You're My Light

When Zayn stumbles upon a girl who has many secrets and cuts herself he decides to take her in. She doesn't trust him at first and is quick to try to escape. But he keeps her firmly trying to protect from herself. As she realizes she can overcome the hurt, the two fall for each other. Then a horrible event occurs, but the boys don't see it as too tragic. Will her secrets all be revealed? Only Zayn can bring the light back to her darkness and vanquish the evils that haunt her.


20. Normal Teen Drama


Charlotte POV

            Somehow Zayn managed to dismantle my anger at the bar. He kissed me and I so badly wanted to pull away but couldn’t find the strength to. I didn’t plan on getting drunk but I did and Zayn basically had to carry me home. While drunk I tried to seduce him but he wouldn’t budge.

            Now I’m lying in bed, with a headache. I’m going over the night before and how idiotic it made me feel. I realize when I am about to climb out of bed that I’m only in my undergarments. I became so embarrassed of what happened last night.

            I put on shorts and a tank top before attempting to sneak out of the room. “Where are you going love?” I heard Zayn’s voice come from the bed.

            “Just downstairs,” I said not sure if it was a lie or not. But I was eager to get away from Zayn.

            “I’ll come with you,” He replied pulling the covers off.

            “No!” I answered way too fast, “I mean you should get your sleep. You don’t have to get up,” I added. He looked me over suspiciously.

            “Well I’m already awake now so I’ll just get up,” He told me finally, climbing out of bed. I turned out of the room and descended the stairs. I didn’t know where to go but I was sure Zayn would follow. I settled for walking out of his flat and just slowly making my way through the streets.

            “Charlotte!” Zayn’s voice trailed behind me. I waved my hand in the air, acknowledging him, but I didn’t slow down or turn around. I heard him running behind me so that he was right next to me. “Hey! Talk to me,” Zayn said, taking my hand in his. I shook my head whipping around and breaking his grasp so that I could continue walking. Without saying anything, Zayn picked me up into a baby cradle. I tried to squirm out of his arms but he held them tightly. “Was it something that I did?” He asked.

            “Let me go,” I kept thinking about how embarrassing it was. He refused to put me down.

            “Tell me what I can do to fix this,” His voice broke. I looked up at him.

            “You didn’t do anything,” I said, keeping eye contact.

            “Then what’s wrong?” He questioned, concern masking his face.

            “I’m embarrassed,” I replied looking away.

            “Why love?” He asked.

            “Because of last night when we got back,” I answered.

            “You are so beautiful and there is no reason that you should be embarrassed.” He said putting me down and hugging me.

            “What are we doing today?” I inquired as we began to walk back. Zayn grabbed my hand while we were walking.

            “I was thinking we could go to an amusement park,” He said and I smiled. I was scared of heights a little but loved roller coasters anyways. I turned to face Zayn. His eyes were a soft medium brown that made me feel all warm and fluttery.

            “What?” Zayn asked. I laughed and kissed his cheek, dragging him inside and leaving him confused. “Would you mind if Belle and Emilie joined us?” He questioned. I let go of his hand.

            “What do you think?” I snapped, sprinting up the stairs and slamming the door. How could he possibly even bring that up? He knew that the reason why I ran away was because I couldn’t handle my secrets around them and yet he kept trying to bring them into everything!

            I felt so weak and vulnerable that I took the bracelets off of my left wrist and started scratching the scars until they began to bleed again. “Zayn!!!!” I yelled his name when I was done. I felt calmer but guilty. I was sitting on the bed when he came in.

            “Charlotte!” He exclaimed kneeling beside me and taking my left arm in his hand. Tears flew down my face when I saw his expression of hurt and pain.

            “I’m sorry,” I cried. Zayn didn’t say anything. Instead he sat next to me and pulled me to him in a comforting embrace. “I couldn’t handle it anymore,” I explained through tears.

            “When you hurt yourself, it hurts me,” His voice broke.

            “I am sorry!” I said louder. “I keep hurting people that I love! I should just leave, go on my own, and stay clear of people! People like you are just stupid enough to take me in and think they can magically make it better,” I ranted getting up and starting to walk down the stairs.

            “Your right. I’m stupid enough to take you in. And I’m stupid enough to keep you here until your better even if it means you hate me. But I’m also stupid enough to say the wrong things, and get angry for no reason!” He said grabbing my waist and holding me against him.

            “What’s your point?” I asked.

            “My point is that we are all mentally insane! That the only way to be normal is to be crazy! That you have to hurt to love. You have to have weakness to know strength. I’m going to help you find your strength. But are you stupid enough to trust me?” He questioned, his eyes dark and hard while his grip was tight enough to suffocate.

            “I hope so,” I whispered, and rested my head on his chest. He relaxed his grip on me.

            “If I could, I would never let you go,” He told me. I laughed forcefully and pulled back, wiping my eyes.

            “So the amusement park?” I questioned. He nodded a yes and went to get everyone else who was still sleeping. He left his mobile on the couch and it buzzed saying a text message was delivered. I opened it quickly and it read:

            Check her nails. Is she using those to cut?

            The message was received from Emilie. I quickly deleted the message, and closed the phone like it never happened. I smiled as Zayn came down the stairs with Harry. “Harry!” I exclaimed and jumped on him.

            “Good morning love,” He laughed, holding me so that I wouldn’t fall. He gently put me down. A couple of minutes later Niall came down.

            “Niall!” I yelled and jumped on him just like I did with Harry. He was caught off guard and we almost fell, causing us to burst out laughing. I did the same with Louis and Liam and gave Danielle and Eleanor regular hugs.

            “Why are you so happy this morning?” Eleanor asked with raised eyebrows.

            “Let’s go get cotton candy!” I laughed pulling Harry and Niall out to the car. We all climbed into the two vans and I sandwiched myself between Harry and Eleanor. “Harry will you ride on the roller coaster with me?” I asked him.

            “Actually Niall and I were planning on going off on our own,” Harry replied after receiving a glare from Zayn. I was upset with Zayn for talking to Emilie and it was a bonus to see him jealous. We pulled up into the parking lot at the amusement park. Eleanor pulled me to the side.

            “I love you but please tell me you aren’t messing with Zayn’s feelings,” She said quietly.

            “No I’m not! I’m just upset that he has been talking to Emilie,” I replied.

            “Well in that case…pretend that hasn’t been happening. Enjoy the day,” She smiled encouragingly. I shrugged a yes and then ran and jumped onto Zayn’s back, covering his eyes.

            “Guess who,” I whispered right at his ear. He chuckled, putting me down and turning to face me.

            “I thought you were upset with me,” He said.

            “I am. But it can wait until tomorrow,” I smiled hugging him and reaching up to kiss his cheek. We walked into the entrance and all split off. Zayn and I went straight to the biggest rollercoaster and I squeezed his hand tightly as we boarded the cart. “Why the fuck would you make me go on this ride?!” I was freaking out as we started going up the hill. “I hate you! Your such an ass hole. Just like Josh!” I yelled right before we got to the top and rushed down the hills, rounded the turns, and through the loops.

            We climbed off of the ride and Zayn refused to look at me. I realized what I had done and wrote on a piece of paper:

            Sorry. Didn’t mean it.

            I slid it across to Zayn and started to walk away. He grabbed my waist and pulled me back to him. “You literally drive me crazy,” He said, staring at me.

            “Same here,” I breathed. “I’m sorry for saying that. I was just really scared,” I apologized.

            “It’s okay. Just remember that the worst thing you could ever do is leave me,” He whispered. I laughed at how corny that sounded until I realized he was serious.

            “I’ll remember,” I said looking away. He checked his phone and sent a message back. I took his mobile and put it in my pocket. “No phones,” I narrowed my eyes. He raised his eyebrows as he wrapped an arm around my waist to bring us to the next ride. 

"If something doesn't feel right, then it isn't normal. Everyone has their own normal - don't be afraid to find yours,"

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