This is the story about a girl called Thalia Precious. She is too average, though. Average beauty, average grades and average amount of friends in a average school. In her little town there is not much to do. She is bored of her average life. What a lot of people don't know about her is that she has a diferent side. She has this wild side inside her that is willing to pack somethings and go on a adventure. What will happen when she runs away to live her life and bump into her favourite boy band in the world? Yeah, that's right, ONE DIRECTION.


8. Connections

*Zayn's POV*


So, the lads and I were sooo bored that we decided that we would go to a club, nearby our house. After i showered i put on my dark jeans and a black t-shirt with my sneakers. I decided i would probably try to meet some new people since i've been a little off since my brake up with Perrie.

(Guys, i just needed to say that i have nothing against Perrie and i actually shipp Zerrie. But i needed them to brake up in my story, so things could work here. No hate please.)


I was ready, already at the door when only Harry and Niall showed up.

"Where is Louis and Liam?" i asked in confusion

"They decided to stay because they wouldnt go without Eleanor and Danielle, Plus, They said that if we needed a ride back, they'll pick us up." Niall said.


"I'm driving!" Harry said loudly and in a joking tone. Oh, God...

The club was crowded. Thanks God i was going to stay at the VIP section. I went up the stairs to the VIP area. The good thing of this club is that the VIP's has a view to the common area. In the Vip section, there were lots of girls with incredibly thight dresses and huge heels. They looked extremely uncomfortable! I was dancing a little bit when i realized that i didnt drink anything since i got here. The bar was downstairs. I made my way out my section and through the crowd. As soon as i got to the bar, i saw this extremely appealing girl trying to make her way through the crowd but she was stumbuling. I was looking at her and realizing how beaultiful she looked! It wasant about her body or her make up. But she had a misterious expression on her face. Something that said that she was way more than a pretty face. I had to discover at least something about her. When i was discretly walking towards her, something i never imagined that would happen to me when approaching the girl. She fell. She probably twisted her ankle or something. I ran fast enough to catch her on the last second. She was really dizzy. I could smell a little alchool in her breath. I held her in my arms and carried her upstairs so we could be a little less crowded.


She could finally opened her eyes. and clear her probably blurry vision.


Huh? How does she know my name. Was she a fan?

"Are you ok?" I asked her, completely ignoring the fact that she might start screaming my name and taking pictures, but for my surprise, she did none of theese things.

She covered her mouth with one hand and let a tear escape.Probably overwhelmed to see 1/5 of the worlds most famous boyband.

"No! Please don't cry.. come here" I said as i pulled her in for a hug. usually the fans would be surprised at the hug and back away a little, but she hugged me like she has known me for years. She gave me goosebumps when she slowly stroke the back of my neck during the hug. We slowly backed away together.






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