The Endless Chaos

The story is about school life reality drama.
And it just simply gets insane. So if you're ready for crazy shiz, check this book out.
I, Sharry Bear C:, come up with the entire story and write everything, )


1. The Start

   This is it, I thought to myself. My second year at Edison Northern Arts High school.  

   "Susie! Hurry up with your showering crap!" My mother screamed.

   "Okay, I'm coming!" I yelled back, rolling my eyes.

   I decided to wear a tank top with a clear white t-shirt over it, paired with some gray skinny jeans. I rushed downstairs and ate my breakfast hurriedly.

   Right as I was putting my dish in the sink, I heard a car honk from outside. That would be Blake and Fay waiting for me in my driveway. As usual, they were here to pick me up before school. 

   Fay is one of my best buddies. She's part welsh and her hair is naturally dirty blonde. Although, she always dyes it so it changes. She's also a Sophomore, like me.

   We met each other when we were in third grade, including these girls named Roxie and Vivian who are both apparently getting along with Fay at the moment. Yup, we've known each other for quite a while now.

   We always tell each other what's on our mind or just random bull crap, hah. I know, we're weird. Though as Fay would always say, weird is accepted. 

   Blake is her boyfriend. They've been dating for quite some time now. About five months? Well, they say five but I believe it's three. Oh well.

   However, Blake's a Senior, 17, and loves basketball. He is deeply in love with Fay. He's one of the calmest guys I've ever met..yet a genius.

   Girls are always chasing after him. Like that summer when the three of us went to Destin Beach in Florida for vacation. Fay and I left him alone for about three minutes to use the restroom.We came back and the next thing you know, five girls were huddled around Blake, trying to flirt and get to know him. Some were trying to get his attention, two girls were staring at him secretly from afar, and about six girls were taking pictures of him as if he was Justin Bieber or something.

    Fay got so mad that she went and bought herself a shovel and whip to chase these girls off. I couldn't help but laugh hysterically, well until I saw them running in my direction. That's when I realized I only had two choices: stand there and get run over or dive out of their path to save my butt from the chaos. As you'd assume, I chose the second option.

   I grabbed my school bag and headed outside, down the driveway. I flung open the back door to Blake's car and hopped in.

   "Hey guys!" I grinned, throwing my bag in the empty seat beside me. "Ready for school?"

   "No, especially due to the fact that Blake's going to be chased by girls..again." Fay murmured, turning in the front seat to glare at Blake.

   "Well, sorry for being attractive!" Blake joked, "But you know I only want you, Fay." He smiled warmly at his girlfriend, gently squeezing her hand.

   "Alright cuties, stop making me feel like a loner. Now excuse me, but I'd appreciate it if you would start driving because I'm really not looking forward to being late on the first day of school." I urged, leaning back in my seat.

   With that, Blake released his hand from Fay's and started the engine. He backed out of the driveway, into the road and we headed off down the road. 

   Finally, we arrived at school. The three of us walked into the large building together, Blake and Fay holding hands. The school was exactly how it was when we left it. Nothing had changed after a couple months.

   The school is still very clean, the sweet smell of vanilla cream wafting throughout the halls. We headed to our lockers, which are the same ones we had Freshman year. It's a coincidence that my locker happens to be right next to Fay's. I was thankful for that.

   Unfortunately, Blake's locker is on the other side of the hallway since he's a Senior now. Blake would complain, "I wish my locker is right next to yours." and Fay would reply with, "It's okay. We can always meet up at one of our lockers."

   When Blake saw the guy at the locker right beside Fay's chatting with her, he didn't hesitate to march right over to him. "Hey, I don't know you..but this is my girlfriend, so no flirting with her-no touchy or if you can, no talking either! Okay? Okay." Blake warned the boy, smiling kindly afterwards. 

   "Woah, some protective boyfriend you got there.." I whispered to Fay. 

   Remember when I said Blake was really calm? He's usually calm, but...well, let's just say he gets a little jealous sometimes. 

   Blake kissed Fay on the lips and smiled, "I'll meet you here after school. Love you, Babe." He let go of her hand, slowly moving away.  

   "So...have you talked with Vivian lately?" I asked while opening my locker.

   "No, not yet. I honestly don't think I'll be able to get a long with her for a while. I mean, I told her to back off from Blake but she wouldn't listen. It's making me uncomfortable that she keeps on flirting with him and talking to him and trying to get his attention and all that shit." Fay scowled, slamming her locker shut. "She certainly hasn't been acting like the friend I thought she was."

   The next thing you know, a girl with shoulder length dark brown hair framing her pale face walked past us smiling, revealing her purple braces. She has a petite, small figure. Speak of the Devil.

   "Maybe your ex-best friend moved or something, which means we don't have to deal with her again. Well, let's just say you wouldn't. I never really had to. I'm glad I never had to dea-"

   "Not so fast, Susie." Alex interrupted. "Look," she says, her eyes moving past me.

   Oh no, I thought to myself. "Why does he have to be here!? I guess my wish didn't come true. Dang it!" I whisper shouted. 

   "Mhmm, I feel ya. At least I'm not going to be alone with this. We've got some dogs to handle." Fay said, crossing her arms and leaning against her locker.

   I turned my head, seeing that Vivian was gone.. Thank God she didn't try and stop to talk to us. She probably had to put her books in homeroom.

   But just because Vivian was out of sight, doesn't mean all the villains were. I accidentally made eye contact with the one guy I seriously didn't wanna see.

   I quickly broke eye contact and turned back to Fay, "Screw this. Why do I have to freaking see that liar again!?Ricky..seriously, why did i even date him all those times?! Gosh I was stupid!" I flung my locker door forward and it slammed shut with an obnoxious thud.

   "Susie, chill out. It's not like we have to talk to them." Fay said with a small shrug.

   Before I could say anything back to her, the bell rang.

   "I'll see you later, Susie. Remember, we're meeting up here." She gave me one last concerned look before beginning to turn away.

   "Alright, bye." I replied with a sigh. 


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