Lost In The Dark

Gabriella is a normal human. She obsessed over boys, she gossiped about other people and did all of that stuff that normal humans did. But what will happen when she meets the boys of One Direction? Read to find out!


1. My Special Surprise

Hello, my name is Gabriella. I am 17 years old and I live in Doncaster, England. I have long curly, golden brown hair, blue eyes, tanned skin and i am quiet short for my age. I have just moved from London and I am going to start my new school today. Well I better go. My mum is calling me. 


"Yes Mum?" I say as I walk into the kitchen.

"Please, take a seat, I have a surprise for you." my mum says to me gesturing me to take a seat on the bar stool.

I sit down and grab a pancake from the plate in front of me.

"So what did you want to tell me?" I ask my mum.

"Well, you know that boyband you keep obessing over?" she asks me. I nod in reply and make a hand gesture for her to continue, "weeeeeell I got tickets for you to see them!"

I almost spat out my breakfast all over mum.

"WHAT?! OMG MUM I LOVE YOU!" I scream and hug my mum.

"But theres some other news too. Darling, please come to the living room with me. I have some sad news. Your father and I have agreed that it would be better if you stayed with him from now on. And darling, before you interupt me, I never wanted this to happen. I will come by the house once a week and throw a package of food up to you and give you some other supplied you might need. Try to do what he says and don't get him angry. If he brings other women home to have sex with them, dont be scared, just lock your door and dont go out of the front door. If it gets too much just go to this address with your bags packed. They will look after you."

By the time mum finishes saying that I'm bawling.

"I-i-i dont w-want to go t-to live with h-him!" I sob.

"I know darling bbut you just have to go with it."

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