You're My Light

When Zayn stumbles upon a girl who has many secrets and cuts herself he decides to take her in. She doesn't trust him at first and is quick to try to escape. But he keeps her firmly trying to protect from herself. As she realizes she can overcome the hurt, the two fall for each other. Then a horrible event occurs, but the boys don't see it as too tragic. Will her secrets all be revealed? Only Zayn can bring the light back to her darkness and vanquish the evils that haunt her.


15. Hand full

Zayn POV

          On the car ride to the arena Charlotte pulled away from me. She refused to look at me even when we parted from the girls and her. I was so confused by all of the mixed messages but knew that her safety had to come first. The girls watched as we ran through our songs and the movements on stage. Then when we went to our dressing rooms and Paul asked me if I needed anything, I requested to talk with Charlotte.

          The talk went okay. She was distant with me and I tried to talk her into opening up but she wouldn't really budge. Before she left, she kissed my cheek and told me to get ready. After a while Eleanor came in and she looked shocked when I was alone. "She isn't with you?" Eleanor had asked me. I shook my head and she explained that she hadn't seen Charlotte in over half an hour. I began to freak out and called security to look for her. 

          One of the guys came over to me, carrying Charlotte on his shoulder as she kicked and yelled. As soon as he put her down I had hugged her, but she pulled away quickly. She was enraged that I had freaked out and hadn't trusted her. She stalked off before I could get a decent apology in.

           As we got ready to start the concert I kept replaying her walking away from me in my head. I was upset that I had upset her. During the concert I was trying my best to fake it but I didn't think it was working. Liam gestured for me to look in the crowd and after some searching I had found Charlotte. She held my eye contact through many songs so I assumed she wasn't mad anymore. She left during What Makes You Beautiful but now I felt a bit happier so I sang extra loudly, sending all of my positive energy towards her.

           After the concert ended I went back to my dressing room to wait for Charlotte. I wanted her to have her alone time with Belle. I changed from my concert outfit to a normal outfit. When I was done changing I met up with the boys in the hallway. We were talking about how the concert went when out of nowhere Charlotte came running towards us and slammed right into me. Instinctively I wrapped my arms around her tightly even though the breath was knocked out of me.

          The boys were wide-eyed as I held Charlotte close to me with one arm and stroked her hair with the other. We continued the conversation as Charlotte sobbed into my shoulder. I didn't mind but I didn't know if she was crying because she was happy or because it went really badly. Either way I was sort of expecting this to happen.

           Soon Eleanor and Danielle joined us, acting as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened with Charlotte. We climbed into the cars to go home after a little while. I wrapped an arm around Charlotte's  waist and helped her out. She had pulled herself together enough so that we would be able to walk to the car.

           When we got back to the car she sat next to Eleanor and I tried not to react. Eleanor was like a big sister to Charlotte, so I didn't mind as much. "So that plus one of Belle's kept wondering where she was," Danielle said.

           "Oh yeah? What did she look like?" Charlotte whispered.

           "She had dark brown hair like you. And the same sort of face with, oh what was the color?" Danielle tried to figure out the words.

            "Brown eyes," Charlotte completed the thought.

            "Yeah. That was it. Do you know her?" Danielle asked.

            "I don't want to talk about her," Charlotte said in her defensive voice. Whoever that girl was, she was one of Charlotte's secrets. Eleanor squeezed her shoulder reassuringly and Charlotte leaned into El. 

            Charlotte looked down at her arm where the bangles were covering her wrist. She began anxiously fidgeting around in the car, waiting for when we would get back. As soon as we got back and started unloading from the car I grabbed hold of her arm. She looked frightened by my hand and started freaking out.

             "Please let me go Josh," She begged looking at my hand. I immediately took my hand off of her arm. She backed away from us and looked around frantically.

             "Charlotte love, look at me. Josh isn't here. He can't hurt you anymore. I won't let him," I said to her, coaxing her to relax as I made my way to her. She was still looking around to everyone and when I reached her our gazes locked. I pulled her to me and wrapped my arms around her protectively. 

              "I'm sorry...I-" She whimpered.

              "It's okay love. You have nothing to apologize for," I told her. She pulled back and I wiped the tears away from her eyes, smiling stupidly.

              The boys, Danielle, and Eleanor went inside - leaving us alone. "I can't do this anymore. It's just too much," She whispered.

              "I will not let you give up Charlotte. As much as you'd like me to, I won't. If you feel yourself getting weak, I'll watch super carefully. But we will get through this," I said. She looked away from me.

              "Together?" She asked.

              "Yes," I answered.

               "But I can't tell you my secrets," She replied in a pained voice.

               "I didn't ask you to. If you need someone to share with, I am right here. But if you need to keep them to yourself then I won't punish you for it, love." I told her, pulling her chin so that she was looking at me again.

               "I have to tell you something," She responded.

               "What's up?" I questioned. She rolled up the bracelets to reveal fresh blood marks on her arm. "How?" I inquired, trying to control myself.

               She shrugged turning towards the house. How could she have gotten by with that? How did we not notice? I followed her back into the house as she sat down on the couch. "So did you get a babe Harry?" I asked him, as I trailed behind Charlotte.

               "Not tonight." He laughed walking over to Charlotte and ruffling her hair. Charlotte pulled back but not like she was upset. 

                Eleanor whispered something in Lou's ear and then Louis got up. "Guys let's give the happy couple some space eh?" Louis laughed. I shot him a glare as Charlotte looked down. They all filed out leaving Charlotte and I alone. 

                "They shouldn't have done that," I said as she got up and moved to sit next to me.

                "I'm sorry," Her voice broke as she apologized.

                 "It's alright love," I soothed her, wrapping one arm around her and pulling her towards me. Her mobile started ringing and she sighed, looking at the number. "Do you want me to answer it?" I asked. Charlotte nodded, handing me it.

                 I slid it open and brought it to my ear. "Hello? Charlotte?" A female voice asked me.

                "No sorry. May I ask who is speaking?" I inquired.

                "It's Belle. Are you one of the guys from one direction?" She questioned.

                "Yes. Zayn Malik speaking," I answered.

                 "Thank you for taking care of Charlotte. I know she can be a handful," Belle said, trying to mask hurt in her voice.

                 "Yeah, well, I'm just helping her through some things," I smiled at Charlotte who was looking at me and the phone.

                "I just can't believe she ran away," Belle told me.

                "You shouldn't be upset with her. She needs to know how much you love her regardless," I replied.

                 "I know. Would you mind terribly putting me in range of her so that she can hear me?" Belle asked. I put the phone on speaker.

                 "She can hear you now," I said to Belle.

                 "Charlotte we really miss you. Auntie, Em and I have been going crazy looking for you. Em came to the concert with me tonight you know. I know you think she hates you but how could she? You are way too amazing and fun to be around," Belle spoke to Charlotte through the mobile. Charlotte's eyes widened when Belle mentioned an "Em". 

                 "I didn't give you this number so that you could persuade me to talk to Emilie."Charlotte told Belle and then hit the end button, before bursting into tears. I pulled Charlotte closer to me as she cried.

                 "Do you want to talk about it?" I whispered.

                 Charlotte shook her head but started to speak anyways. "My parents died two years ago and Emilie blamed me. She said that if I hadn't urged them to go on a vacation then the boat never would've sunk. Emilie stopped talking to me until she suspected something was up with Josh. But by then I was already getting ready to run," She mumbled, crying into my shoulder.

                  "Do you want to make up with her?" I asked

                   "Yeah. But she's right," Charlotte whimpered. 

                   "No, she isn't. You wouldn't even have it in you to think about doing something like that," I tilted her chin up so that she would look in my eyes but she just averted my gaze. I brought my lips softly down to meet hers, willing her to believe me.

"Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams,"



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