You're My Light

When Zayn stumbles upon a girl who has many secrets and cuts herself he decides to take her in. She doesn't trust him at first and is quick to try to escape. But he keeps her firmly trying to protect from herself. As she realizes she can overcome the hurt, the two fall for each other. Then a horrible event occurs, but the boys don't see it as too tragic. Will her secrets all be revealed? Only Zayn can bring the light back to her darkness and vanquish the evils that haunt her.


29. Love Me Again?

Zayn POV

                Charlotte didn't seem too freaked out about going to my flat. But when I tried to help her from falling, she snapped at me not to touch her. It took everything in me not to yell right back in her face. I made sure that she safely got into the van before climbing in the front with Harry. He gave me a hopeful glance, but I just shook my head.

                We all drove silently, not really sure what to do. When we got to my flat, Charlotte was laughing at herself but when she stepped on the walk she stopped laughing. Harry tentatively touched her arm while asking her if she was okay. She immediately flinched away from his touch and fell on the grass.

                We all rushed towards her but she said not to touch her. I looked to Belle to see if she knew how bad Charlotte's wounds really were. She shook her head, proving my theory that Charlotte was in major pain in the position she was in. I debated picking her up and carrying her inside. She would be really upset with me if I did it but she wouldn't be in as much pain. In a swift movement, I picked her up and began running inside with her cradled in my arms. She started screaming and grabbed onto my shirt which immediately changed my thoughts to positive; another sign showed up that old Charlotte was still in there.

                I put her down on the couch and she yelled at me. I tried a pathetic attempt to have her tell me about her wound, but she had to repeat her earlier statement about how she doesn't know me. I didn't know why I couldn't put up with the words. I didn't know why it hurt so much. But it did. I sat down on the ground next to her. She apologized quickly and then I remembered how she grabbed my arm when I carried her in. I asked her if I could experiment if I didn't touch her and she answered yes.

               I went to get a blanket so that I could pick her up without worrying about making contact. She wrapped herself in it and then I picked her up. For a second she was fine and she put her hand on my arm like she normally did. But the next second she was trying to keep herself calm while asking me to put her down. "You're in there," I breathe when I put her down.

               "What do you mean?" She asks. I explain to her how she used to grab onto my arm like she just did now. "That's good right?" She questions.

              "Yeah," I force enthusiasm in my voice. I still wasn't sure if it would be better for her to get her memory back emotionally.

              "So...when Belle said that we were friends..." She trails off.

              "Anything yet?" Liam's voice streams in and all of the boys enter the room, saving me from replying. I shake my head; no.

              "I think I should just rest," Charlotte says.

              "Okay. We can put on a movie," Harry suggests, already grabbing a DVD from the shelf. We rearrange ourselves so that Charlotte is still laying down but with the leg rest out and wrapped in the blanket. I sit on her right and Belle sits in the recliner on the left.

               The boys put in the Toy Story movies and I laugh to myself because of how interested Charlotte seems in the movie. Once the first movie ends we proceed to watch the second one. In the middle of the second movie Charlotte begins to lean more of her weight on me and grows heavier. I look over to her and see that she is sleeping. She's smiling in her sleep and scoots closer to me. "I don't know how to react to this guys,"

             "Well, I don't think she wants to be woken up," Liam replies.

             "Should I bring her upstairs?" I ask. Belle nods. "Okay then," I carefully adjust Charlotte and pick her up in the blanket. She moves a little and it's like she's burrowing in my chest. I bring her upstairs and try to figure out what she was talking about earlier. What did it mean when she said that touching us made her feel warm? She saud that my touch was like an open flame and I wanted to know why that "flame" hurt so much.

               When I get upstairs to my room, I figure that me and her sharing a room probably wouldn't be the best idea while she had no memory. I gently put her down on the bed and wrap even more blankets around her. I was reaching over to adjust the pillow when her arm reached out and grabbed my shirt. I look to her face and she's still sleeping, but her grip remains firm. I slowly untangle her fingers from my clothing and wait for her to react badly but it seems that she is fine in her sleep.

                I untangle her from me and then exit the room quietly. I sit down on the stairs and contemplate everything. A couple of tears slip down my cheeks before I compose myself. I make my way downstairs. "You made her fall for you once, what's stopping you from doing it a second time?" A wise voice asks me.

                I turn to see El staring at me. "That's actually not a bad idea. Except for the fact that I can't touch her when she's awake," I reply.

               "Do you want to know what I think?" She questions.

               "You're going to tell me anyways," I sigh.

               "Well you know how she says that when she touches you it feels like she's burning?" El asks. I nod. "Well, I think it burns because she's scared to remember. The burning is like a safety barrier for her protection. If you can convince her that it's safe then she might realize that the burning is just the warmth of love," El says.

                "Nice theory. Got anything rational?" I inquire. 

                "I'm just trying to help Zayn," She complains before walking away. Eventually everyone except for Belle leaves. I give her the guest bedroom and decide to sleep on the couch. I slip into unconsciousness with a glimmer of hope that my Charlotte will come back to me. She can't have just left me, without me telling her how I feel about her. Did i wait too long to tell her?


"They say life is what happens while you're waiting for something to happen,"

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