You're My Light

When Zayn stumbles upon a girl who has many secrets and cuts herself he decides to take her in. She doesn't trust him at first and is quick to try to escape. But he keeps her firmly trying to protect from herself. As she realizes she can overcome the hurt, the two fall for each other. Then a horrible event occurs, but the boys don't see it as too tragic. Will her secrets all be revealed? Only Zayn can bring the light back to her darkness and vanquish the evils that haunt her.


31. Tingling Touch

Zayn POV

             The next few days seem to drag on. Belle and I try to comfort Charlotte the best we can as she processes everything. When Emily came to visit she and Charlotte held each other and cried, mourning the loss of their parents. 

             Charlotte asked if Emily could stay and I answered her that Emily was welcome as long as Charlotte wanted her here. Each day I am extra careful not to touch Charlotte, and I pay close attention to her attitude. 

             I can't help but think of how much more confident and sure of herself she is now. She doesn't seem afraid of anything - besides losing the ones that she cares about. She seems to be coming to terms with everything that's happened, but is quick to ask me about our relationship when she had her memory. 

             "Charlotte?" I call to her. I'm in the kitchen and she is in the living room. 

             "Yeah Zayn?" She asks.

             "The lads and I were thinking about going out tonight. Do you want to come with us?" I inquire, walking into the room with her.

             " that a good idea?" She questions.

             "I think so. The doctor said that we should resume normal activities to try and stimulate your memory," I reply.

             "I guess I can," She says. We're all alone here at my flat because Belle and Emily went to get Nandos. "Zayn, we were more than friends weren't we?" She asks quietly.

              I turn to look at her quickly. Her face is completely serious and she is pulling her hair back into a messy bun. "Something like that," I answer vaguely. She smacks me on the chest and then rubs her arm.

              "No more vague answers!" She commands. I sigh.

              "Our relationship was...complicated because of the position we were in. But I don't want to retell the whole story," I respond. She narrows her eyes at me and crosses her arms over her chest.

              Then she almost jumps out of her seat. "It didn't hurt!" She exclaims.

              "What didn't hurt?" I question.

              "When I hit you. I touched you and it didn't hurt!" She yells.

              "That's good Char!" I smile widely and her sparkling blue eyes meet mine.

              "I'm going to try again," Her face turns serious as she moves and sits next to me once again. Slowly she moves her hand on my knee. I keep my eyes on her face, but something distracts me.

               I feel a pulsating warmth on my knee where her skin is making contact. I can tell Charlotte feels it too because when I look up at her face she's already looking at me. "You okay?" I whisper. She nods, her piercing blue eyes running over my outline. 

               " feels really warm and comforting instead of burning my skin," She tries to explain.

               "Warm and comforting?" I repeat.

               " safe," She replies. Her vision moves elsewhere, but I can't tell where she's looking. After a minute her body starts trembling and tears spill over her cheeks.

               "Charlotte. CHARLOTTE. Look at me. It's okay. You're okay," I take her face in my hands and make her look at me. Her vision refocuses and the tears stream faster. 

               "I...I saw a guy...and he...he h- h- hit me and then k- kicked me," She sobs. I pull her against me, hoping that she won't flinch back from the heat. I can still feel the warm tingling, but it's not as strong as before.

               "It's okay Charlotte. You're safe now," I try to convince her.

               "What was that?" She asks.

               "I think it was a memory," I say through gritted teeth.

               "What kind of memory was that?" She cries.

               "One of the reasons why you ran away was because you were in an abusive relationship with a guy named Josh," I reply, clenching my fists. She pulls back, her eyes now dry and unfolds my hands gently. 

               "I must be pretty special if you get this angry at the mention of his name," She laughs.

               "You are pretty special," I mumble, not loud enough for her to hear.

               "So what time are we going out?" She asks, attempting to change the subject.

               "We'll leave at eight and probably come back at midnight. I have rehearsal tomorrow so we have to come back early," I answer. She nods in understanding before wrapping her arms around my shoulders and hugging me.

               "So warm," She whispers. I hug her back, holding her close to me. Neither of us let's go, so instead I pull her on my lap and turn on the telly. 

               "Let me know if we've gone too far. I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable," I warn her. She nods without actually looking at me, and we watch MTV. 

               Belle and Emily come back about twenty minutes later, but by this time Charlotte is passed out, laying on me. "Alright. Spill it Malik. What happened?" Belle questions, literally dropping the bag of Nandos she was holding.

               I explain everything to her from the tingling touch, to the memory of Josh, to going out clubbing. "So it's true then?" Emily's voice cracks.

              "What's true?" Belle and I ask simultaneously. 

              "She really was abused by that sick bastard for that whole time. And I didn't do anything about it because I was too busy blaming her for something that wasn't her fault!" Emily cries.

              Part of me wants to let Emily cry because of all of the physical and emotional pain that she caused Charlotte. But, inside I know that things still might have gone the same way and Emily can't completely be blamed for any of this. 

              "Oh, Em. I'm sure Char doesn't see it that way," Belle pulls Emily in for a bear hug while I adjust a stirring Charlotte.

               Emily takes some deep breaths and calms herself. "You said you felt a buzzing warmth?" She asks.

               "Well yeah. But it felt more like a tingling when we touched. She said it felt safe and I know what she means," I reply, looking at Charlotte's beautiful face. 



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