The Endless Chaos

The story is about school life reality drama.
And it just simply gets insane. So if you're ready for crazy shiz, check this book out.
I, Sharry Bear C:, come up with the entire story and write everything, )


7. Early Visitors

      I could feel the sun shining on me. I could hear my alarm ringing. Ugh, it's already 6 pm. Ouch! The sun is hurting me and the pain on my neck is not recovering very well. I got up weakly and close the curtain. No way, this is not possible. I can't be a vampire! I can't be like one of them. I panicked not knowing what to do. Blood, I thought to myself. I'm thirsty. I quickly walked to where my mirror is at and look at myself. My eyes are red. My skin apparently looks very pale. I look pathetic. Then i looked at the clock and go downstairs to see if my parents are home, but all I saw was a note saying,

" Dear Sharen, we will be back tonight. Be responsible of yourself and behave. Don't let any stranger in. Love you and good luck in school."

I sighed, and walked myself to the kitchen to prepared myself some cereal  it.

I sat there and eat the cereal alone.

Ding Dong, the house bell ring. Oh great, another bad luck, I thought to myself. I went to the small screen to see who it was.

Alex and Zack? What the heck are they doing here this early?

  I pressed the remote to let them in. I opened my front door as i saw their car parking in front of my huge house.

" Oh look, there's the stink awful looking bird couple disturbing me while I'm eating my breakfast." I looked at them curiously wondering why they are here. Someone must had a rough night last night,"  I grinned.

" Sorry for stopping by this early. We were on a date yesterday. It was wonderful until this drunk guy stopped us and tried to rape Zack." Alex replied.

" Yeah it was very creepy. Supposedly my "nice" girlfriend didn't help me at all while I was all alone trying to defend myself from getting rape by that drunk guy! I don't even remember what his name was but it was horrifying. I don't wish to see him again. There were two girls too. One of them looks like a stripper and the other one look innocent. Very elegant. We were totally doomed until i thought of an idea of tricking the drunk guy and hit him with a pan."

" Then how did you guys ended up looking a maniac alien smells like  poops?! " I exclaimed.

" Well.. Zack got into the car and then we drove off but that drunk guy was chasing us literally on barefoot. Not only that, he was fast too! I tried to check on the GPS but it was out of battery and Zack misplaced the charger so Zack had to drive the car circling the statue until the drunk guy was dizzy and passed out."

I looked at Alex in confusion.

"Why would you guys need a GPS? I thought you guys know the way to YOUR house." I asked.

" We did know where we were going at first but then that drunk guy started following us and i got lost because it was late and dark last night and i was just worrying about getting away from him until I realized we got lost in a city that is filled with night club. It was also filled with prostitutes and strippers. They were literally starring at us. We had no where to go so we just went into the woods and slept there. We decided to wake up early and stop at a friend's house and you popped out in our mind so yeah sorry for disturbing you." Zack and Alex smiled at me.

" I texted my parents so they knew about it. Zack's parents doesn't care since he's already 17 so yeah." Alex told me.

" That still doesn't explain the smell."  I looked at them furiously.

" Oh, we accidentally crashed into a farm and that place was filled pigs and it's poops accidentally got on my car and us. Zack laughed.

" But you guys are in the car. How did it get to you guys?"  I asked.

" We stepped out of the car and the poop got on us. We went and wash the car but the people that worked there gave up on us because we stink really bad." Alex explained.

" Oh gosh. My house is going to smell like crap! Jeez, go take a shower. I have some guy clothes that my brother had left here so you can use that Zack. Alex, you can use my clothes. Go help yourself. There's one bathroom on the left on this floor and one on the right. I'm going to be using the one on the second floor and get ready. If you guys are hungry, there's food in the kitchen. The food list is on the wall next to the fridge. It gives you tons of suggestion about what to eat and how to make it." I told them.

" Dang, you sure are rich Sharen!" Alex exclaimed. I closed the door shut behind me and I pressed the remote to close the gate.

"Oh and my parents are not home. I'm alone at the moment here. Keep that comment to yourself until you are clean. I can't stand dirtiness and the smell! Now go!!" I said furiously.

Then they instantly run to the bathroom and I sighed. I fell on my knees. Rich.. hah. Why can't people just stop saying that to me? Jeez.. That was hard to pretend like I am okay. I thought. I stood up and get myself some water and drink it. It helped a little at least.

I went upstairs and take a shower, Finally i got out and get myself dressed. I removed the old bandage and tissue and rub some alcohol on my neck with a cotton again. Then i covered it with a new bandage and tissue. It didn't get any better. I took some Advil to prevent me from getting headache and weak. I press the remote control to air cleaner to remove the horrible poop smell and the dirtiness. By now you can tell that I'm an OCD type.

My mother is not like that though  but my dad is. That's what the machine is for in our house. I go to the dinning room where Alex and Zack are at.

" How's the pancake?" I asked them.

" Tastes good! Want to try some? and Why do you look so pale and sick? It seems like you've been losing blood or something. Are you sick?" Alex asked curiously.

Crap. Do i look that bad? Cover Sharen Cover! You can't let them know!

" uhhh Yeah I'm fine. What are you talking about?! Look at you guys, I should be the one asking you guys that. A couple who got chased by some drunk guy."

Then i tried to force a laugh out. They looked at each other and laughed a long. They're finally done eating and then they clean up.

" Hey Sharen, can we use your car? My car smell stink and there's some poops on it." Zack said.

"Sure, but I'll drive. You can leave your car here and the car washing machine will take care of it. It'll be clean by the time we get out of school." I said.

" But you don;t have a license Sharen." Zack looked at me in confusion.

" Don't worry." Then I showed him my license.

" When did you get that?!" They both asked curiously.

" Well, I took the driving test last summer. My parents lied to me that I didn't pass the test and gave me a fake result by asking the people who worked there to print one fake and one real results of mine. They didn't want me to drive yet, but since I've been a good girl and showed enough responsibility, they told me that they let me drive the car that he had prepared for me. They said i can start driving when i think i really need to drive and that's when i start driving. I guess today is the day that I'm allowed to drive for the first time." I smiled.

we got out of the house and went to my car. Alex sat next to me while Zack sat on the back sit. "' I didn't know you're into sport cars!" Zack said.

" Well, someone is late." Alex said then we all chuckled.

We put on our sit belts then i started the engine and start driving really fast. The school is about 30 minutes away from my house but we got there within 10 minutes. The heck? How did i do that? I looked at Alex and Zack,. Their eyes were wide open and frozen.

" How did you do that without crashing and get into an accident?!" Alex asked.

" Uhh.. the car was just a good one i guess." I lied. I knew it wasn't the car. It was me. Then I saw Jeremy smiling at me. 

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