They Don't Know About Us

When Lexi (age 19) goes to the One Direction signing in the summer Zayn has a thing for her. They end up falling deeply in love. But when their relationship is fount out nobody will except it. With they face loves challenges or go their separate ways? Read to find out!


1. The Signing

"Yeahhhhh the music is sooo louuud! I wanna be yours now! So c'mon, c'mon and dance with me baybay!" Went my alarm. I grabbed my phone and looked at the alarms name: "ONE DIRECTION SIGNING!!!(:(:" I jumped out of my bed. today was the day I finally get to meet my idols. I walked down the hall and to the bathroom. I knocked on the door. "Kayleigh?? Could you hurry!" "Yeah almost done!" "Okay tell me when your done! I'm going downstairs!" When I walked down the stairs I bumped into my older brother Christain. "Hey Lex, mornin'. Mom maid pancakes and dad made bacon!" He gave me a kiss and walked upstairs. When I got downstairs there was boxes everywhere. We had just moved to London a week ago. We have a lot of family here. My dads aunts and uncles were getting really old, and we had never met them yet. Also my school wasnt the greatest for me so we had to get out soon. "Morning Mom and Dad!" I gave them both a hug and kiss. "Morning Lexi. Excited to see your five husbands?!?" My dad was pretty much the biggest dad directioner I know. He always made me wait till he got home from work to watch new videos on their YouTube channel or when they were on TV. "Heck yeah! It's gonna be awesome!" "Don't forget to get your sister an autograph from all the boys, it could be her birthday present from you!." He whispered in my ear. I ate my breakfast and right when I was finished Kayleigh came down. "The bathroom is wide open Lexi!" "Thanks!" I ran upstairs and looked at my phone 9:30am. Just enough time to get ready and leave. I got into the shower. After I was done in the shower I blow dried my hair. I then put my makeup on. I just put a thin line of black eye-liner and some mascara. I braided my long brown hair and changed into my clothes. A few days ago I bought some puffy paint and a black shirt from a local craft store in London. I cut the shirt into a cropped tank. On the front shirt I wrote 1D in bubble letters and on the inside I put things the boys have said in interviews. On the back I wrote my favorite lyrics from all the songs on the take me home album. On both my sleeves I wrote the boys names. I put on white shorts and black vans  I grabbed my phone 11:30. Great timing! I ran dowstairs. "bye guys!" "Lexi dont forget to text me when you get there." My dad didnt like that I was going alone but I know NOBODY here to go with. "and when you are leaving." Christian chimed in. Christain was a very over protective brother. He hated when guys broke my heart. Witch was a lot. I was always used, or cheated on. I've never had a real boyfriend. Or a real friend as a mater of fact. I did have a friend once. In 11th grade. Her name was Graysie. One day I went to school, and she was kissing my 'boyfriend' Luke and hanging out with all the popular girls who bullied me. I never had a friend before or after that. "Lexi!!!" Kayleigh said tugging at my shirt. "What?" I turned around. "Do not foget to get an autograph from the boys! Espesially Zayn(:" Even though Kayleigh was eight she new EVERYTHING about the boys. Zayn was both of our favorite if we had to chose one. "I will, i will." I said I kissed her on the cheek. " Bye everybody!" and I walked out the door. When I got into my Jeep I blasted Irresistible, my favorite song. When I got to the signing there wasn't many people there. 'I forgot there was limited tickets for this one!' I thought to myself.

ZAYNS POV: When we got to the signing there wasn't many girls there. Thankfully there was limited tickets. I mean, I obviously felt bad for the fans that couldnt come. But now we can have more time with the fans. "Ready Lads?' Louis asked us as we all ran out. Everybody clapped. No screaming just clapping. I liked it. 

LEXIS POV: When the boys came out we all clapped instead of screaming there was a thing on IG that said to do that, so i did. I waited in line for what seemed like years but it was finally my turn. I took a deep breath as butterflies filled my stomach and walked up to the table. Harry was first. "Hi!" he said to me. He was so adorable! "Hey Harry(:" "Whats your name?" "Lexi" "What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl!" I blushed. Probably going to do that the whole time. "Thanks(: Could you tell Taylor I said hi?" His face light up like a light bulb. "Really? I was so sad that nobody liked Taylor. There has been so much hate!" "Dude! I love you guys together! See?" I showed him where I wrote Haylor inside the 1D letters. "Sick shirt! And I will definitley tell her you said Hi(:" "Thanks Harry!" "Bye Lexi" "Bye!' "Hey Liam!" "Hey Lexi! Love your shirt(;" "hahaha thanks! Wait how did you know my name?" "I heard you talking to Harry." "Oh cool!" He signed my CD and gave it to Niall who was next. "Hey Lexayyy!" Niall said trying to sound like a valley girl. I laughed. "Hey Niall I love the hat(;" He was wearing a SnapBack with the Irish flag on the rim. "Thanks!" He signed my CD and passed it to Louis. "Hey Louis!" "Hey Lexi! Awesome shirt(;" "thanks(: I made it." He signed my CD and said, "I'll see you latah!" He winked. "okay? haha!" He's so funny(: Zayn was next he was still signing a girls CD.  Oh my gosh! WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE SO BEAUTIFUL.?! The girl finally left and it was my turn. When I walked up to him he was on his phone. "Hi Zayn(:" I said shyly.He looked up. Oh gosh. Those eyes. That face. His hair. He looked into my eyes for a while. I really didnt know what to do so I just stood there. He snapped out of it and said hey and signed my CD. He was soooooo embarrassed. He signed my CD. "Whats your name?" "Le-" Before i could say my name a security guard pushed me out of the way. "uhhhh bye Lexi!" "Bye Zayn!!" I turned around to see Zayn yelling at security for pushing me. I love how he's so protective of his fans.(:

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