You're My Light

When Zayn stumbles upon a girl who has many secrets and cuts herself he decides to take her in. She doesn't trust him at first and is quick to try to escape. But he keeps her firmly trying to protect from herself. As she realizes she can overcome the hurt, the two fall for each other. Then a horrible event occurs, but the boys don't see it as too tragic. Will her secrets all be revealed? Only Zayn can bring the light back to her darkness and vanquish the evils that haunt her.


25. Waking Up

Zayn POV

                    The way that she reacted when we woke up was not what I was expecting. I woke up to heavy sobs that were trying to be kept quiet. "You weren't supposed to be awake," She says.

                     "You weren't supposed to turn around," I reply because right after she spoke she turned away. I didn't know how I should act around her because of the events that occured the night before. Then she proposed the idea to go to the park today and I was taken aback. I told her that we should just relax here for the day, but before she could reply the bell downstairs rang.

                     She took off running down the stairs and I went after her, scared that she would get hurt. As I descended the stairs I saw her standing with two little girls. She asked me if we could buy cookies so I turned around to get my wallet. When I came back downstairs with money the two girls were standing there but she was gone. I paid for the cookies and the girls told me she started to go to the park. I took off after her, trying to catch up fast. 

                     I kept a little bit of space between the two of us. When she looked back and saw me she began running. I started to chase her and I actually was watching around us. I saw an automobile driving way too fast down the street and Charlotte was looking back at me while running. "CHARLOTTE!" I scream her name. She looks forward for a second and I try to speed up to push her out of the way but the car hits her head on. "NOOO!" I scream; rage and sadness clouding my head. I whip out my phone and call an ambulance as I rush over. The man from the car stops and comes out to help me.

                     "Oh my god! I'm so sorry! She came out of nowhere and I wasn't looking!" The man started to apologize. I threw the phone at him so I could concentrate on Charlotte.

                    "Charlotte please wake up," I begged. I checked her pulse - it was there but faint. I had no clue what to do. I held her head in my lap as we waited. I used my shirt to pad away the blood from the cut on her forehead. I checked her pulse again and sighed in relief when it was the same as before. 

                      I heard sirens and then there were people putting Charlotte on a stretcher. "Are you coming?" The medical person asks. I nod and climb in the back. They tend to Charlotte. I feel the tears roll down my cheeks when they have to put an oxyygen mask on her and check out the rest of her. "Physically from what we can tell it looks like she has a sprained wrist, sprained ankle, and a bruised rib. Mentally, it looks like there may be some minor damage, but we can't really see." The medic says.

                      We get to the medical center and she is rushed to the ICU. I call the boys and tell them what happened. "We'll be there right away mate," Harry tells me. He hangs up and I sit in the waiting room. Time comes and goes and the boys and I wait and wait.

                       After four hours a nurse comes out to us. "The good news is that she is stable, but the bad news is that she's in a coma. There was some damage to her memory center but we wont know how bad it is until she wakes up." The nurse informs us.

                      We all crowd into her room and I go outside to call her best friend Belle. "Hello? I'm guessing this is Zayn?" Belle answers.

                      "Hello Belle. Charlotte was in an accident earlier today. If you'd like to come see her we are at Bradford Medical Center. But come alone for now," I tell her.

                      "Is she okay? I'll head out right now," She says.

                      "She has been better. See you soon," I reply and hang up my mobile. I go back into Charlotte's room and Harry gives up his seat next to her. I take Charlotte's hand in mine and kiss it. Belle shows up after a while and comes straight to give me a hug even though she doesn't really know me.

                       The boys head out for the night and only Belle, Eleanor, and I remain. Belle and I talk about how Charlotte has been acting lately and I tell her about what had happened the night before. She never takes her eyes off of Charlotte the whole time. "Emily wants to come," Belle spoke.

                      "Not now. You are enough for now." I reply. The three of us slowly drift off to sleep in the hospital room. 

                       I feel shifting underneath part of me. My eyes slowly open and I see Charlotte moving around. She is squirming like she is having a nightmare. "Charlotte? It's okay. I'm right here," I whisper, trying not to wake Belle or El. 

                       Charlotte's eyes flutter open and she looks around. "It's okay luv. You are going to be okay," I tell her, feeling so happy and filled with love.

                        Her gaze shifts to me and she blinks a couple of times. Then she looks towards Belle and I see a flash of recognition in her eyes. "Belle!" Charlotte exclaims. Belle wakes up with a jolt and looks eagerly at the girl in front of her.

                       "Charlotte! You're okay!" Belle cheers and goes closer to Charlotte.

                       Charlotte moves to sit up but I motion for her to stop. "You don't want to hurt yourself even more," I tell her.

                       "Who are you?" Charlotte asks me. Belle and I wearily look at each other. 

                       "Sweetie this your close friend Zayn. What do you remember exactly?" Belle questions Charlotte.

                       "Just that you are my best friend." Charlotte answers.

                        "Nothing else?" Belle inquires. Charlotte shakes her head. Belle and I look at each other again. I go to get a nurse to tell them what happened. She comes rushing back and checks out Charlotte.

                        "I'm scheduling you for a cat-scan in the morning deary," The nurse tells Charlotte. "You guys should try to help her remember, but don't push too hard," She turns to us.

                        "Wait a minute." Charlotte exclaims when the nurse leaves. Belle and I both look at her. "How did these get here?" Charlotte questions, pointing to the scars on her wrist. "And don't you two look at each other again," She accuses.

                        "Well her personality that I know is definitely back," Belle announces.

                        "The one that I know is gone it looks like," I reply.

                         "Are you going to answer my question?" She asks impatient.

                         "Calm down hun," Belle tells her.

                         "Well you imagine waking up in a hospital and not knowing how you got there or who you are!" Charlotte says getting worked up. She pounded her fist on the bed but then bends over and has to hold her side.

"Mistakes might not give you answers. But they give you questions for a greater answer,"

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