This is the story about a girl called Thalia Precious. She is too average, though. Average beauty, average grades and average amount of friends in a average school. In her little town there is not much to do. She is bored of her average life. What a lot of people don't know about her is that she has a diferent side. She has this wild side inside her that is willing to pack somethings and go on a adventure. What will happen when she runs away to live her life and bump into her favourite boy band in the world? Yeah, that's right, ONE DIRECTION.


2. Leaving

*Three Days Later*

Well today is my birthday. I am rather worried than happy. Worried about my plan. Is it going to work or not? Well, school was over yesterday and i graduated and stuff. Not that i don't care, I am just to focused on my plan to celebrate anything. I got out of my bed and went straight downstairs where my mom and dad where sitting on the couch, watching tv.


"Happy Birthday" Both of them said in a 'whatever' tone. Mom came up to me, gave me a key (the key of my new car) and gave me a loose hug, as if she was doing that because it's her obligation as mother.

"Thanks" I say as i run upstairs. 

I am leaving today at 11 pm, when my parents are already asleep. I only have this morning and afternoon to pack and organize everything.

I pull out my big suitcase and start packing. I pack lots of t-shirts, v-shirts and well, you know, basic shirts. Lots of shorts, jeans, sweatpants. Tennis shoes and flip flops. Then i started packing some clothes for "social events" . When i say social events i mean club. Partying. 

I am also planning on getting a job. Also temporary one. I am basically starting a new life in London. From 0.

I packed some high heels, dresses, skirts. I packed my make up, hairdryier, and higiene case(tooth brush, tooth paste, hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner,soap, mosturizer, perfume).I also pack 2 clean towels.

Then i packed my laptop and it's charger. My camera and it's charger. The book i am currently reading.

I packed pj's, panties, bras and socks also. i also put a empty little bag for dirty clothes, so i can do laundry. I am planning on staying at any cheap hotel.

I closed my suitcase and headed to the car. It was about 1pm and my parents had gone out for lunch. Perfect time to put everything in the car. In the trunk there was, my big suitcase with everything i listed, a 'cooler' with 2 waterbottles, 5 turkey/ham sandwiches, 3 cereal bars and a hersheys chocolate bar. Also, there was my guitar in it's case. 

On the passengers seat there was my handbag with my iphone, UAN cd, TMH cd, my iphone's charger, my iphone's car charger, another waterbottle and my wallet, that had $75 in cash (from the 8500) and the rest of the money ($8,425) was in my debit card.(The day before yesterday i went to the bank, opened a account, and deposit the money in my new debit card). In my wallet there was also my ID and a little picture of myself when i was fourteen, so i could never forget for how long i am planning this dream.

I am almost ready. It's about 2 pm. i walk in the kitchen and make myself some noodles. I eat them and go straight to my room. My parents are already home. Good thing they didn't noticed when i was putting everything in my car. I go straight to my room, grab a random towel and go shower in my parents bathroom, since i packed my higiene things, i didn't have shampoo and stuff in my bathroom. I shower quickly and go to back to my room, put comfortable clothes and do you know what next?? SLEEEEP!! I am travelling during the night so i didn't want to be tired.

(detail: i also took my drive license in the beggining of the year.)

I wake up about 3h and a half later, so it's about 6 o'clock I changed into jeans and a mickey mouse shirt and my vans.. I go downstairs and make myself some tea. I decided to watch some tv. The 'friends' marathon was on so i decided to watch a little bit. When i realize, it was already 8 pm. I get up, get the phone and order a pepperoni pizza. 20 minutes later the pizza is here. I some slices and drink soda. When i realize it's already 9:30. I run upstairs to my room and just sit on a chair staring at the room. This is probably the last time i am going to see this room. Ever. I sight. I keep staring at the room. I shed some tears. But i will finally go on a adventure! I smiled a bit. I look at my watch. 9:50. I went to the hallway. My mom is reading in bed and my dad is showering. This is the perfect time to write the note. Here it is.


Hey Mom and Dad,

I know this is all of a sudden but, i ran away. Not because of you guys, but because my dreamis to live an adveture. I really hope you forive me for not telling you guys before, i just didn't want anything to stop me. Don't worry, i have enough money and i am taking my car. I already packed and everything. I am not telling where i am going. Please don't send anyone to look for me. I promise i will be fine. But i am responsible for myself now. I'm 18. Thank u for raising me with everything i needed. My journey has just begun. Thank you and i'm sorry. I love you, no matter what. 





I left the note on the living room, came back up and saw them both asleep. I took one last look at the house and left. I started the car. London, here i come.



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