love hurts if you're loving right

Katrina and Stacie on the surface are normal 17 year old girls. But underneath they're girls with secret pasts and violence. When they meet 1D how will their past affect their love lives.... if they live at all?


4. VIP for 1D

Stacie POV

"She has a boyfriend" Niall and Harry asked me when she left. I noticed a hint of disappointment in their voices. Then again Niall did share his food with her, but I guess it doesn't count if he tries to talk it back. It wouldn't matter anyway that girl is as dense as as brick house and love is the big bad wolf.

"Not really, the person who called was her big brother Rio. We joke like that because when Kay goes out with a guy Rio will legitimately stalk her all though her day.

Louis smiled "what happens if she doesn't tell her brother about her boyfriends." Niall pretended not to be to interested but anyone could tell.

"Nice question I honestly can't say that ever happen before. Though I'm not going to mess with it because Kay does get weird stalkers other than here brother. No one ever gets to close."

Kay came back and returned my phone she flopped down next to Niall and leans against him, making it obvious Rio was being over protective and she is drained from getting yelled at for not having he phone. Although Niall doesn't seem to mind being used as a pillow. I couldn't but giggle to my self at the thought of what Rio would do if he knew for my birthday we're lounging in a room filled with hot guys and his little sister is leaning on a shirtless boy.

Liam stood up "Sorry guys we have to go do before the show preparations. Do as you like but don't leave the room. Here are two backstage passes don't loses them please see you guys later."


"Aren't I the best friend in the world. Not only do you get to see one direction you get to meet them." She smiled at me.

"Yeah not only that but I got to faint in front of them, tell them my friend has smexy dreams and they play the lead role. Not to mention my best friend calls them sexy beasts and has a food off with Niall so yeah this day was awesome." We both stated laughing and Kay played he B-day mix tape I made her.

Time flew by and before we knew it the concert was done and gone. We sat on the couches with the other fans and one direction talked and acted normal and we laughed and hung out until the last of the fans left we started to pack up and head out when Niall and Liam came up to us. "Over the summer we have some break time to relax and.... we... wanted to-." Niall studdered Louis bounces over.

"Have they asked you if you wanted to come hang with us in Britain for the summer. We will pay for the plane ride their and back."

"Actually we were about to say that but it doesn't matter anymore. Will you go?" Liam asked us.

"Took you long enough to ask," I said smile set on me face.

"How could we say no," Kay was doing her little happy dance and then hugged all the guys again giving Niall an extra squeeze. When I got home I marked my Calender only 1 month, 2 weeks and 6 days to go.

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