This is the story about a girl called Thalia Precious. She is too average, though. Average beauty, average grades and average amount of friends in a average school. In her little town there is not much to do. She is bored of her average life. What a lot of people don't know about her is that she has a diferent side. She has this wild side inside her that is willing to pack somethings and go on a adventure. What will happen when she runs away to live her life and bump into her favourite boy band in the world? Yeah, that's right, ONE DIRECTION.


10. The House

Thalia's POV

We went to his car and he drove me to my hotel, so we could get my things. After parking the car, we walked up to the reception, i said goodnight to the people at the balcony. We went to the elevator. I felt his stare as we waited the elevator door to open. As it did, he followed me to my room. He waited onthe sofa for me to get my things ready. In 20 minutes i had already packed everything. My big suitcase, my guitar, and my handbag.

"Ready to go?" He said, i noded.

On our way to the car, i stopped at the reception to pay. I payed them, said thank you and left.


*Skips car ride*

We got there. The place was HUGE! I never imagined that. He opened the big front door. The living room was the first thing i noticed. The bigest Tv i've ever seen, three big couches over a fuzzy carpet. There was also a little table at the center of the couches with a jar of flowers. I also noticed to other doors at the first floor. The had signs attached to it. One of them said 'Kitchen' and the other one 'dinning room'.

"Want me to show you your room?" He said as he walked toward the stairs.

I just nodded, still overwhelmed.

We went upstairs. A big hallway with 6 doors. The funny of this house is that all doors had signs. As we were going down the hallway, i read the doors. One said 'Liam', the other said 'Harry', the other said 'Niall', the other said 'Louis'. One said 'Zayn' and the other said 'Guest Room'.

That's when it clicked me. I was going to be living not just with Zayn, but the whole One Direction.

He opened the door to the Guest Room. It was a big room with a big bed over a carpet, a normal sized tv hanging on the opposite side of the bed, a wardrobe, a desk with a chair and a door, that probably lead to the bathroom.

" Thanks for everything Zayn. I really apreciate it"

"No problem, babe. My door is across the hallway if you need anything. I'm going to sleep cause i'm really tired. See you tomorrow" He said as he kissed my cheek. I blushed. He noticed and pulled me in for a bear hug. I blushed even more. He left. I placed my clothes in the wardrobe, my guitar at the corner of the room and my handbag on the chair near the desk. I feel asleep quickly, feeling protected. can't wait for tomorrow. Probably gonna meet the rest of my favorite boy band in the world.

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