Summer love

This is a fan fiction about Niall Horan and Harry styles
When Hannas boyfriend Niall Horan becomes an international
Superstar she is so happy for him there is only one problem -
Harry . Hanna can't resist Harry's good looks and wit
She dosent want to lose Niall or Harry ?? What should she do ?


1. The beginning

"Hanna , wake up" a sweet Irish voice says .
"Why ?" I say in a quiet morning voice . "I'm going to the X factor auditions today !!" Says Niall in an obvious voice.
" Oh my gosh I completely forgot !!! I'm gonna drive you NOW." I say in my usual panicked tone . Niall always makes fun of me because I panic about everything my motto is "why worry about today when you could be worrying about tomorrow !".
I spring out of bed and get dressed into my skinny jeans, jack wills top and toms. I don't have time to do my hair so I just quickly brush it - I catch my reflection in the mirror " gosh I'm ugly" I mutter to myself . I feel ugly tears running down my cheeks I think to myself why do I look like this when my boyfriend is going to possibly the biggest thing of his life !! As if Niall could read my thoughts he stands next to me and kisses me " you are so beautiful I love you so much " he says. I smile Niall always makes me feel better "I love you to". If only I knew what would happen ...

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