You're My Light

When Zayn stumbles upon a girl who has many secrets and cuts herself he decides to take her in. She doesn't trust him at first and is quick to try to escape. But he keeps her firmly trying to protect from herself. As she realizes she can overcome the hurt, the two fall for each other. Then a horrible event occurs, but the boys don't see it as too tragic. Will her secrets all be revealed? Only Zayn can bring the light back to her darkness and vanquish the evils that haunt her.


18. Bringing Her Back


Charlotte POV

            I was so happy when Zayn asked me to go on a date with him. I was scared because I hadn’t been on a date since…Josh but I trusted Zayn. Since we were going with the whole normal thing, we couldn’t just randomly kiss without going out on a date.

            We went to the park and I showed him how I became happy over just watching the clouds roll past. Then we went on the swings until Zayn got a phone call. I kept swinging as I watched him walk away to talk on the phone.

            That was before I saw a little girl. She was sitting against a tree in a curled up ball. The little girl was crying so I got off the swing and walked over to her. “Honey are you okay?” I asked her, as I got closer. She looked up and backed away. “Where are your parents sweetie?” I questioned.

            “He took me from them. And I escaped but I don’t know where I am,” She whispered.

            “I can help you,” I offered. Her eyes sparkled with hope. “Are you hungry?” I inquired. She nodded. I looked over and saw Zayn walking towards us. I motioned for him to stop and he did. “Do you want some chicken?” I asked. She nodded again and I helped her up as we walked over to Zayn.

            “Who – who’s that?” She questioned stepping back.

            “This is…” I didn’t know what to introduce him as.

            “Her friend Zayn,” Zayn finished for me. I sat down and got her a plate of chicken and chips. I handed it to her and motioned for her to sit.

            “What’s your name sweetheart?” I asked her tentatively.

            “I’m Katie. What’s your name?” She replied.

            “I’m Charlotte,” I answered, smiling. Zayn sat there, politely waiting for me to explain. “Do you know what town your family lives in?” I inquired.

            She shook her head. “But we live in England,” She supplied.

            “Why don’t you come home with us tonight so that we can search for your parents and when we find them we will take you back? Does that sound good?” I offered. She looked unsure. “We’re going to help you – if you let us. You won’t get hurt anymore,” I told her. She nodded finally and started eating.

            “Can I talk to you for a minute?” Zayn asked. I nodded and stepped a couple of feet away with him, still looking at Katie. “Okay so what happened?” He questioned.

            “She was taken from her family and escaped but doesn’t know where she is. So I told her we would help her,” I shrugged, not looking at him.

            “What’s wrong?” He inquired. I shook my head but the truth was that I was upset that he only said friend. Avoiding his gaze, I went back to Katie and smiled. Our date had been interrupted by this poor little girl and according to Zayn it wasn’t even a date to begin with. As I looked at Katie, something seemed really familiar. I felt like I knew her somehow – like I recognized her.

            “What is your mommy’s name?” I asked Katie.

            “I don’t know. But my sister’s name is Jen,” She replied, finishing the chicken and wiping her mouth.

            “Are we ready to go back?” I questioned Zayn. He nodded so we started to pack everything up as Katie just stood there.

            Katie motioned Zayn over and whispered something in his ear. “I think so too,” Zayn said as I raised my eyebrows.

            “Are you guys really friends?” Katie asked as we began the walk back. I put her on my back because she didn’t have shoes.

            “It’s –“Zayn started.

            “Yeah. We’re just friends,” I cut him off and we finished the walk back. I went to the computer. I looked up all of the missing girls in England, coming up with 30 missing people. I narrowed the search down to the Katie’s and came up with two Katie’s and three Kaitlyn’s.

            My mobile began to ring, distracting me from the computer. I picked it up and said, “What is it now Belle?”

            “How are you? I would’ve called sooner but I was helping to look for a missing girl. Remember that girl who didn’t want you on the cheer team freshman year? Her name was-“Belle started.

            “Jen! Oh my gosh I found the missing girl,” I exclaimed.

            “Really? How?” She questioned.

            “I’ll explain it but not over the phone. Let’s meet at…Nandos? In an hour,” I said.

            “Okay. I’ll see you then,” She answered and I hung up.

            “What’s going on?” Katie asked.

            “Why don’t you hop in the shower and then we will go meet my friend,” I told her quickly. I lead her upstairs and set up the shower for her as Zayn dug up ancient clothes that were her size. She got out of the shower, nice and clean and got dressed quickly.

            The three of us piled into Zayn’s car and he drove to Nandos. There we met Belle and I tried not to clench my teeth when Emilie was with her. “They are going to take you home,” I told Katie.

            “But you promised that you would!” Katie protested. So we couldn’t figure out a version of getting Katie back without my aunt seeing me.

            “Okay – Belle and I will bring Katie to her family while you distract Aunt Amanda,” I told Emilie. She nodded, both her and Belle staring at my two wrists. “I fell and got hurt. Back off,” I growled and they both looked away. We all climbed into Emilie’s convertible with Emilie driving.

            As we drove towards my house I prepared myself and wrote a note to Aunt Amanda.

            I love you – I miss you. I need time.

                                    <3 Charlotte

            The note was simple but I felt it said what I needed it to. When we got to my street, Belle and I climbed out with Katie as we raced up the porch stairs to her house. “Katie! Thank god!” Her mom exclaimed. Jen came into view and she burst into tears of happiness.

            “Charlotte found me,” Katie pointed to me.

            “I thought you were missing,” Jen said as she hugged her sister.

            I shrugged, trying to brush it off. “Would you two like to come in for tea?” Katie’s mom offered.

            “Thanks but I really must be going,” I replied stepping back.

            “Wait! Thank you for taking care of my sister. She would’ve been all alone. How can I repay you?” Jen asked.

            “Make sure she doesn’t give my location away. I’m not coming home yet,” I said quietly. She nodded and watched as I walked down the stairs. I walked across the street and slipped inside my house. I heard Emilie and Aunt Amanda talking in the living room while I grabbed my car keys and slipped outside.

            I backed out of the driveway in my Volvo and drove to meet Zayn. He climbed in my car and I waved to Belle as we left. I turned the radio up in the car so that he wouldn’t try to talk. We went to Nandos so that he could get his car and then drove back separately. 

"Stop worrying about what you have to lose and start focusing on what you have to gain,"

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