes, I know. She already told me that... Well, come and eat dinner with me, so we could pack your bags for tomorrow.” She stood up and walked to the door; I smiled and followed her lead to the dining area.

My name is Jessica Lauren, I’m 16 years old and I live with my mom at Beverly Hills, California. My parents filled divorce papers when I was 8, and now my dad has his own family, but is still supporting me financially. Well, my mom has a boyfriend, but she said she doesn’t want to get remarried when I kept insisting that it’s just fine.

Why am I flying to New York? Well, I’ve got tickets for the New Year’s concert where Taylor Swift will be performing. Wait, have I told you I am truly madly, crazy, deeply in love with Harry Styles? Well now you know I am. The doomsday was scheduled by 21st of December this year, but see? I’m still here, telling you all a story, so the world didn’t end like the Mayans said, but I’m still going to New York to stop the Taylor Swift Apocalypse.

I don’t hate Taylor Swift when she dated: Taylor Lautner, the Twilight Saga hot werewolf Jacob Black; or when she sang We are never ever getting back together, Jake Gyllenhaal, the Prince of Persia and med. Rep in Love and Other Drugs; or John Mayer, the handsome country musician who collaborated with her for a song titled, Half of my heart; or the charismatic vocalist of Boys like Girls who she worked together for the song Two is Better than One; or the fact that Owl City responded to her song Enchanted, quoting, Taylor, I’m so in love with you. Or the fact that she dated 27 guys for the past year including Conor Kennedy, the faceless Drew and Tim McGraw and her being the ex-girlfriend of Joe Jonas, or the information that she was linked to Zac Efron. See? I don’t hate her, yet again, I researched about it; and yet again, I never said I liked her. My feelings for her then are... Neutral.

But then, I emphasized the word, then. It was then, not now. Because now, I hate her; she could date every handsome guy in the world, but not one of the guys of ONE DIRECTION. I ship Zerrie, I ship Payzer, I could ship Elounor, but never will I ship, HAYLOR.

Everyone is fussing about Haylor. Everyone in Tumblr and Twitter does, most of the directioners hates the fact, while some are being pretty fake saying, Let’s respect Haylor. Are you kidding me? Keep it real guys.

▪           ▪           ▪           ▪           ▪

“Thank you for flying with us” A stewardess told me nicely. I smiled at her and climbed out of the plane. I walked with a brown classic leather backpack and checked out my trolley. I stepped out of the airport, it was freezing cold. I looked around to see if my sister, Monika is already around.

But instead of my sister, I saw a crowd by my right. “What is all the fuss about, dear?” An old lady asked me. I smiled at her, “I’m sorry granny, I was wondering myself.” I looked closer and saw very familiar curls. “Oh my God, it’s Harry Styles” I murmured indistinctly. I heard the old lady asked me who was it, but I paid no attention and yelled, “HARRY!!!!!”

I saw him looked at my direction and smiled. I ran to him, but the mob was hampering me. “HARRY! DON’T YOU REMEMBER ME?!” I yelled wildly and hopping at the same time. “HARRY! DON’T YOU REMEMBER ME?!” I yelled again, with my hand raising a necklace, the necklace Harry gave me, “I GAVE YOU A RING!!!! AND YOU GAVE ME THIS!!!”

I kept yelling, but the crowd was too big and noisy. He left without recognizing me. “Oh my God, it’s Taylor Swift” a fan groaned. I groaned too and walked back to my bags.

▪           ▪           ▪           ▪           ▪

“What happened to you? You looked deflated?” Monika asked me. She was driving us back to her house. I kept my eyes at the window, imagining Harry with Taylor right now. This is pretty depressing. “Stop with your drama will you? What happened?”

I turn around to look at my sister, “Harry is with Taylor right now.” I said, sobbing; she laughed merrily, “I knew it. You being a directioner is up to no good.”

Monika is 9 years older than me, and she has her own family now. Her husband is a navy man, and she works as a secretary in an estate company.

“Mom told me you’re going to the New Year’s concert this evening?” Monika stated, we are currently eating lunch. I nodded, “Yeah, I got tickets; my friend is the head organizer.”

“So you won’t be spending New Year with me?” She asked again, I bobbed my head, “You could come if you want to. I have extra two tickets; you and Lucy can come.”

She agreed on coming, because my niece, Lucy is a huge Taylor Swift fan. I cannot hate her, she’s just a child, and she doesn’t know what her idol is doing. “I’m going to take a nap. Thanks for the meal.” I said and stood up to walk to the guest room.

▪           ▪           ▪           ▪           ▪

Different emotions could be seen right now. Some are screaming like no tomorrow, some are crying, some are talking non-sense, but you could perceive how happy everyone is in this room.

“Hello, what’s your name?” Zayn asked me, signing my Yearbook album. I was mesmerized by his beautiful eyes, it’s sparking. “Jess” I was able to mutter. He laughed and signed my album while saying, “To a very lovely lady, Jess... Here you go.”

I walked next to Niall, he’s adorable and Irish. He looks so innocent and loving. “Here you go, love” he said with a grin. Next was Liam, he looks like Justin Bieber with his hair, and his voice sounds wonderful when he greeted me, “Hello”

“Hi, Louis” I said out of self, he giggled, “Hello, what’s your name?” He asked looking straight at me. “I’m Jess” I was able to say. He bobbed his head and signed my album, and then passed it to the guy I’ve been dying to talk to.

“Hello there beautiful” I don’t know how many times have he said that, or to how many girls have he say that to enlighten them, all I know is I could feel my heart skipped a beat, and I cannot move an inch. “What’s your name, love?” I heard him asked, but my brain doesn’t seem to be working.

“Hey, Harry’s asking for your name. I thought you have a plan” My friend, Shay said ever so loudly that Louis and Harry laughed. That made me blush and murmured, “Jess”

“What is it?” Harry asked, more like of a mock. “Jess” I whispered again. “What is it? Beautiful?” he said ever so sweetly. I looked at him and smiled like a little girl. “I know, Jess... Here you go.”

He held out my album and I don’t know if I should grab it. “Here you go, lovely.” He said again. I got the album out of his hand, and a bouncer was trying to keep me moving. But I shook my head, breathe out deeply and said, “Harry could you sign another thing for me?” I muttered confidently. He has a puzzled expression but he said, “Sure”

The bouncer lets go of me and I grabbed a paper out of my backpack and gave it to him. “A marriage contract?” He asked in an astonished tone. I jiggled my head and he laughed. I looked at him and he’s staring at the piece of paper with a smile. “Why would you want me to sign this?” he asked.

I let out a breathe again and said, “I know you could not and would not marry a fan, more over you would never marry me; so even if it’s fake, just this moment, you married me.”

His lips formed a smile and nodded, “Okay then” he said, “But where’s the rings? I don’t have the ring prepared, my lovely wife to be.” He said while his attention is on the paper.

Rings? Oh my God, that’s what I forgot about. I looked at my hand and saw my mom’s white gold wedding band. She gave me this when she and dad separated. Monika has the other pair.

“I only have this” I said whilst removing the ring out of my ring finger. He smiled and said, “That would work... But wait...” He said whilst looking for something, “I don’t have anything to give you yet.”

“It’s okay!” I said too piercing, but he didn’t listen. “OH! Here!” He said and removed his necklace, his airplane necklace.

I could feel everyone watching us; and it was total silence. He stood up and grabbed one of my hands, “What’s your whole name?” I was shocked. He was holding my hand. “Jessica Lauren” I talk softly.

“I do take you, Jessica Lauren, to be my lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, I solemnly swear, till death do us apart.” He uttered sweetly and put the necklace on my neck. “Your turn”

A tear dropped out of my eye, this all seemed like a dream. “I do take you, Harry Edward Styles, to be my lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, I solemnly swear, till death do us apart.” I said quietly.

“Where’s my ring?” He asked and I remembered and put the ring on his pinky finger. He laughed, “That’s lovely”. “You may now kiss your bride” Louis popped out.

I looked around, everyone is watching us. There are cameras flashing; Harry grabbed my cheeks and gave out a dimpled smile, “How old are you?” he asked. “16”

He tittered and placed a kiss on my forehead, “You’re too young, and there are a lot of children here...” He whispered, “I’ll marry you when you’re legal, and I’ll give you the best ring ever man could give a woman”

 “Wake up aunt Jess!! It’s 6 PM already!!!”

I flicker my eyes open and saw my niece hopping like a bunny. “Let’s go!!!!!!!!” She yelled again. “I’ll get ready”

I can’t help but smile; Harry did that in front of a thousand of fans in a signing, before all the Haylor news popped out. I hope he remembers me, because I am here for him. I came all the way from Los Angeles to get him out of Taylor’s hands and end this Taylor Swift Apocalypse.

I will be God, who will destroy the ruling power of evil, which is Taylor Swift and raise the righteous to life in ONE DIRECTION FANDOM.

▪           ▪           ▪           ▪           ▪

“Hi Nina” I greeted my friend, who was the head organizer of 2013 New Year’s concert at the Times Square. I have VIP access, “This is my sister Monika, and her daughter, Lucy.”

“Taylor Swift!!!!!!” Lucy yelled while pointing at Taylor Swift, wearing a red dress, preparing for her song. “Lucy, stay here” Monika warned her daughter.

I saw Harry walking to Taylor; he’s face dispassionate like his every photo with her by the paparazzi. Taylor has her dog face on and she seemed so pleased when Harry gave her some water.

“AND NOW--- TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!” The host yelled over the microphone. Taylor kissed Harry, and I saw it with my two eyes. Harry seemed to be pissed off by the fact.

“Hello New York!!” She yelled, everyone screamed. “So it’s ten minutes before New Year’s, so how are you?! I hope you get that New Year’s kiss with your love one! I hope to get myself one too” She said and looks at Harry in the side of the stage. He offered her a small smile.

Then the guitar started playing, “Once upon a time, a few mistakes ago...” Here we go again, same old song. My masochism song, I’m listening to it like the old times, but the only difference is, I’m listening to it LIVE.

She finished the masochism song with her signature head banging dog face, which she thinks that is hot. Well, bad news for you Taylor, it’s not hot. Because whenever you raise your head from the head banging, you look like a goat, which just finished drinking from the lake.

She left the stage and was replaced by Coldplay, I heard from Nina that she’ll be changing outfit, and then she would sing again, before and after the countdown.

“WHAT?!” Nina yelled over her phone, “Where will I ever find a replacement at this time?!” Nina groaned so bad, “FINE! BUT DON’T BLAME ME!”

“Is everything okay, Nins?” I asked her, she wiped an imaginary sweat from her forehead then looked at me with a grin, “Jess, you sang the anthem when you were in 7th grade right? For the school’s football game! Remember?”

I bobbed my head cloudlessly, “Why?” She clasped her hands together and kneeled in front of me. “Oh please Jess, sing in front of the crowd? Taylor Swift ran out and we could not find any other replacement!”

“WHAT?!” I yelped, “NO! I CAN’T! I’M A HORRIBLE SINGER!!!”

“No!!! You’re voice is great and--- PLEASE JESS!! YOU’RE MY ONLY HOPE!!” She begged and insisted. I shook my head, “I’m sorry Nina, I just can’t. I’m so sorry.”

But she kept on begging, and in the end...

“Uh, hello I’m Jess and I know you’re all disappointed that I’m the one right here, instead of Taylor Swift. But there was an emergency, and there is no other way. So, just bear with me.” I said nervously over the microphone. I looked at the guitarist and gave him a nod to start him playing.

“You’re on the phone with your girlfriend she’s upset. She’s going off about something that you said, she never get your humour like I do...” I started singing in acoustic version. It’s the only Taylor Swift song that I know.

I look over the crowd and saw Harry and Taylor. She has her arms around his as she smiles like a dog, whilst Harry is looking straight at me.

Before I could start singing the next verse, they started counting down, “FIVE”

The guitarist is still playing the song, “FOUR”

I looked straight to his eyes, “THREE”

And he’s ogling back at me, “TWO”

Taylor pulled him to face her, “ONE!!”

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Everyone yelled. I looked at him intently. Taylor placed her arms around his neck and moved closer for... “WAIT!” I yelled at the microphone.

I could see people stopped with their happenings, and snogging and other stuffs and gave their attention to me. “WAIT! HARRY!” I said once more, “Don’t you remember me?” I asked; I could see Taylor asking who I was, but Harry doesn’t seem to care.

I pulled out under the dress I changed into his plane necklace, “Don’t you remember me, Harry?” I questioned, “I’m Jess, and you promised me four months ago that you’ll marry me when I get older. And you’re going to give me the best ring any man could offer the woman he’s going to marry.”

I sighed, “Maybe you don’t recognize me, but I remember you too well. I cannot get you out of my mind.”

“’Cause she wear high boots, and I wear sneakers, she is Taylor Swift, and I’m just a fan girl. Dreaming ‘bout the day when you wake up and find what you’re looking for has been here the whole time.” I sang in a cappella, “If you could see that I’m the one who understand you, bein’ with her alone, I know it makes you sick, I know you’re tired of these things. Standing here, remaking all her dumb song, all this time, how could they not know baby, you’re unhappy, you below with me.”

I could see Harry chuckling; I’m doing this to end the Taylor Swift Apocalypse, to make all guys see that she’s a whore, who writes songs to make all her ex- boyfriends look bad.

“Harry! I know you’re unhappy by the fact of Haylor! I know that you’re unhappy that directioners started hating you because of your relationship with Taylor! I don’t know, but it seems like I’m the only one who sees you’re upset in every Haylor pictures made by the paparazzi. Harry! I’m saving you from a heart break song that will eventually make you look bad! If you want a song dedicated to you so badly, I’ll write one for you!”

“I know my voice is not as good as her, I know I’m not as beautiful as her, or I’m not as tall as her, or the fact that she’s a blonde, when I’m just a Plain Jane brunette. But I think, no... It’s a huge actuality that you belong with me... HARRY! YOU BELONG WITH ME! SO PLEASE BE MINE!”

Just then, some bouncers took me out of the stage, I didn’t see Nina around, and I tried my very best to wag myself out of the two large guards. They took me to the city police station and made me stay behind the bars. “WHAT DID I DO?!” I yelled, but no one responded, they were all busy watching my early performance.

“You’re tough girl” A dark policewoman told me. I don’t know where I got that buoyancy to say those things, but I thought I need to save Harry from Taylor before she eats him whole like a Zombie.

“Where is she?!” I could hear Harry’s voice asking. I looked at the television screen, there were cameras everywhere, and Harry is talking to the security that took me here. “We took her to the station for the sake of everyone.” One of the guards explained.

“WHAT?! You took her to the police station for the sake of everyone?! What is she doing anyway?! She’s harming nobody!” Harry said whilst his eyebrows together, “Take me there” He insisted. The guards answered, “We can’t you’re causing no harm, Mr. Styles.” Just then Harry punched one of the securities, “Now, I pained somebody, take me to the police station.”

Oh my God, what have I done? “Seems like your prince charming is coming over” The policewoman said with a smirk. I was dumbfounded, and wasn’t able to react.

After a few moments, a police came in with Harry. He ran to me with concern in his face. “Are you alright? Did they hurt you?” He asked. I laughed and shook my head. “Good”

Just then he held my hand across the bars, and said, “I do belong with you. And I’m all yours, Jess.” I looked down at his hand, he’s wearing mom’s white gold ring on his pinky.

“Do you remember me?” I asked quietly. He flashed a dimpled smile, “Of course, you’re the only fan who made me sign a marriage contract on August 18 at a signing in Los Angeles.”

“So there are a lot of fans making you sign a marriage contract?” I inquired; he nodded, “Yes. But yours is the only one who I signed to, Mrs. Jessica Styles.”

Hearing him say that makes my heart skip a beat. Then he leaned forward, and tries to kiss me across the bars, when my sister came in clearing her throat. “Not so fast, young lady.”

“Harry Styles!” Lucy beamed; I groaned, “Monika, this is Harry Styles of One Direction.” I said when she walked up to us. “... And Harry, this is my sister Monika, and my niece, Lucy. She’s a huge fan of One Direction, and Taylor.”

Harry laughed nervously and shook my sister’s hand, “Nice meeting you, sister-in-law.” He said in a matured voice. Then he gave Lucy his attention, “Hello little beautiful, I’m your uncle Harry. I married your aunt Jess.”

Lucy was astonished and wasn’t able to react, so do my sister. Just then, Monika saw Harry wearing mom’s band. “Is that mom’s?!” She yelped, and I nodded. Have I told you that Monika and I swore that we’ll give our parents’ band to the man we will spend our entire life with. And I gave it to Harry so she’s pretty much shocked.

“Yes, Monika, I’ll be spending my remaining time with Harry Styles of One Direction” I said in a sarcastic manner. “But you’re just 16!” Monika yelled again.

Harry looked at me and smiled, “I’ll marry your sister when she gets older, and that’s what we dealt about.”

“Please, I would not want to arrange a wedding in two years. Let her finish college, she could even go to Oxford University if you want her that close” She said in a tired manner. Harry seemed to like the idea and nodded his curly head like a child.

▪           ▪           ▪           ▪           ▪

So, I got out of the police station the same day, and was sent back to Los Angeles. I’m pretty much grounded; my mom liked the fact I sang in front of a crowd, but the fact of me being in the rails for 6 hours, not much.

I’ve got hundred thousand of followers, because of what happened. I finished the Taylor Swift Apocalypse, and had a boyfriend, I tweeted. Every directioner thanked me, and it felt good. Swifties are also suing me for humiliating their idol, and I don’t care.

@jessicalauren_styles, I like you for @harry_styles, stay strong you two. xx, one follower tweeted me. They all said they prefer a directioner to be with Harry, than Taylor Swift. Everyone is also tweeting me that I’m indeed lucky.

I’m not lucky, I’m blessed. I tweeted once, and everyone bashed retweets and favourites, is this how celebrities feel? It’s crazy.

What I did was also all over the news; Taylor cannot sue me, because there’s nothing to sue me about. What will she prosecute me? For taking her boyfriend? Is that even possible?

The school started 5 days after the incident, I’m getting all the attention I never wanted, I do hate attention you know. Almost everyone tries to be my friend, but I’m sticking to my 5 best pals.

Harry and I are also exchanging calls; it’s Saturday, and he promised to visit to---


--- That must be Harry!

I ran down the staircase, and saw mom had already answered the door. It is Harry, wearing a beanie. He looked at me and smiled; mom turned around with a smirk on her face.

“Hello, beautiful” He said, moving closer, I’m still on the last step of the stairs. Mom said she’s preparing tea. “Hello, handsome” I greeted him back.

“I missed you” He murmured, and hugged me. It’s been 2 weeks since the occurrence, and he came here to visit me from London. “I missed you too, a lot.” I said in his ears. “I got you something” He said moving away from the hug.

Then he dunks a hand on his jacket, and pulled out a box. It’s from Tiffany’s; “Open it” he said with his husky voice. I did, and saw lovely wedding bands. “It’s not the best ring I have seen yet.” He said and got one ring out. “I’m not sure what’s your finger size, but the man on the shop said, two persons are meant to be if the man’s pinky finger, is the same size as the woman’s ring finger. So let’s see.”

He got my left hand, and put the ring on one of my fingers, it’s the perfect fit! “I knew it, we’re designed for each other” He said in a toothful smile. I bit my lips, trying so hard not to cry. Everything’s so perfect. “Well, put the other ring on my hand, Mrs. Styles.”

I nodded and got the other ring out, and put it on his ring finger, “Perfect” I muttered. He leaned down and gave me a soft kiss. Then, someone cleared a throat, it was mom of course, “Your tea is ready, son-in-law” Mom said and went straight to the receiving room.

Harry laughed and clasped his hand with mine. Just then, the glockenspiel rings. I opened the door, and saw dad, with Monika and Lucy. “DAD!” I yelled and hugged him. “Oh so, you’re the one who called me?” Dad said whilst looking at Harry. “Yes sir.”

We went to the receiving room all together. We were all chatting, we’re all happy. Lucy is sitting at Harry’s lap, she surely likes it.

Just then, Harry held my hand and gave me a reassurance smile, “I want to ask your daughter’s hand for marriage, sir.” Harry said looking straight at my father. Everyone’s quiet and awkward. “Harry!” I yelled quietly and hid my face. “In 5 years, sir.” He continued.

Dad laughed humorously, “You didn’t get her pregnant, do you?” I could feel my cheeks heating up, I looked at Harry, and he’s flushing. “No sir” he said in a confident voice. Dad stopped laughing and put on his serious face, “Do you love my daughter, lad?”

Harry also put on his serious face, “Yes sir, I loved her since August 18, last year sir, and I’m willing to love her up to my reincarnation.” I looked at him straight, he’s serious, and I’m melting.

Dad stood up and walked up to us. Harry stood up, and so did I, he’s holding my hand. I looked at mom; there were tears on her eyes, so do Monika; whilst Lucy doesn’t know what’s happening.

My father looked at Harry directly and then hugged him. “Welcome to the family, Harry” he said, “That was cheesy”

I laughed, mom and Monika stood up and walked to me and hugged me. “You’re still young, studies first” Mom uttered while sniffing. “I envy you! I’m going to kill my husband for not giving me this kind of engagement!!!” Monika yelled, and I just laughed, tears were also in my eyes.

We ate dinner together, and everything wonderful, just then Harry needs to go back to his hotel, “I just snuck out” he said awkwardly, “We have a show tomorrow, come for me?”

I nodded, “Sure, thank you for today. You’ve been awesome, superman.” I said with a soft smile. He pulled me into a hug and kissed my forehead, “I love you” he murmured. I giggled like a little girl, “I love you too, too much”

▪           ▪           ▪           ▪           ▪

I met the whole one direction family today, and they have been great; their atmosphere is nice, even Paul remembered me, “You two did a show at that signing” he said.

I am closest to Niall, he’s so adorable and sexy at the same time. Zayn is not really that vain like everybody says, the way he talks is very funny. Louis is also sexy, too sexy; and Liam, he’s sweet and I think every girl would like to date him. But of course, I love my curly sexy tall and handsome boyfriend, who talks really slow.

We were all talking when someone spoke up, “Hi Jessica, long time no see.” I turn around and saw Taylor Swift, who has a smirk on her face, “Girl talk with me?”

Harry looked worried and was about to wag her out, but I shook my head, “Sure” I unclasped my hand from his and followed Taylor.

“So, Taylor Apocalypse, huh? Do I look like a Zombie to you?” She asked, looking very upset. “I’m sorry” I am sorry, “But I needed to do that. You’re dating a lot of guys and making them look bad.”

“So, you’re here to make me look bad, then? To revenge those men I dated?” she said and walked closer to me, “I dated those guys, to have a career. I really don’t want to look bad, but I needed to, who said I wanted to date those guys and make them look bad?”

“I only wanted Drew” She murmured, “He’s the only guy I wanted to have. It’s the only real song I have written.”

I didn’t say anything, because I don’t know what to say. I just hugged her and patted her back. “I understand, you don’t need to explain. But maybe Drew is not really for you, you need to accept that fact.”

“But I want him! I love him!” She yelled, I patted her back once more. “Someone deserves you better Taylor, you deserve someone better.” She moved away from me and she wiped her tears, “Thank you” she said. “I’m sorry for making you look bad, Taylor. I’m also apologizing for humiliating you in front of the whole New York.”

“It’s okay Harry’s a nice guy, and I know he’s not happy being with me. Our companies only wanted to do this for publicity anyway; at least we’re both free, I’m glad you’re with him. He deserves you.” She explained, “Speaking of the curly, here’s your prince, assuring I haven’t eaten you.”

I laughed and turned at my direction, Harry is walking towards us, in a very serious expression. “I’m going” Taylor said and walked away.

“Hey” he greeted me, his eyes pierced on Taylor. “Hey” I greeted him back. “What did you two talk about?” He asked, that made me giggle. “Nothing, girl talk. She said she’s happy for the two of us and you’re so lucky to have me.” I added a lie.

He laughed, “I am lucky to have you” Then he pulled my waist and leaned down to kiss me. “Let’s go, the guys are looking for you, it seems they all like you.” He said after we pulled out of the kiss.

I nodded and let him pull me for a run. Everything is simply perfect.




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