The Endless Chaos

The story is about school life reality drama.
And it just simply gets insane. So if you're ready for crazy shiz, check this book out.
I, Sharry Bear C:, come up with the entire story and write everything, )


3. Lindsey Park

   As usual, I go to Lindsey Park to have some alone time. At home everything is a disaster. My mom would always boss me around and it's just really annoying.

   Anyway, I went and sat on the bench in the park and read my book. Then I heard a voice say, "Hi Sharen."

   I looked up from the pages, my eyes scanning over denim skinny jeans, a silver studded belt, and an I See Stars t-shirt. Finally, my pupils came across his adorable pale face and big, gleaming brown eyes. It was Will, the one from the library.

   "Oh, hey!" I said, beaming as I closed my book. "What are you doing here?" I asked nicely.

   "Oh, I'm here to chill out, I guess. I was also in the middle of reading, but then I saw you, so I came to say hi." Will explained.

   "Haha, that's nice of you for doing that." I said, smiling up at him.

   "It's nothing." He said, shoving his hands deep into his pockets. "Hey, I was wondering, do you want to go grab some Chick-Fil-A?" He asked, jabbing his thumb behind him. 

   "Sure!" I exclaimed, standing up. I headed across the street with Will, over to Chick-Fil-A. 

   We moved up to the cashier, the people in front of us walking off with their drinks.

   "Welcome to Chick-Fil-A, what would you guys like to order?" The Cashier asked, smiling too enthusiastically.

   "I'd like to get a chicken sandwich and a cookies and cream milkshake." Will said. He then turned to me and asked, "Sharen, what do you want to order?"

   "Oh it's fine, I'll pay it by myself."  I replied nicely.

   "It's okay, Sharen. Besides, this is our first time hanging out so I'll treat you." He winked with a small smirk and I couldn't help but smile a little myself.

   "Okay..I also want a chicken sandwich and a strawberry milkshake. Thanks Will, I'll pay you back later." I said.

   "No it's fine, don't worry about it." Will said with a wave of his hand. Man, he was really generous.  

   "Alright, we'll have your order ready for you in a few minutes!" The lady said, moving away from the window.

   We went and sat down together at a mahogany picnic table in the shade while waiting for our order to come.

   "Will, how did you know my name?" I wondered, eyeing him curiously.

   "Well, your name was on your locker while I was sliding the note inside of it." Will explained.

   "Oh, right." I said with a laugh. I'm so slow, I thought to myself. How can I not remember that I put my name up on my locker? Jeez. 

   "Excuse me sir, your order is ready!" The lady called.

   "I'll go get it." I said quickly to Will. I stood up and headed over to the cashier.

   "Hey Missy, you and that guy over there make the cutest couple ever!" The lady exclaimed, just loud enough for only me to hear.

   I froze, a look of clear shock spread among my face. "Oh no, we're not dating or anything." I shook my head fast with an awkward laugh.

   "Well, you guys are going to be a couple in the future, trust me. You guys seems to get along so well." She smiles, sliding the brown paper bag of food across the counter to me.

   "But I jus-"

   "Shhh!" She rushes to interrupt. "Keep your voice low, Girl! Believe me, I'm good at these kind of things. You guys will be a couple later.. now hurry up and go before he gets all suspicious and what not. Remember, this is only between us." The lady winks, a wise sparkle in her glassy blue eyes.

   I nodded slowly, grabbing the back of food and making my way back over to the picnic table with Alex.

   "Hey, sorry I took so long. She was just asking me where I got my shirt, hah." I lied.  

   "Oh, it's fine." He assured with a wonderful smile, revealing his perfect rows of white teeth. "You do look great in that outfit." He smirked, looking at me flirtatiously from beneath his razor sharp black bangs.

I could feel my face turning super read as I sat down, moving the bag to the center of the table. "Aha, was your day?" I asked.

   He pulled his sandwich out of the bag and started unwrapping it. "Oh, it was great. I got to check out the books that I've been wanting to read. I never really had enough time. How about you?" He asked, taking a large bite from his food.

   "Mine was okay." I said with a shrug, picking at my sandwich bun. "You like reading? I like both reading and writing! It's so much fun. What book are you reading right now?"

   "Greek Heroes. This book is the bomb! Gosh, I love Mythology." Will exclaimed dramatically, moving his hands around, sandwich in one hand.

   "Dude! I know that book! I'm reading the first book and yeah, me too! I LOVE mythology books! They're the bomb." I was beaming immensely as I took another bite out of my sandwich.

   Oh mahh gurrrrrddddd! He loves mythology books just like I do! Gosh, I love him!

   "Yeah!" He laughs adorably and I have to look away in order to hide my blushing face. "I read the Percy Jackson series like three times! You're interesting. You should tell me some more about yourself."

   I looked back up, his eyes focusing on mine. Our brown eyes connected and I felt my mouth go dry. He was gorgeous.

   "Haha, I've read the series. I loved it!" I say, putting emphasis on the word 'loved'. "And oh, no I don't mind at all! I'm Sharen, as you seem to know, hahah. My middle name is Lydia and my last name is Hudaya. I'm a fifteen year old sophomore. My birthday is on July 1st...My favorite color is black. I'm not that much of a girly girl, hah. I'm weird, abnormal, wild, and crazy. Should I stop here?" I questioned, wondering if I was talking too much.

   "No! Please, keep on going." He wipes his hands on his jeans, then rests his elbow on the table and leans his chin on his fist. "I like it when girls are outgoing."  

   That damn smile of was so perfect. So damn perfect.

   "Well, okay." I giggled and bit my lip, not knowing why I was randomly laughing.

   He smiled even more, letting out his own small laugh. "You're really adorable." He said, causing my insides to melt.

   I looked down at my lap and continued, "My hobbies are singing, dancing, playing my oboe, drawing, helping people with their problems, photography, acting, writing stories and reading...well there's lots more. I'm Indonesian and Chinese. I'm bilingual and I love school." I looked back up at him with a warm grin. "How about you?"

   "Well, I'm sixteen and I'm a Junior." He started, sitting back up. "I love reading, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. My birthday is on November 29th..I'm from California and just moved here a year ago. I attended a private school last year."

   "Well, you seem cool." I said to him. He smiled back at me.

   "Thanks. You're pretty cool yourself."

   For the next hour or so we just chilled out and finished our food. I thought about asking him out to go see this new movie called Greeks and Romans War.

  But before I could ask him.

   "Hey Sharen, are you busy this Friday night? If not..would you wanna go watch Greeks and Romans War with me? I mean if you're-"

   "Of Course!" I shouted, "I don't have anything going on at all on this Friday night!"

   "Oh, alright! Sounds cool. I'll pick you up at 5 pm. Is that cool? And I need your address so I won't be lost." He chuckled, standing up. 

   "Yeah, that's fine! And sure, one sec. Lemme write it down for you." After pulling out a sheet of paper and a pen from my bag, I wrote down my address and handed it to Will.

   "Cool," he said taking a quick glance at the paper before looking back up at me. "So it's a date, then." 

   My insides were practically jumping around and going ballistic. Did he mean a date date? I seriously opened my mouth and almost asked by accident, but instead just turned the sentence into something else.

   "You mean-I mean, you can read my handwriting right?" I asked.

   "Your handwriting is neat. So why not? " He smiled that perfect smile of his, looking up at me.

   After we went and threw out our trash, the lady from the stand called out, "Thank You for visiting! Come back soon!" I saw her give me a teasing wink, but I ignored it.

   We started walking to the square and spent another hour talking and joking around. I looked at my clock and it was already 6 pm.

   "Hey, I think we should go home now before it gets too dark." I suggested, although I wished the night didn't have to end.

   He nodded in agreement. "Sure. Hey maybe I could just drive you home so I would know where your house is at. Would that be alright?" He asked, flipping his bangs out of his eyes.

   "Good idea!" I smiled. Then we went to the car.

   Alex was driving but at the same time he was talking to me. I told him the directions to my house so that he could drop me off.

   "This it?" He wondered, pulling into my driveway.


   "Hah, okay. I can't wait to hang out again, Sharen. You're super fun to be with."

   I turned to face him, my hand wrapped around the door handle. He was looking straight into my eyes, kindly. I grinned.

   "Aw, thanks Will. You're great to be around, too." I laughed and leaned in to hug him.

   After returning the embrace, he released me and asked, "Alright, so I'll see you tomorrow at school?"

   "Haha, yeah! I'll see you tomorrow! Thanks for the treat and ride. It was nice and sweet of you for doing that. Bye!" I waved and hopped right out of his car. 

   He waved back before I shut the door and he drove away.

   I stood there for a minute, going over the day in my head and smiling more at every single thought. I didn't know there was someone so perfect out there. 

   I turned on my heel, fist pumping the air with a laugh and skipping up my driveway to the front door of my house. 




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