They Don't Know About Us

When Lexi (age 19) goes to the One Direction signing in the summer Zayn has a thing for her. They end up falling deeply in love. But when their relationship is fount out nobody will except it. With they face loves challenges or go their separate ways? Read to find out!


2. Embarrassing!



When I left the signing I told Christain that I was stopping somewhere so i'll be later than planned. i went to Starbucks. I was really tired and I was craving a vanilla bean. While I was sitting by myself Somebody walked in. Zayn! He was by himself, thankfully. He ordered his coffee and turned around to find a seat. He looked aorund the WHOLE Coffee shop. He turned to where I was and spotted  me.  His face lit up and walked over to my table. "omg! THE Zayn Malik is at MY table! omg fangirll!" I said messing around. He chuckled(: "Hey Lexi, yeah sorry about what happened at the signing the security guard wont bother you anymore." I blushed like red tomato! "It's fine!" I said trying to act professional. "No, I'm gonna make it up to you! There is this party at a club. Taylor and Harry are going to be there. Would you like to go with me?" "Yeah!" "Great. I'll pick you up at 7:00 then!" And he walked out. 'What just happened?' I thought to myself. In a matter of seconds, he walked back in the door and handed me a piece a paper. I opened it. It said: '702-478-9852 -zayn' I put it in my bag. I got into my car.  I texted Chritain telling him I was on my way home. I really dont know what to tell my family. they all love One Direction. i can picture it now. My dad will crack embarasing jokes, Christian will ask him a billion questions, my mom will flip and make the most fanciest dinner, Kayleigh will be either super jealous or just sit in complete and utter shock. I know I cant tell them that were going to a club. Christian wont allow it. I got to my house and walked into the living room. Kayleigh was sitting there. "Hey Kayleigh..." "OMG! Hi Lexi!! How was it?!?" "great..." "Uhm can I have everybody in the living room??" I yelled to everyone. i really never hang out with my family. Christian is pretty much the only one who knows everything about me. Everybody came downstairs. "Whats wrong Lexi?" Christain asked. "Nothing. Everything is fine, awesome actually." After everybody sat down I told them about Zayn. "So I was at the signing and Zayn and me really hit it off. But I security pushed me away. I was really mad but I left. After that I went to Starbucks. I was sitting all by myself when someone walks in..." "ZAYN?!?!?" Yelled Kayleigh she literally was on the edge of the couch. "Yes." Everybody gasped. "I played it cool, and when he was looking for somewhere to sit, he saw me... And sat at my table." "AND HE GAVE ME HIS NUMBER AND IS PICKING ME UP AT 7:00 TO GO TO A PARTY AT HIS APARTMENT." "Kayleigh screamed.  "Omg. This cant be happening. MY SISTER IS DATING ZAYN MALIK. I HAVE TO TELL ALL MY FRIENDS. OMGOMG" "kayleigh. Were not dating. And don't tell ANYONE." my parents and Christain weren't saying anything. "So what do you think guys?" "This is great Lexi. But he has to come 30 minutes early so i can get to know him." Great. "Yeah." My mom always agrees with my dad.  Christian stood up. "As long as he is how you say he is i'm fine." I squealed said thanks ran upstairs to my room. I looked at my clock. 5:30! I texted zayn. Me: Hey Zayn! could you come 30 minutes earlier? Zayn: Sure Lexi! whats your address? i totally forgot to ask for it! Me: 3250 Amble Crossing London. Zayn: Thanks(: See you in one hour!  I got into the shower. After i got into the shower i blow dried my hair and started putting my makeup on. For my eye makeup I did a natural smokey eye. Then I put brown eyeliner and mascara. I then put my contacts in. I don't wear any foundation or anything so I just put on red lipstick. After I did my makeup I got dressed into: A tan flowy tank with black birds all over it, a high waisted black pencil skirt, nude pumps,and a gold necklace. I put my hair into an elegant braided bun. I grabbed my black clutch and waited for Zayn. I looked at my clock 6:25! Record timing! I grabbed my phone and walked downstairs. At 6:29 there was a knock on the door. I tried to not run, but I was SO excited!  


When I got to Lexi's house I parked on the street. I've always thought it was rude to park in the driveway if you barley knew the girl. Lexi answered the door. She looked beautiful. Her hair was done perfect and so was her makeup. She looked flawless! "Earth to Zayyynnn" Lexi said. "Oh haha. Sorry. You look beautiful Lexi." She blushed. "Your not so bad yourself Malik;)" She gestured for me to walk in, so I did. Her whole family was right there. There was an older man and lady, guessing that's her parents, a boy that looked a few years older than me, probably her brother, and a little girl who looked horrified yet so happy. She ran up to me and gave me a hug. "Hi Zayn! Im Kayleigh, Lexis younger sister(:" She was wearing a shirt with my face on it. "Love the shirt Kayleigh" I winked at her. "Thanks(:" Her dad came up to me and shaked my hand. "Hi. I'm Lexi's dad Mark Kline. But you can just call me Mark." "Good to meet you Mark. I'm Zay-" "Don't worry I know your name! Biggest dad directioner right here." Lexi glared at her dad. I laughed. Her mom was next. "Hi! I'm Susan Kline! But like Mark said, you can call me Susan!" "Hi Susan(:" Next was her older brother. "Hi. I'm Christian  Lexi has told me SO MUCH about you ever since 2010 actually!" "Oh really?" If staring killed Lexi would've made Christian drop dead.   


Oh my gosh. My family is so embarrassing. We all went to the family room. My dad had to leave to go to a late business meeting, so it was just me Zayn, Christian, my mom, and Kayleigh. They asked Zayn A BILLION pathetic questions when it was finally 7:00 pm. "Oh look at the time! 7;00 o'clock! Well I guess we better get going!" "Oh okay! Well you can come over whenever you like Zayn!" Why must my mother be like that? "Goodbye everyone! It was nice meeting you all!" We finally walked out the door and got to Zayn's black car. He came around to my side and opened the door for me. "Why thank-you Mr.Malik!" "Anytime Ms.Kline(;" He ran around to his side and got in the car. As we were driving along, Z ayn handed me a case. "There is a ton of CDs pick your liking." "K" I flipped through the case. Justin Beiber, Rihanna, Madonna, The Beetles, The Bask Street Boys, The Rolling Stones, and, of course: Take Me Home and Up All Night. I grabbed Take Me Home with a devious smile. I put it in and Kiss You came on. "HAHAHAHAHAHA Really?" We both laughed. He then started singing along and so did I. It was so much fun! After a few songs on Take Me Home, We listened to As Long As You Love Me, and Boyfriend. Zayn then pulled into the parking lot of the club. "Wait here." He said and came around my side and helped me out. "How gentleman-like for such a bad boy!" I winked at him. "har, har, har, verrrrry funny!" He smiled.  When we started walking up to the club there was paparazzi EVERYWHERE.

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