You're My Light

When Zayn stumbles upon a girl who has many secrets and cuts herself he decides to take her in. She doesn't trust him at first and is quick to try to escape. But he keeps her firmly trying to protect from herself. As she realizes she can overcome the hurt, the two fall for each other. Then a horrible event occurs, but the boys don't see it as too tragic. Will her secrets all be revealed? Only Zayn can bring the light back to her darkness and vanquish the evils that haunt her.


3. You Need To Eat and Sleep

Zayn POV

        Charlotte came down from her shower with just as much attitude as before. I hoped that Eleanor could get through to her but it didn't seem to work. I wasn't planning on giving her back the razor until I was confident that she wouldn't cut. And unless she proved to me that she had a safe home then she would stay here. I would take care of her whether she liked it or not.

         I cooked pasta quickly and put it on three plates. Then I took it back out to the girls who were now sitting on the couch. Charlotte kept glancing at the door; I could tell she was itching to leave. She shook her head no when I offered her the pasta but after Eleanor and I began eating ours she started taking small bites.

         "You realize you guys have rehearsal Thursday right? And then the concert Friday?" Eleanor asked me. I nodded.

         "You can sit with El," I told Charlotte.

         "I'll be gone by Thursday," Charlotte said simply.

         "Charlotte we just talked about this," Eleanor sighed.

          "You aren't leaving anytime soon," I stated looking squarely at Charlotte.

          "Whether you give it back or not I'm leaving," Charlotte countered.

          "Would you just let me take care of you?" I asked her. She shook her head.

         "I don't know you. I don't like you. And most of all, I don't trust you," She growled.

          "Why don't you go get some sleep?" Eleanor said to Charlotte. Charlotte looked at Eleanor and their eyes met briefly. Eleanor nodded at Charlotte in a comforting way but she didn't budge.

           "Then let's watch a film," I suggested. It was clear that she was tired. But it was also clear that she didn't want to go to sleep. Charlotte didn't agree at first but Eleanor and I talked her into it so we put on the first movie of Harry Potter.

           Charlotte was on my right and El was on Charlotte's other side. As the movie began we got comfortable. I gave them each a blanket and gave one to myself as well. About a third of the way through the movie, Charlotte began to doze off. She couldn't find a comfortable position sitting up straight, so I gently pulled her towards me. I had a pillow resting in my lap so she rested her head on the pillow. El helped pull the blanket over Charlotte and we exchanged a smile. Charlotte probably would've fought sleep longer if she hadn't had a blanket but she was sleeping now so it was all okay.

"Your future depends on your dreams so go to sleep,"

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