You're My Light

When Zayn stumbles upon a girl who has many secrets and cuts herself he decides to take her in. She doesn't trust him at first and is quick to try to escape. But he keeps her firmly trying to protect from herself. As she realizes she can overcome the hurt, the two fall for each other. Then a horrible event occurs, but the boys don't see it as too tragic. Will her secrets all be revealed? Only Zayn can bring the light back to her darkness and vanquish the evils that haunt her.


11. Nandos anyone?

Zayn POV

               I knew I had to be strong for Charlotte. But it was tough. She was hurt so much and so badly before and felt like she couldn't heal. When I brought her back I just held her for a while. She was very selective about the information she revealed to me. And then she asked to use my phone after we talked abut her family. She requested that I talk to her friend and invite her friend to the concert.

               I invited her friend Belle and then I hung up because I was concerned about Charlotte. She had fallen to the ground in misery when she heard her friend's voice. Charlotte basically told me that I was helping her be happy. She said she hadn't been happy in a while and that I made her feel different. It boosted my feelings for her even though I knew I had to be extra careful with her.

               We talked a little bit more about the trust thing and she said the name "Josh". I was confused by what that meant but when she informed me that telling me was letting me in, I realized that was the name of the guy that had hurt her so long ago. I lost it for a second and became seriously enraged, but she told me that  that wasn't helping her so I righted myself. I leaned down and picked her up. I laid her on the couch and started to massage her back. She protested at first, but I asked her to trust me and she relaxed.

                After a couple of minutes she was sleeping soundly on the couch and I pulled a blanket over her. She looked peaceful sleeping; like she hadn't been crying ten minutes earlier. There was a knock at the door. I walked over to it and opened it. "Is it true? You got to her in time? Where is she?" Eleanor asked frantically peeking in.

               "She's sleeping on the couch," I shushed her. Eleanor fell silent.

              "What happened mate?" Liam asked as I let them in and lead them to the kitchen.

              "The clerk at a store told me she had seen Charlotte earlier so I took off after that. I saw something dash into an alley from that street so I took off after it on foot then. After a while I confirmed it was Charlotte so I followed her. She got a coffee but didn't pay for it, so I gave the payment as I continued the chase. Charlotte ducked behind another alley and I kept going, trailing behind her. But I was out of sight so she couldn't hear me. And then I heard this guy. He sounded repulsive. Charlotte tried to get away but when she didn't I went into eye shot. Guys it was horrible. He had her...pressed against the wall and..." I trailed off trying to figure out how to explain it.

              "Is she okay?" Harry inquired. 

              "Depends if you're speaking mentally or physically. Physically, yes she's pretty much okay except that she is sore. Mentally...well you get the picture right?" I asked hesitantly. The nodded in sympathy. 

             "Wait. What if she wakes up and tries to run?" Niall jumped up and pointed towards the living room.

             "She promised that she wouldn't run tonight," I assured them. They looked warily at me and at the living room. "Guys we have to show that we trust her," I insisted.

             "He's right. What about the concert tomorrow? Is she coming?" Eleanor questioned. I nodded.

             "She kind of...well I kind of talked to her friend today on the phone. Charlotte asked me to invite her friend to the concert. So she's going to meet her friend tomorrow," I responded.

             "That's wonderful! Maybe they'll make up and everything will be good again," Harry proposed.

             "I don't think she can handle going back right now. And honestly...I don't want her to leave," I whispered the last part.

             "Me either. She's a really good girl friend. But we have to make sure she is healed and stable," Eleanor told me. I nodded in agreement.

             We talked more about Charlotte and about the concert. Charlotte would wait backstage with Eleanor while we performed. Then as Belle made her way backstage Eleanor would scoop her up and bring her to a room where Charlotte would be waiting. The boys and I would be signing autographs but Eleanor would wait outside for moral support. Charlotte could give out as little or as much information as she felt neccassary and then when the meeting was over, Charlotte would "leave" and Eleanor would escort Belle to meet us. When Charlotte would "leave" it would really be going the long way to meet us with Liam's girlfriend Danielle. 

             "Well don't you guys have this all planned out," Charlotte's voice came from behind me. We all looked at her. She averted my gaze so I figured she wasn't up to showing her emotional side at the moment.

             "You can always change your mind. It's your call," I supplied, giving her the option to opt out.

            She grabbed the handle of my chair fiercely but kept her composure when she said, "It's not a big deal. Probably a good thing right?" It looked like I was the only one who noticed so I nonchalantly placed my hand over hers and gently pried her fingers off. I kept my gaze on the table in front of me so it wouldn't draw attention.

            "Well Zayn, don't you think it's time for dinner?" Niall asked. We all sighed. "What? It's a decent time!" Niall exclaimed in defense.

            "Okay fine. But YOU can run to Nandos," I said, simaltaneously taking Charlotte's hand in mine. She and Eleanor were having a silent conversation with facial expressions and I wondered if I would ever understand women.

            "Fine. Anyone want to come?" Niall inquired. Charlotte volunteered, raising her hand that was in mine. Niall looked at me, asking if it was okay and I just shrugged. She promised not to run and I had to trust her. If I didn't trust her then why would she trust me. "Let's go then!" He yelled and we all laughed except for Charlotte, who just stood there seriously.

            "Lighten up love," I laughed turning towards her. She turned on her heel and walked out.

            "We'll be back soon mate," Niall said as he followed her out. I nodded and waved.

             "Is that how...what's up with....Zayn?" Louis didn't know how to phrase his question.

            "She doesn't like showing that she's weak remember? She'll warm up to you guys," I replied.

             We all moved into the living room to watch the tellie. As the minutes ticked by I began fidgeting, worrying about Charlotte. Eleanor placed her hand on my knee for a second to show me it was okay and that I was overreacting. I nodded and relaxed a little but my eyes darted around the room, trying to distract myself.

            Just when I was about to explode with anxiety, Charlotte and Niall come bursting through the door laughing and holding bags from Nandos. I whipped out my phone and took a picture of her laughing just to have a good picture. They headed straight to the kitchen with the bags of food. Eleanor sent me a thumbs up.

           We all processed into the kitchen after them. The two of them began unloaded the bags and putting the food on the counter. Charlotte froze, staring at something. I followed her gaze and found that she was looking at the knives. 

           She began to reach for one of them as I sprinted to her. I grabbed her arms gently and she began to fight me. "Charlotte look at me. Look at me love," I told her. She was still looking at the knives. I held her firmly in place and waited for her eyes to meet mine.

           Charlotte's eyes met mine and I held her gaze. Tears pooled in her eyes and I could tell she was feeling so overwhelmed that she felt she had to cut to get away...or at least that's what she told me. I pulled her against me and stroked her hair. Everyone was looking at us, but I didn't say anything. Charlotte wrapped her arms around me and I held her close. "So what'd you guys get at Nandos?" I asked, still with Charlotte attached to me. I think she didn't want to look at all of the boys after them seeing her weak, but it was okay because I didn't really want to let go of her either.

          "The usual plus what Charlotte wanted," Niall answered me. I nodded.

          "Why don't you guys get your food first huh? We'll meet you out there," I suggested.

          "Sure," Eleanor said quickly. I waited until they all got their food on their plates and left the kitchen. Then I gently pulled Charlotte away a little so that I could look at her.

          "Take a deep breath love. You CAN handle this," I assured her. She shook her head, tears running down her cheeks. I took her face in my hands and kissed her forehead. "What did I say Charlotte? I told you that I would protect you right?" I asked. She nodded sadly. "So I'm going to protect you," 

          "I don't want to go out there," She whispered.

          "They know what you are going through. And they don't think any less of you, I promise," I responded. "Now what were you and Niall talking about?" I inquired, trying to distract her because she was looking at the knives again. I blocked her view of them and pointed to the food. She studied my face for a moment before turning to the food and picking up a plate.

          "He was telling me funny stories of how he grew up," She shrugged. I stepped over with her and grabbed my own plate of food. 

          "Will you do me a favor?" I asked her.

          "Maybe..." She replied.

          "Will you smile for me?" I questioned hopefully.

          "Yes. But not right now. I'm not feeling happy right now..." She said focusing on her food, and not looking up.

          "It's going to get easier. You're doing really well," I told her, referring to the cutting. She nodded but didn't look up. "Come on love. Let's go out to the living room," I smiled and tipped her chin up with my finger.

          "Thanks for inviting Belle to the concert," Charlotte replied but her voice cracked. She tried to cover it by turning but I gently grabbed her arm.

          "You don't have to be afraid to be yourself around me," I informed her. Charlotte nodded so I let go and took the lead back to the living room.

          "I hope you don't mind but we put Toy Story on," Liam said as we walked in. I sat down on the floor so that Charlotte could have the couch, but she just sat next to me on the ground. I didn't react to it, and only continued to watch the film that was playing. When we were done eating I took Charlotte's plate and put it on top of mine, before pushing it to the side. 

          She scooted closer to me and a wrapped an arm around her. Throughout this I never looked away from the screen but I felt a smile playing on my lips when she came closer. I just hoped that wrapping my arms around her made her feel safe each time I did it.

"You put your arms, around me, and I believe that it's easier for me to let you go. You put your arms around me and I'm home,"

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