The Endless Chaos

The story is about school life reality drama.
And it just simply gets insane. So if you're ready for crazy shiz, check this book out.
I, Sharry Bear C:, come up with the entire story and write everything, )


4. Surprising Moment

   I had such a wonderful day with Will at the park. He's pretty cute..not to mention, we had quite a bit in common. I might've developed a slight crush today, I wonder if he did too...nahh, no way he'd ever like a girl like me. That's impossible. Whatever though, at least we're friends.

   I headed up the marble steps to the front door, grasping the handle and pulling it open. Just as I took a step inside, my eyes widened. What in the world..I thought to myself.

   Without any further thinking, I snatched one of the Converse sneakers that was on the floor beside my foot and chucked it at the most ridiculous person standing in front of me. Before the shoe could hit him, my mother reached out and caught it, giving me an enraged, frustrated look.

   "Sharen, control your behavior." She spoke as calmly as possible, trying to hide her anger in front of our guest

   I sighed, growling softly to myself. "My apologies, Mother." I mumbled, glancing away from them.

   I could feel her eyes practically burning a hole through my head until she turned on her heel and went upstairs, leaving me alone with this fool.

   It's Ezra Oliver. The guy that broke my heart. My ex-boyfriend that I loved. The guy who constantly left me in the past.

   "Why are you here?" I asked aggressively. I wanted to get whatever this was over with and shove his sorry ass out the door. 

   "Hey, calm down." He told me with a languishing frown. "I guess you haven't learned how to control your own strength and power yet, Sharen."

   I raised a brow, wondering who the hell he thinks he is. It was suddenly as if my mind was a bunch of static, questions swarming my brain.

   What is he talking about? Strength and power? Me not knowing how to control it? What does he think I am? Some sort of wizard from The Lord of The Rings? Bumblebee? I have no clue what he is trying to tell me. All I know is that he needs to leave.

   It was then that I began to feel the blood boiling up inside my body. Before I could inquire what it was he wanted, he moved right in front of me with one swift, graceful motion.

   I blinked with wonder, "How did you-"

   Then he put his finger on my lips, "It is called speed, my loved one."  

   He grabbed my waist and pushed me back against the wall. His face became so close to mine as he touched my face with his hand. It was so cold, as if he had just returned from a vacation in the South Pole.  

    I tried to move my arms up to thrust him away from me, but just as I attempted to do so he pinned both of my arms on the wall.

   "My beautiful Sharen, I know that I've lied to you and I know that I left you behind in pain. I know that I failed to patch up the holes and explain things to you." He gently brushed his fingers through my hair, moving it behind my right ear. "I have reasons for doing that." His eyes deliberately turned red.

   Without my consent,  tears began streaming down from my eyes. "What ARE YOU? Get away from me! I've had enough of you!"

   He laughed charmingly, "It's okay, Sharen. You don't need to be afraid. I came back to tell you the truth, that I love you and I promise to never leave you behind ever again."

   I struggled beneath his body weight, trying so hard to get away, but his strength was so strong that I wasn't able to move barely an inch. "That didn't answer my question, you jerk."

   Then he smirked and moved his face even closer to mine than before. "You will find out what I am when you find out what you are. In the end, you will thank me and come back to me."

   My throat went dry and I could feel my heart beating rapidly. "Your eyes..they're red like a rose.."

   He hugged me tightly, and I continuously tried to push him off of me, but I couldn't. He kissed my neck and licked it seductively.

   "I are not fully one yet. I shall complete the final stage for you." He whispered.

   "What are yo-" My mouth fell open and released an agonizing scream. What is he doing?! Is he biting me?! I could feel his sharp teeth sinking into my skin. They were fangs digging deeper into my neck. He was sucking my blood out.

   I need to do something-I need to stop him! Once again, I tried moving my body but I was growing too weak. I was unable to keep my eyes open any longer. My body had no energy left. I couldn't see anything at the moment. Everything turned black...Was I dead? Am I in..Hell?

   Then suddenly, I saw myself standing in front of the school that I'm attending. I was wearing a black mini dress that has rose on it. I was also wearing black heels. My hair was curled long and beautifully, accenting my outfit with absolute perfection.

   What was I doing there? Why could I see myself..? Wait-is this..a flash black from last year? This is MY memory. The Fall Dance.

   Then I saw Ezra in his handsome suit strutting over to me with a gorgeous smile among his face. "You look perfect." He told me, kissing my glossed lips.  

   I smiled back at him while blushing, as he took my hand and escorted me into the High school gym. I saw Alex and Zack there. Alex was also wearing a black mini dress, with sequins lining the bodice. They sparkled beneath the colorful, bright lights of the dance. She looked beautiful.

   Ezra and I walked up to Alex and Zack and they beamed, greeting us with excitement. 

   "Alex, You look STUNNING." I exclaimed, pulling her into a friendly embrace.

   "Thanks! You look Gorgeous!" Alex complimented me.

   "Everyone looks great! Especially Sharen." Ezra smirked with a flirtatious wink, putting his hands on my hips. I laughed, pulling him out onto the dance floor. We were smiling and the four of us would switch partners every now and then, then switch back. We would all dance together as if the night would go on forever. 

   I looked so happy back then..I thought to myself.

   Without warning, the lights went out and everyone screamed with fright. Then the vision changed. Now I could see Ezra leading me out of the gym in a hurry. Wait..that's not what I remember.

   According to my memory, the dance got cancelled and it was rescheduled to the week after because there was a fight during the original dance..not a black out. What is this?

   I could hear myself questioning with worry, "Ezra, what is going on?!"

   "He's here! Dammit! I can't let him find you and hurt you.." Ezra mumbled back bitterly.

   We came to a strict halt, seeing a guy blocking our path. "Bingo." He said with a devilish smirk.

   His hair was long and black. He's about 5'9". It seems like I've seen this guy somewhere..His eyes and everything look so familiar to me.

   "Will, stay away from her." Ezra shouted, stepping in front of me.  

   William..Holt? No, this is impossible. How could I not remember any of this?

   "Give it up, Ezra. You know I'm going to take her away from you and in the end, she will choose me over you." Alex grinned over at me quickly before launching an attack on Ezra.

   "Watch out!" I had screamed, watching as Will sprinted towards Ezra, grabbing his shoulders and trying to throw him to the side.

   Ezra pushed him back instead, his eyes glowing like two rubies in the moonlight. He lifted his leg for a kick, but Will just grabbed onto his ankle. He twisted his leg, flipping him around. Ezra was able to catch himself with his hands, rage building up inside of him as he lunged in Will's direction.

   Their movements were so fast to the point where I could hardly keep up. Finally, I saw Ezra punch Will in the face then jump onto him as he fell, but Alex managed to stand before Ezra could sit on him. Then I caught him looking at me, my expression confused but horrified all at once

   "Well hey there." Will said with a grin, appearing right in front of me within seconds. He pushed me against the wall and turned my head to the side. I must've been too in shock to scream.

   Before he could do anything else to me, Ezra quickly grabbed him by the neck and threw him on the ground. I fell right to my knees as Ezra stabbed him with a sharp wooden peg that he had found on his chest.  

   Will howled in pain,  "Argh, screw you!"

   Ezra rushed to my side and asked her if she was okay. She wasn't able to speak yet, her eyes filled with horror. I could see blood pouring from Will's body.

   Ezra cradled me in his arms as I breathed heavily, covering my mouth with the palm of my hand in alarm. Then I saw Will take the wood out from his chest.

   "Hah, she will never forget about this. Look at her face, she's horrified. She will spread this to everyone that she knows and the next thing you know, you are doomed and dead. One day, she will be mine." Before Ezra could catch him, He flashed away.

   Ezra sighed and looked at me in the eyes. "I am so sorry that I brought you into this. I should've known this was a bad idea. How could I put you in this kind of danger..?"

   It was then that I noticed the tears welling up in his once again, gentle brown eyes. Ezra Crying? I have never seen this in my life until now.

   "You and I will have to separate for awhile. I'm tired of hurting you by leaving and coming back to you over and over again. It's for your own sake. One day, when the time comes, I will be able to come back for you and never leave you."

   I moved my hand away from my mouth and shook my head, sobs escaping my mouth. "What...? What happened? No, Ezra...I love you...Don't leave me.. please!"

   He stood back and took a long, deep look at me. "I promise that I won't make you wait long. Now look at me." I carefully looked up into his eyes, which had changed to a new, golden color. "I love you."

   " You will remember that you went to the Fall dance with me and the dance got rescheduled to next week because there was a fight. You will tell others that you and I broke up because I've left you mysteriously. You will stay away from me until it's time for your transformation.When you awake, you're going to say you passed out."

   With that, my eyes rolled back and I fainted as he caught me in his arms. He carried me over to a bench and settled me down, kissing my forehead gently. I saw Alex and Zack coming up and carrying me home.

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