The Endless Chaos

The story is about school life reality drama.
And it just simply gets insane. So if you're ready for crazy shiz, check this book out.
I, Sharry Bear C:, come up with the entire story and write everything, )


6. Drunk Guy

   "That movie was the bomb!" Alex beamed.

   "Of course it was! The guy literally kicked the monkey in the nuts"! Zack said, still laughing.

   As they held hands, they headed over to his vehicle and Zack opened the door for Alex.

   "Aweh, you're such a gentleman." Alex said with a wink. She moved into the car and Zack closed the door gently, getting into the driver's seat. As Zack began driving, Alex said with glee, "My day was great, thanks to you Zack."  

   "Mine was wonderful and lovely because of you." Zack looked at her, having stopped driving for a little bit. They stared at each other for few seconds before slowly moving their faces closer to one another. Their lips touched and they started kissing; turning into a two minute make out session as Zack rushed his fingertips through her hair.  

   There was a startling noise, like a loud bang that slightly shook the car. The two jumped, immediately pulling away and looking into each other's eyes with wonder.


   They quickly settled back into their seats, seeing a young man with excessive brown facial hair standing by the hood of the car. He was wearing a worn out, black t-shirt and frayed, denim jeans. A smirk was placed on his face as he cocked his head to the side at them.

   "Alex, what is he talking about?" Zack asked with caution, eyeing Alex carefully.

   "I-I don't know!" Alex stuttered, shaking her head with confusion. "I DON'T even know him! This is the first time I've ever seen him in my whole life! Do you know him?"

   Before Zack could answer her, a girl with curled, velvet hair stumbled out of the shadows and threw her arms around the young man. She was wearing a skimpy, scarlet dress with clear sequins that cast reflections upon the hood of the car. It exposed much skin, and had thin spaghetti straps wrapped over her bare shoulders. She pushed her body up against his and started grinding him, kissing his face several times.

   "OH YEAH BABY, RIGHT THERE. Don't forget to suck my d- " 

   Another girl walked up behind him and slapped him across the face with her purse, interrupting his sentence and causing the slut to jerk back, stumbling once again in her tall, red heels.

   " YOU ASSHOLE! ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME?! WHO IS THIS BITCH, HUH?!" She demanded, searching his dark, droopy eyes for some sort of explanation.

   She was very tall and elegant, wearing a fitted dress that was grey above the waist and black beneath. The fabric stopped just below the knees and covered her chest nicely. There was a raven colored rose attached to the clean-cut neckline and a chic, achromatic jacket was worn over the outfit, adding a wonderful touch to the look. Her light hair was worn up in a sophisticated bun, her diamond earrings swaying from her ear lobes.

   The redhead looked puzzled, "Uhmm, noooo..he's mine. What are you talking about, gurll? We stripped for each other every night at the freaking night club! Baby, ARE YOU BORED WITH MAH SEXAY BODAY ALREADY!? I THOUGHT YOU ONLY LOVE ME! MEMEMEEMEMMEME!?" She stomped her heel onto the pavement and pouted dramatically.

   Zack and Alex just looked at them, trying to process the situation. "Uhmm, Zack I think we should..go turn around and just go the other way." Alex suggested, looking at him in fear. It wasn't even five seconds later when she suddenly panicked, "HURRY UP ZACK! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! START DRIVING!"    

   Zack looked at his girlfriend and said quietly, "Alex..stay calm okay? There's no other way around. We're stuck here for now. They're doing some kind of road construction back there. We'll have to wait until they leave."

   "Why don't you just drive past them then?! I'm pretty sure they have enough common sense to move out of the way!"

   They turned and looked out the windshield, watching as the young man stood between the two girls while trying to get them to stop fighting.

   "Well you see, I don't think you can gain your senses when you are both mentally and physically drunk." Zack explained.

   "Nooooo, noooo, noooo...YOU BOTH ARE MAH BABIES. I SLEPT WITH BOTH OF YOU LOVELY LADIES. OH MY, IT WAS SUCH A DREAM COME TRUE. BEAUTIFULLL I TELL YA. BEING IN BED WITH YOU TWO; IT'S LIKE HEAVEN! " The young man slurred in between chuckles. He slapped each of the girls' butts with a dirty grin.  

   "Excuse me? You have NEVER slept with me. You SON OF A BITCH! YOU FUCKING CHEATED ON ME! HOW COULD YOU?! WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU TO DESERVE THIS!?" The elegant girl cried. " chose this SLUT INSTEAD OF ME?! Yeah, you're insane. I should've known better. I am DONE with you. DON'T ever ask me to come back for you AGAIN."  

   As the girl turned around angrily, she noticed the slut leaning against the car with a slight grin. " You, GO TO HELL." The girl shouted, slapping the slut across her make-up caked face. With that, she stormed away with fury.

   " I guess that means there's only two of my ladies left." The young man put both of his hands on the hood of the car and winked through the windshield at Alex. Her jaw tightened as her stomach churned.  

   "NUUU, QUENTIN BABY. I'M BETTER THAN HER. I'LL MAKE MY BOOBS AND BUTT TEN TIMES BIGGER THAN HERS!" The slutty redhead grabbed both of his hands and looked at him with a baby face.

   "Mehh..two is better than one and your boobs and butt are too big. Go get some surgery and make them smaller. I'm BORED with it already!" He slipped his hands from her grasp and turned away.

   "But I already got surgery to make them bigger!" She groaned, crossing her arms over them.

   Quentin just ignored her, and instead turned back to the car and licked his lips as he walked over to Alex's car door. Before he could get all the way over, Zack threw open his door and marched over to Quentin. He swung him around by the arm and punched him across the face.

   "Don't you even think about touching my girlfriend. She is MINE." Zack said through clenched teeth, watching as Quentin clutched his face in pain.

   Then unexpectedly, Quentin pulled Zack into an embrace and said lovingly, "I love you..BABY WHY DON'T YOU WANT ME!?"

   "UHHH, GAY GAY GAY GAY. DON'T TOUCH ME!" Zack exclaimed, trying to pry Quentin off of him.

   Quentin then made a duck face, begging Zack to kiss him as he grabbed one of Zack's hands and forced it onto his butt. "Touch it. Smack it. FEEL IT. FEEL DA HEAVEN BABY. I'LL SHOW YOU THE WAY! OUR LOVE. OH GOD, THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME MY LOVER BACK. HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH! I'LL LOVE HIM FOREVER, GOD FOR EVAAA! NOW KISS ME BABY! CHUUUUU~ " He pulled Zack closer to him.

   "NONONONO! ALEX!!! HELP!! " Zack shouted, pulling away as Quentin pulled him back by his striped shirt.

   Alex opened her door and stepped out, awkwardly standing in the same spot. "You're the man here! What am I supposed to do?! Self defense, man! Self defense!!" She shrugged and got back into the car.

   I'm sorry Zack baby, but you're on your own. I don't want to get myself into that situation. Hold a little longer, baby, Alex thought to herself, praying he'd be alright.


   "Okay! Let's go!" Zack agreed, taking hold of Quentin's hand.

   What the heck is he thinking?! Is he planning to turn gay along with him!? He better not..Alex thought, furrowing her brows in confusion. She was about to get out of the car and follow them, when she turned and saw the redhead licking the window seductively.

   Alex jounced back, startled. "GAH! GET AWAY FROM THIS CAR!" she screamed.

   "I want you, sweetie. You are so..soo..HOT." she said flirtatiously, running her fingers down the window.

   Alex shook her head and asked, "What happened to that Question guy!? Err, whatever his name was!?"

   "Nononono. I love yo..." The redhead started, suddenly sliding down the car door and flopping right to the ground. She must have been so drunk that she finally passed out.

   Alex stepped out of the vehicle and walked ahead, seeing Quentin and Zack holding hands as they walked away.  Before she could shout his name, she noticed him holding a pan behind his back.  

   "Hey, look at that! " Zack exclaimed, nodding his head in the opposite direction.

   "What is it?! Is it our honeymo-"

   Just as Quentin turned his head away, Zack smacked him on the back of his head with the pan, then ran quickly back to the car. He gently pushed Alex along back to the car with him, hastily before Quentin could come after them.

   " BASTARD! GET OVER HERE!" Quentin stammered, his tone suddenly changing into a deep gorilla voice.

   "WHAT A NICE GIRLFRIEND YOU ARE!" Zack shouted at Alex, partially joking as he slammed his car door shut.


   Zack quickly started the engine and drove off. Alex checked in her rear view mirror, seeing that Quentin was chasing after them, stumbling around.

   "What the hell? How does a drunk guy run that fast? DUDE, DRIVE FASTER." Alex pleaded.  

   Zack revved on the gas, speeding the car up. Alex looked around outside the window with puzzlement.

    "Uhm Zack, where are we..? Why are we driving around a bunch of clubs?" Alex questioned, seeing a bunch of women in skimpy clothes and pervy men hanging around their convertibles. 

   "Uh, I think we're lost. Turn on the GPS." Zack said. Alex tried turning on the GPS, but a little message popped up for five seconds, saying that it needed to be charged.

   "Oh come on! There's no battery left! Zack, what now?!"  Alex asked, panicked.

   "Ah, I don't know! Just hold on! I'll keep on driving so he won't catch up to us!" Zack started driving around the circle, but Quentin kept on running in the circle and trying to catch up with their car. Then as Zack was driving, they noticed a big sign that said in bright red lights, The City of Strippers and Xes Joy. Alex and Zack looked at each other.

   "Boo, why don't we drive out into the woods somewhere? We need to get him confused and lost!" Alex suggested strictly.

   "I KNOW! Why do you think I'm CIRCLING AROUND?!" He circled around about ten more times and Quentin was drunk enough to actually circle around more than that. Eventually(and fortunately)he passed out.

   "Finally.." Alex mumbled beneath her breath.

   As Zack started driving back, all of the strippers and prostitutes looked at them. He instantly took a turn into the woods where no one could go after them.

   "Okay, no one is here. Oh my goodness. That was nuts. Hold up, let me text my parents." Alex said, pulling her phone out. "Mom, Dad, Zack and I were chased by a drunk guy. We got lost. His GPS doesn't have battery and he misplaced his charger. But we're fine. We'll be sleeping in the car. We'll be home tomorrow. Promise we won't do anything stupid tonight. Love you." Then the text was sent.

   "Oh gosh, it's already 11:30pm. That Guy chased us for two hours straight! Man! what the heck is wrong with him?! I bet a guy like him can get no education." Zack said. 

   "What a hooker." Alex joked. 

   With that, they both fell asleep, exhausted from the rough night.

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