This is the story about a girl called Thalia Precious. She is too average, though. Average beauty, average grades and average amount of friends in a average school. In her little town there is not much to do. She is bored of her average life. What a lot of people don't know about her is that she has a diferent side. She has this wild side inside her that is willing to pack somethings and go on a adventure. What will happen when she runs away to live her life and bump into her favourite boy band in the world? Yeah, that's right, ONE DIRECTION.


12. I Know You

Thalia's POV


I wake up as the curtains were opened.

"Rise and shine" I heard Zayn's voice say. "I thought of letting you sleep, since it's friday but, i was too excited for you to meet the rest of the boys. I told them that you are a friend of mine and that you are going to be staying here until you make enough money to rent a place of your own. They are looking forward to meeting you. Actually, they are already up and -" He continued, but then noticed he was talking too much and too fast for someone who just woke up.


"What? Oh. Give me just a seconf to wake up."

"Ok! Sorry for waking you up. So hey, just take your time. We will be downstairs."



I walked up to the bathroom and showered. After the shower, i dryed my hair a little and put a little make up. What? I want to look nice. I mean, One Direction! I'm like, their biggest fan ever. I slide my black skinny jeans with a bright pink t-shirt and my vans. I have to admit. i looked fine.

I walked downstairs to find all of them in the living room. They were wearing pajama's and it looked soo funny because they were all spread out on the sofas playing video games. It just looked soo cute! Zayn had his eyes focused on the tv, while Louis and Liam had the remote controls, and were playing. I could see Harry on his phone typing something and Niall seemed to be staring at one certain point of the room, like in his deep thoughts. Living here for a while is going to be fun. Just imagine. Living with the worlds biggest boy band?! Oh God...


"Hey." I say shyly. Inside my head. I'm probably screaming and crying. But the feeling to be around them is just so good and so overwhelming that i just dont have enough words to explain it.

"Hey Thalia! I see you finally got up." Zayn says as he runs up to me and take my hand and walk me to where the other boys are sitting.  Louis and Liam pause the game, Harry looks up from his phone and Niall just wakes up from his thoughts. Zayn And I are the only ones standing up.


"Guys, i want you to meet Thalia. She is the girl i told you guys about. She will be living with us for a while." Zayn says.

They all say hey at almost the same time and get up. I get hugs from all of them.

"I'm Ha-"

"Harry. I know." I smile. That was reflex."Louis, Liam and Niall" i continued, letting them know i know they're names. I actually know much more than i should.


"Guess you know us better than we thought you would." I hear Louis chuckle.

I giggle. We all sit down.

"So! Tell us a little more about you, Thalia!" Niall says... Were do I begin?




Authors Note

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating enough. I had some exams last week and i will have exams next week... Benn a little busier than i thought i would be. I will be updating in small chapters, but actually, more often. My next updates will be always as soon as possible.



Thank you for reading!!!!







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