Summer love

This is a fan fiction about Niall Horan and Harry styles
When Hannas boyfriend Niall Horan becomes an international
Superstar she is so happy for him there is only one problem -
Harry . Hanna can't resist Harry's good looks and wit
She dosent want to lose Niall or Harry ?? What should she do ?


2. The x factor

"Hi Hanna" says Niall on the phone.
"Niall I miss you !! You are such a good singer I bet your gonna win !"
"Aww thanks darlin the boys say they can't wait to meet you "
" Same I'm on my way to the studio thing I'm watching you tonight !"
"Really !! Ok I gotta go byeee love ya "
"Love you " I whispered.
5 hours later
"Let's go over to Nialls family and friends !" The x factor host Dermot o Leary says into his mic the crowd screams and oh no he's walking over to me !! " Here we have Niall's girlfriend Hanna ! Hi Hanna are you proud of Niall ?? ".
I smile to cover up my loss for words for a few seconds " Hi Dermot yes I'm SO proud of Niall vote vote for one direction I stutter !!"
Dermot smiles and says yes Vote for them !! I look at the stage seeing Niall he winks at me I wink back . They start to sing and I couldn't help but notice Harry , how deep and sexy his voice was - his hair everything my heart fluttered . I stared at him and through the performance near the end when he finished singing his line his eyes locked straight into mine I could feel my cheeks burning red - he gave me a devilish smirk and I looked away . What's happening to me !! I am one sick person i think - was i just was thinking how hot my boyfriends band mate is !! I shook my head at my own thoughts - besides I love Niall right ?

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