You're My Light

When Zayn stumbles upon a girl who has many secrets and cuts herself he decides to take her in. She doesn't trust him at first and is quick to try to escape. But he keeps her firmly trying to protect from herself. As she realizes she can overcome the hurt, the two fall for each other. Then a horrible event occurs, but the boys don't see it as too tragic. Will her secrets all be revealed? Only Zayn can bring the light back to her darkness and vanquish the evils that haunt her.


1. Taking her home

Zayn POV

         I was walking down the street and turned to walk through an alley that served as a short cut when I saw a girl. She was sitting in the alley on the ground with her legs pulled up so she was hugging herself. Her left wrist was oozing blood and there was a razor in her right hand. She had dry tears on her face and looked to be sleeping.

         "Are you okay love?" I asked her crouching down next to her. I wasn't sure if she was sleeping or not. I took off my jacket and wrapped it around her as I picked her up and began walking back to my flat. I took the razor out of her hand and put it in my pocket.

         She was a pretty girl with dark brown hair that fell to the middle of her back and had amazing curls. I was trying to figure out why she would hurt herself when she began stirring in my arms. Then her eyes flashed open and she scrambled to get out of my arms.

        "Who are you?" She asked me. Her voice was strong and resembled nothing of the girl that was sleeping in my arms a moment ago.

        "My name is Zayn Malik," I told her.

        "Aren't you like famous?" She questioned. I nodded. "What were you trying to do with me? And where is my razor?" She snapped.

        "Why don't you come back with me and take a shower. I'll take care of you," I said.

        "Why would I go with you?" She asked.

        "Because I have your razor," I answered. She narrowed her eyes at me.

        "I can take a shower at my own flat." She countered.

         "I bet I have more hot water," I insisted. "Please," I pleaded. I couldn't just leave her.

         "No," She replied.

         "Well if you have your own flat then why were you sleeping in an alley?" I asked.

         "Why were you in an alley?" She replied with another question.

         "Let's go," I said politely. I gently pushed her back forward towards the direction of my flat.

        "Don't touch me," She snapped but didn't say anything the second time I touched her back to give her a gentle nudge. I lead her to my flat and her jaw dropped when she saw its size. Inside I had her sit on the couch while I made a phone call.

         "Hey Eleanor?" I asked her on the phone.

         "What's up Zayn?" She questioned.

         "Can you bring over some of your clothes? I found a girl who uh needs help so I took her back here but she needs clothes to change into," I requested.

         "Umm...sure. I'll be over in about fifteen minutes," She replied.

          "Okay thanks. Bye," I said into the phone. She said good bye and then hung up. I walked back to the other room where the girl was.

          "So when can I go?" The girl asked.

         "The bathroom is upstairs and to the left. The shower is pretty standard and my friend is bringing fresh clothes for you," I told her ignoring her question. "What's your name love?" I asked.

          "Charlotte," She answered.

          "Why do you cut yourself Charlotte?" I asked her.

          "It doesn't matter. Go back to living your famous life and leave me alone," She snapped.

         "Okay. So you aren't ready to answer that question yet. Why don't we set up the shower for you?" I replied leading the way up the stairs. I showed her the shower and how to turn it on. I explained that there would be clothes left on the bed in the next room. "I'll wait downstairs," I said and turned to go downstairs.

"And you feel like falling down, I'll carry you home tonight,"


It's a damn cold night! Tryin' to figure out this life! Why don't you, take me by the hand, take me home tonight. I don't know who you are, but I'm with you.

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