love hurts if you're loving right

Katrina and Stacie on the surface are normal 17 year old girls. But underneath they're girls with secret pasts and violence. When they meet 1D how will their past affect their love lives.... if they live at all?


11. up all night

Niall POV 

Me and my girl, I will never get tired of saying that, walked home holding hands bumbling shoulders and stealing glances of one another.this was after I prayed Harry's hands of a girl. I felt like running up to everybody and what with a huge smile on my face, "That girl over their is mine." I knew I couldn't with my luck I'd tell a Directioner and she would just try to kill Katrina. 

"Hey lovebirds you going to stand out their all night," Louis said through the open door to our the house. Why couldn't the walk be longer? Stace came and pulled Kay away into the house. I went in after them and watched as they sprinted up the stairs.

"Looks like someone has a girl." Louis said through a huge smile. 

"A girl, Harry did you flirt with the fans again." Zayn said while moving to the beat of bad romance, since when did we own just dance 4. 

"No, I didn't thank you very much. We're talking a bout Niall." Harry said.

"Niall you got a girl. Is she the one that called you a smexy beast." I nodded. Liam was checking his tweeter account.

"Daddy direction are you going to punish Niall for snogging in public." Louis and Harry said at the same time.

Liam nearly dropped his phone and Zayn stopped dancing, they both turned to look at me.

"You two are snitches," I said to Hazz and Boobear. They laughed.

 Liam looked like he was about to say something probably don't snog the people you live with but the girls came down. The odd thing was they never came downstairs after they get ready for bed. They walked over to us and Kay gave me a kiss. 

"What you guys doing?" They said. 

"Now that your here we are all going to play a game of Truth or Dare." Stace and Kay laughed and everyone sat in a circle on the floor. Stace started.

"Niall truth or dare? "


Stace walked over to me and whisper " Tickle Harry and Kay'" o walked over t them and I attacked Harry first. He laughed and kicked me til I stopped. I walked over to My spot and when I got past Kay and her guard was down I pounced. She was ticklish big time. She was  laughing so hard she didn't even to try and stop me. We all joined in the laugh. 

We didn't stop til around 12 at night and we all sleep on the floor. 

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