This is the story about a girl called Thalia Precious. She is too average, though. Average beauty, average grades and average amount of friends in a average school. In her little town there is not much to do. She is bored of her average life. What a lot of people don't know about her is that she has a diferent side. She has this wild side inside her that is willing to pack somethings and go on a adventure. What will happen when she runs away to live her life and bump into her favourite boy band in the world? Yeah, that's right, ONE DIRECTION.


1. Introduction

Hey! I would like to start this story by introducing myself. 

My name is Thalia Precious. I will be 18 in 3 days. I live in a little town in England. I study in a normal school, i have some friends and my grades aren't bad. Where i live there is not much to do. I do the same things everyday. I go to school, then i go straight to work. I work at a small candy shop together with one of my friends. The owner is really nice to let me work there since i was 15. I know, it's not that great, but it's temporary. I work there since 15 just to save money for my big adventure...

Just so you can picture me better, i'll give you a physical discription of myself. I have wavy blondish hair that stops right in the middle of my back. Normal brown eyes. I am not really sure about my height or weight, but i'm pretty short for a almost 18-year-old girl. I would consider myself "skinny",but not anorexic-looking skinny. You know... normal skinny. 

I know what you are thinking. I probably used the word 'normal' way too many times. But hey, that's my life. To normal. To average. My dream is to go on a road trip by myself all the way to london. Not knowing where i'll stay, not knowing anyone. A part of me is asking for a big adventure since i was 14, but i knew i was way too young to do something like that. My parents promised me that they would get me a car for my 18th birthday. I have my savings since 14 for this day. About $8500. Yep. 250 a month since i was 15 working at the candy shop. That would be 250 x 2 years and 11 months. Now that i will get my car in 3 days, and i have enough money for my trip, i will pack a suitcase and run away. My parents don't know, but i'll leave them a note telling them i had to do that. Follow my dreams of going in a adventure. But i don't really think they will care. The only reason why they are giving me a car is because they don't want to drive me anywhere. They don't really care about me. Whatever. I think that they wont even know i'm missing, anyways...

Another thing about me. I love ONE DIRECTION. Yeah, that' right. A Directioner right here. My parents also give me allowance, but i didn't really save it for the trip because i was bying One Direction cd's, dvd's, posters, dolls, hoodies and everything. 

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