The Endless Chaos

The story is about school life reality drama.
And it just simply gets insane. So if you're ready for crazy shiz, check this book out.
I, Sharry Bear C:, come up with the entire story and write everything, )


5. Awakening

   What was that..? Everything that I just saw? Is that what my memory is supposed to be like? Is that what I'm supposed to remember?

   The world is circling around me. I was lost and confused. Then suddenly my eyelids fluttered open and I sat up, having been laying on the couch. I looked around, trying to find clues of what had just happened but nothing helps.

   Ouch! My neck hurts! I thought, rubbing it with my hand. It feels like as if someone just dug a knife into it. I start to stand up, but stumble right over just as fast. Since when am I feeling this weak?

   Although, I knew I didn't have time to worry about that. I have to go to the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror to check my neck for a bruise or something. I climbed up the stairs slowly and weakly. It took longer than I thought.

   Finally, I was there. I flicked the light switch on and parted my hair to the side. I was shocked at what I came to find. My looked horrible! I could see blood seeping out through the open skin. The bleeding was beyond bad. This is definitely not a normal external and internal bleeding.

   I peered around outside of the door, making sure that none of my parents were home. Then I quickly pulled my cellphone out of my pocket and decided to call Alex to see if her and Zack could give me a ride to the doctor. Before I could press the call button, I suddenly remembered everything. Ezra..he came over here and BIT me.

   I decided not to go to the doctor for this and instead treat my own injuries, even though I knew that this would take a while. I took a shower and grabbed myself some sanitary cotton balls and alcohol to rest on my bleeding neck. ARGH! It felt as though a thousand needles were piercing my skin.

   I reached for some tissues and bandages to cover my neck. I slowly and carefully slipped on my pajamas and went to the kitchen to make myself some dinner. Uhmm..I guess no one is home. Where did everyone go to? I wondered.

   I cooked myself some cheese sticks and pizza for dinner. I opened the refrigerator and retrieved some seltzer water to go along with my meal. Sitting there in the dining room eating all alone, a number of things crossed my mind.

   First it was Ezra and I, then it was Joseph and I. Now it's Sara and Alex, plus Ezra and I all over again. When is the problem going to end?! Gosh, I hate my life. No, I can't hate my life. God had given me this life and I should treasure and enjoy it. For a religious person like me, I can easily get away from my moments of depression rather easily. Not only that I'm religious, but it's part of me. I can't show my true emotions towards other people easily because I simply do not want them worrying about me.

   After I was done with dinner, I got up and washed my plates and glass. I tidied up the dining room and the kitchen. Then I scanned the room, making sure that all windows and doors were locked, and the curtains were all closed. I ran upstairs and brushed my teeth. I couldn't help it but to stare at my neck wondering how long it was going to take for this thing to heal.

   I wiped my hands and mouth with a soft, peach colored towel and headed to the bedroom. I sat at my desk did my homework. I took some time reading my books. Then I studied like I do every night.

   After I was done studying, I quickly did some research on "Human that bites another human on the neck". It sounded really stupid to me, but I had to. I needed to know what Ezra really is.

   I kept on researching until I found the word Vampire. The word gave me a goosebumps. I clicked on the word and started reading about it. As I continued reading, I looked at the time. 8:00 AM. 

   Wow, it's still early but I could feel my eyes and body growing heavier and heavier. I turned off my laptop and put all of my homework and books away neatly and I walked to my bed. Before I could even reach there, I fell onto the floor with a thud. My energy has finally vanished. I passed out. 

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