This is the story about a girl called Thalia Precious. She is too average, though. Average beauty, average grades and average amount of friends in a average school. In her little town there is not much to do. She is bored of her average life. What a lot of people don't know about her is that she has a diferent side. She has this wild side inside her that is willing to pack somethings and go on a adventure. What will happen when she runs away to live her life and bump into her favourite boy band in the world? Yeah, that's right, ONE DIRECTION.


7. Dizzy

I got to my hotel and decided i would be going out tonight. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Maybe i can seem like a quiet girl, but i really do like to go wild. 


*After the shower*


I slip my tight dark blue dress in. It was short, but it was comfortable. I put my black stilettos on. 

Make up part. Primer, foundation, eye liner, mascara, eye shadow, blush, lip stick. Ready.

I slip my phone in the dress' pocket along with some money and my ID.


On my way out, i see john on the phone. He seems to be listening carefully what the other person is saying but as soon as he sees me, he seem to forget he was on the phone. He was kinda paralised in front of me so i snapped my fingers in front of his face. 

"Oh, sorry. I was staring. I do that sometimes. Forgive me."

"It's okay." i answer with a giggle. 

"Looking good tonight" he raised a eyebrow "Looking for someone?" He said with a grin. Obviously joking.

"Maybe." I replied with a wink. 


I left the hotel and made my way to the nearest club.


"Your ID please" The tall man in the entrance of the club asked me. I gave him my ID. He stared at it, and then at me.He gave it back to me. "You can go in. NEXT"

As soon as i walked in i could feel the smell of vodka and even some cigarettes. The music was loud. 'This Love' by Maroon 5. It was so loud that i could feel the ground shaking a bit, from the awesome drums.


I had some drinks and i started dancing. I have to admit, i was pretty good at it. Not to brag but, i was probably the one that danced best in that freaking place. hahahh. I danced until i was dizzy. I decided it was probably a good time to take a break.

As i was walking out of the dancefloor, i tripped on my own foot, probably because i was so dizzy. I was going to fall but when i was about to hit the floor, someone caught me. When i realized i was already being carried to the VIP area of the club. What? Am i even allowed in here?

When i finally opened my eyes i could see clearly.

Deep brown eyes....






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