The Endless Chaos

The story is about school life reality drama.
And it just simply gets insane. So if you're ready for crazy shiz, check this book out.
I, Sharry Bear C:, come up with the entire story and write everything, )


2. Throwback

   You're probably confused about what happened between Ricky and I. Well, it all started last year when Ricky and I met. The two of us ended up having feelings for each other, so we decided to go out.

  I was madly in love with him, but that's finally changed. The thing is, he would always lie to me about almost everything. Looking back at the past, I really regret not listening to Fay and Roxie.

   Fay was the first person who was suspicious of Ricky. She had this feeling that he wasn't a very truthful person. On top of that, it wasn't even too hard for him to just drop our friendship out as if we were nothing to him. That's when Roxie started to feel the same way as Fay.

   They both pretty much cared about me a lot, so of course they tried their best to make me break up with Ricky..nicely. It was really complicated especially when Ricky was the one who helped me get over my ex-boyfriend, Leon, whom I was totally in love with for three whole years. Luckily, I managed to get over those two anyway.

   From that point on, I never really trusted Ricky anymore. It made me realize that Fay was really good at giving advice. It's kind of like God created her to be my " helper" when I'm lost in the middle of nowhere. 

   So now that you're informed on everything that had happened, let's go ahead and get back to the real story here...

   Oh finally it's lunch, I thought to myself. Afterwards I only have one more class to go to and then I can go HOME. Well maybe not home since Fay, Blake, and I are all planning to go over to Roxie's house. It's been a while since we've hung out at her place.

   Roxie is one of those girls who just loves sleeping. She's also really sweet and caring towards her friends. She has silky red hair and glassy eyes the color of blue topaz. Roxie's a Sophomore, like Fay and I.

   She's had this one huge crush on this guy named Steven Davis for quite some time. She's still nervous about talking to him. I keep on telling her, "Just walk up to him and be all like 'Hey! I've seen you in the hallway a lot, but never really get to talk to you.'" But..nope, nope. She still hasn't talked with him yet. Don't worry, I'll force her to.

   As usual Fay is sitting with Blake together at the lunch table. They're holding each other's hands and being all adorable with one another. Every time Fay looks away she has that evil glare with her as she scans the case any girls are trying to flirt with Blake from afar.

   I find it cute how they both are so protective over each other. What a cute couple. Of course, I went and sat at an empty table. Why? Because of my mood, duh. Okay, I know that it's weird how I do things depending on whatever my mood is. I can be a loner if I want to. 

   While I was eating, I thought to myself, "You know, it would be nice if I could at least find a guy who would love me and have one of those everlasting relationships..Gosh, thanks Fay. I'm jelly now. Oh snap, I forgot that I have to get something from the Library.

   I quickly finish my food and head over to the cart by the vending machines and place my maroon colored tray atop the other dirty ones. I leave the lunch room and head on down the hall, making my way to the library. 

   It's quiet in the Library. For a crazy person like me, it was a little hard to keep quiet, but I managed. I walked in there and grabbed one of those Mythology books that I had been dying to read off the shelf. The Olympian. That's what the book is called.

   I turned around, finding other books scattered everywhere on the carpet beside my feet. Of course, I decided to pick them up. I didn't realize that they were someone's books until I noticed black converse in front of the pile and heard a soothing male voice.

   "Thanks for picking up my books."

   I stood up. It was a guy with long, black hair who was taller than me. His style seemed to of those dark, emo styles..but not too emo.

   "Oh, You're..welcome! Oh snap, I'm about to be late for my next class! Sorry! Nice seeing you though!"  Then I rushed to check out my book and ran straight to my next class.

   As I took a seat in Biology, I wondered what that guy's name was. Damn, I should've asked..It's so rare to find a guy who is good looking, yet nice.

   Later that day, after Bio and Band, the school day had finally come to an end. On my way to my locker, I saw Blake and Fay making out. That wasn't the least bit surprising. I just ignored them and turned the dial on my locker, a piece of paper falling right out once I opened the door. 

   I leaned over and picked up the piece of paper. To Susie, was scrawled across the front in black ink. A letter! I thought to myself. Wonder who it's from..

   "Ooo, a letter! Open it Sharen!" Fay teased, leaning against the locker next to mine with a smirk.

   "I thought you weren't done making out with your boyfriend?" I said with an dramatic eye roll.

   Fay and Blake blushed.

   "ANYWAY, what's in the letter?" Blake questioned.

   "I don't know. But hey if you guys wants to go to the cafe and get some ice cream for the three of us, then here." I reached deep into my pocket and pulled out ten dollars and handed it to Fay. "Oh and get me the strawberry flavor, kay?" I said to them.

   "Oh, sweet! Thanks, Susie!" Fay beamed. Blake smiled and they quickly headed off to the cafeteria.

   I purposely told them that so I could read the letter privately. I opened the letter and it said, "Hey! Thanks for picking up my books earlier. I think you're pretty cool. We should hang sometime, Susie. Here's my number, hit me up kay? - Alex Hendren."

   Alex.... Maybe this guy will be my new best buddy.

   I shoved the note in my pocket and pulled out my bag, slamming my locker shut. I turned and saw Blake and Fay walking back over.

   "Here's your ice cream," Fay said, holding out a strawberry ice cream cone. I took the ice cream and thanked her. 

   "We should get going to Roxie's house before it's late," Blake advised.

   Fay and I nodded in agreement. "Alright." Then we walked out of the school and got into Blake's small car and left. 

   We finally arrived at Roxie's house. She greeted us at the door and we came inside.

   "Bad news. Vivian and Ricky didn't move out. They're still here." Fay told Roxie.

   "Oh no. I hope this year is not going to be like last year...ugh, I don't even want to remember it." Roxie sighed, flopping down on the old couch.

   "Vivian sure stabbed your back pretty bad. You should find a new best friend." I suggested, taking a seat next to Roxie.

   Fay rushed a hand through her hair, tiredly. "Yeah, I know.." She looked frustrated, like she had a lot to think about.

   "Fay, I promised that I won't look at any girl besides you. Don't be sad..I hate seeing you sad. " Blake made a sad puppy dog face then kissed her forehead, which made her smile.

   "So Roxie, how are you with that Mr.Davis hmm?" I wondered with a teasing wink.

   "I still haven't talked with him yet. It's hard!" Roxie explained.

   "Don't make me push you to him and make you talk to him," I told her.

   "Susie, give her some time. If she still hasn't talked to him after a long time, then I'll help you push her to Ricky so she'll at least have to say something to him." Fay said with a snicker.

   Roxie started panicking and blushing at the same time. We spent a total of two hours at Roxie's house talking and just hanging out.

   After we left, I asked Blake to drop me off at Lindsey Park. They left me there and went on a date together. 

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